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I work for Auto Zone as a commercial driver (I deliver parts from Auto Zone to car repair businesses in a 50 mile radius). When I had my interview the manager said we would discuss the pay if I got hired. After 2 interviews I was hired for $8.00 an hour. He told me I would get hazard pay and periodic raises after 90 days. I put in my 90 days and 2 days before my 90 days was completed everyone else got a raise and I was told that I had to wait till next year to get my raise because I did not have my 90 days in at the time. I was steaming.

I went over and above what I was supposed to do. I kept all the trucks clean and made sure they were safe. Checked oil, tire pressure, etc... I cleaned the bathrooms in the store and made sure they looked neat and tidy. Nobody else seemed to do this which I found odd. I would be sent on errands in the company truck, such as, going to pick up carryout food for store employees (supervisors and managers included), going to do personal banking for the manager, sent to Walmart to get change because the manager forgot to get it ahead of time.

If any of this interfered with my lunch either my manager or my supervisor would ask for my password and clock me in and out. (I'm pretty sure that was not allowed). I was also asked to deliver parts during my lunch hour and on my way home. (I would leave to go home and call the store after I had delivered the parts on my way home and they would clock me out---And again I'm sure that is not allowed). When interviewed I was told that I would have to be able to lift 40 pounds. Some of the rotors and hubs and batteries weigh much more than 40 pounds. They have to be lifted. People have hurt themselves doing this and if they weren't wearing a back brace at the time they are screwed. I won't lift anything I can't and at times get into trouble for it.

At first I was working about 38 hours and sometimes went over 40 hours by a few minutes. Auto Zone does not allow any overtime so this was a no-no. Then when insurance enrollment came around my hours got cut down to under 30 hours. (With Auto Zone anything over 35 hours is considered full time). I was told by an employee at another store that they do this every year when there is open enrollment for insurance.

I explained to my manager that I could not afford insurance anyway because I was a single parent and had to use all of my pay just to pay my bills and get by. I was assured that was not the reason my hours were cut. I was told that business was slow and I would get more when it picked back up. I kept checking the numbers (amount of sales) and they were going up, not down. So I feel that I was lied to.

Mean while I kept getting further behind in my bills at home. Then when cold weather came my hours got cut even more. I am now down to 11 hours a week and at $8.00 an hour, that doesn't pay many bills. And every time I check the numbers they are right up there. Which leads me to believe there is no good reason to have my hours cut.

I watch the counter employees add items to the customers purchases, such as bulb grease, or belt dressing, etc..without their knowledge. I have heard the manager tell them to do it. I feel that it is wrong and the customer is none the wiser. I also have read that all the Auto Zones do this. There aught to be a law.

I am currently looking for another job while working my 11 hours a week at Auto Zone. Auto Zone does not give a rat's a-- about their employees so if you are looking for a job, stay clear of Auto Zone!!!


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    gstfat Feb 05, 2009

    wow that sucks, good luck man

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    angelbear09 Oct 09, 2009

    I agree fully. Autozone needs to get their act together before they loose out on more business. It is just plain stupid that people who try and balance family and work are discriminated against like this.

    I'm sorry but I'd rather go to Orielly's and buy my car parts then to ever buy from their again.

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    Frank Aug 23, 2016

    I recently purchased a mirror replacement kit (Permatex) and followed the instructions to the "T". When i took the item back to our Waverly, Ohio store, I left with nothing except an upset customer. If you think you can do something, my address is Frank Conkel 206 Seventh St. Waverly, Oh 45690. Unless something is done I WILL NOT go in your store again except to get honored guarantees.

    I have done business with this store since it opened and have had no problem except for now. I do not, repeat do not plan to enter your store again unless something is done. I am a senior and do not appreciate the service I received.

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    Dontgotoautozone Aug 23, 2016

    I was sexually assaulted in this store by an employee after he sent my husband outside to get information on our car. I immediately left and called corporate and was given the regional manager, James Payne, who laughed at me and refused to give me any information on his "resolution". I filed a police report and the store manager refused him information as well, stating their video surveillance system is broken. I don't even know if the man was fired and I will not be going back there to find out. I am shocked, ashamed, embarrassed and extremely depressed over the way I've been treated by this store and this company. I will NEVER go here or any Auto Zone again and neither will my friends or family.

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    ilkon Aug 23, 2016

    Auto Zone located in Mulberry, FL. There is a Rep there who is very rude, no tact at all. He is non-American, perhaps India, not sure. Call to price some items one day and when I arrived to the store he quoted me a different price. I told him that it was not fair and he told me that they are in business to make money not lose it. One of the most unprofessional things I’d ever heard coming from an employee’s mouth…not matter how true it is. He said in such a distasteful way as if he could care less about me being a customer. Others have complained about him as well. People should stay home if they don’t like their job or customer management. He needs to be FIRED!

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