AutoZonewas sold wrong spark plugs and told wrong gap

S Aug 07, 2018

On June 24, 2018 I purchased new spark plugs from the Fondren and Bissonet location in Houston, TX. The employee who sold me the wrong spark plugs was the store manager Freddie who also told me to gap them at .045 instead of ., 035. Which resulted in causing the motor to run hotter and caused hundreds of dollars in damage. I have contacted the store manager, district manager as well as the corporate offices on this matter. I have been treated very rudely, unprofessional and like a criminal. I was informed that because I lost my receipt they refuse to take responsibility or rectify this situation. I have been a very loyal customer for years. As of now I will no longer be conducting business with AutoZone and will be putting the word out and warning others about how Autozone handles situations like this.

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