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So upset with grand rapids district manager, and payroll department. First off I have been a store manager for over 4 years with one of my previous employers. I was promised a store manager position at Autozone after a year. Then they asked me to run the commercial department. My district manager said “if you grow this department, I will get you your store manager position. Well I finished off the year positive. Grew the business 10%. Had a bad start off for the new physical year. And he took me out of commercial and put me back into assistant store manager. Then was told I had to wait another year to get my store. On the payroll side it has been a month after I took my vacation and I still have not received any vacation pay. Even after I talked to them 2 weeks ago and they said” it will be on the next paycheck”

  • Updated by gary duren · Aug 06, 2018

    I am mad as hell


  • Ri
    Ricks tint siren and tunes Oct 29, 2015

    Hello I live in San Antonio.tx. I go to your at least twice a day for parts I tinted a couple of store and I even make a custom box to show your Kenwood product but one district manager ( Joe Lopez ) is saying to some employees that he doesn’t like me but I’m buying parts that I need for that day it’s not fault he’s get old and having to deal with stores problems but he said he’s was going band me from the store, but I know there no there sign saying Joe auto parts. Then he’s saying to employees that if I’m in the store he’s going to write then up for me parts is that a power trip I hear. Well If he band me from the store I will going to the local news with it and to see what else they can help me out with maybe. Talk to a lawyer all I ask is to .remove from position and make he a parts drivers that way he doesn’t deal with public. I am a small owner and if my workers would day that i would fire them but he’s ur problem. I will be waiting for your reply. The store is on Gillette Southside of San Antonio

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  • Fo
    foolme0nce May 24, 2016

    Alejandro, call Autozoner relations line and have then make sure you are recorded as being full time for the entire year you've been with the company.
    Autozone managers have been known to secretly slip in a short period of part time into an Autozoner's record to delay, or outright avoid paying
    benefits, to include vacation pay. Don't rely upon the local store records, or your pay stub as they may falsely show you as full time when you've actually
    been changed to part time in the corporate HQ's system.
    Very long story short, this happened to me during my transfer to another store as payback for reporting a former store manager for erratic, and violent behavior.
    Never, never, ever trust AZ management. Good luck!

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  • Ga
    gary duren Aug 13, 2018

    I had my battery tested etc. at two places they said everything was fine bullshit I hade to take it to the dealership it was the battery it cost my 3hunderd and 50 dollars iused to shop there all the time but not anymore unless you do something for me

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  • Da
    Dave Roberts141411 Aug 15, 2018

    One of your workers Amy Wilsin she is one of the biggest complainers telling me how bad she hates her job and all the management have no clue at all what they're doing if she hates so bad why is she there it just made me feel like maybe I shouldn't shop there anymore.

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  • Ke
    KEITHZone Aug 20, 2018

    It was the worst Customer service I have been through. The leave the customer standing not helped while the taking and jocking. No respect careless people. This branch located at S Arlington, Akron Ohio.
    Very bad representatives for auto zone

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  • Sa
    Sandra lee7 Aug 20, 2018

    Autozone in west orange NJ has the worst manger I have ever incountered . Beyond rude and unpleasant . Her name is Kia Brown try to avoid her if you ever have to visit this location

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  • Ka
    Kalimarie Aug 20, 2018

    I went to store #3171 & was unsure of something so I went to ask an employee to clarify. Immediately I was greeted with rude and unhelpful responses. At this point she had made me extremely frustrated & I proceeded to try and ask a different employee, hoping to actually receive some help & common courtesy but the employee came over and kept on.

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  • Ja
    Jayster41 Aug 20, 2018

    I returned my product said they would put it back on account they never did im taking yall to court

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  • Al
    Alexlkno123 Aug 20, 2018

    I have never seen a more unprofessional autozone until I went to this one. They are terrible to the employees, I will never be back there again (pacific ave)

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  • Kf
    KFletcher Aug 21, 2018

    in America especially AutoZone I don't want to hear Spanish music I want to hear something American. If they can't play American Music they shouldn't be able to play the radios in any of the stores. The store I'm talking about is in Florida the bvl

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  • Ro
    Roberto Cabrera Aug 21, 2018

    I am requesting if possible to send my w-2 to my address, because it may have been sent to the old address, the new address is 390 sw 55 ave. rd, coral gables 33134, or to my email [email protected], I was a worker of the 1051 store. thanks

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  • Po
    Powertosucceed76 Sep 05, 2018

    I have purchased two separate parts from autozone and had lifetime warranty when I needed to replace my parts twice now they have lost my warranty this is not right could this problem please be handled before I and my friends have to go to your competitors I have been loyal to autozone for many years please handle this problem

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  • Re
    Reginan Sep 05, 2018

    He kussing not helping customer's telling customers to call his boss and letting Nichole do all the work and place is super busy store 5279

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  • Mi
    mike713 Sep 18, 2018

    i live in houston, tx i bought a wen generator 3500 for 449usd 8/25/2017 from auto zone 1818 Gessner Rd, Houston, TX 77080 when i bought it they never said anything about can't return it .I never open the box i have the receipt for it and they won't not take it back

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  • Ke
    kevin m earley Sep 19, 2018

    i purchased a belt and returned it. the store at Belmont st in Brockton mass refused to give me credit for the return.
    the customer service individual constantly has no customer service qualities ever.
    it is more of a pain to buy from autozone than anyone else.

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  • Jo
    JorgGroce Oct 22, 2018

    Went to autozone store in Duncanville TX on wheatland Saturday the 28th of july. Bought some parts and asked the sales clerk if they have military discount, he replied no we hate the military! I been serving since 1979 joined up in Duncanville after high school and that really pissed me off.

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  • An
    Andrew Lopez Oct 22, 2018

    Under staffed and rude when asked if the had more the one customer service associate
    I will never shop at the quail roost store on 126th Street in Miami fl. The lune was out the door. I seen 2 employees just mulling around.

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  • Ge
    Germeka Oct 28, 2018

    My car runs hot and burn out they try to give me free antifreeze and that bites out as now I need a flush and I have 2 kids I can't pay that I have to many bills to pay I really need my car and this is really hurt because I always go to auto zone now I feel like I can't go there no more

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  • To
    Tonita A Quain Oct 31, 2018

    On Saturday I was terminated under false pretenses the statements made where false these individuals went as far as falsifying information to have me terminated. Yet we have employees in that store which came after a customer with a bat and nothing happened. We have family members working together.

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  • Bi
    Birdofparadise1010 Nov 12, 2018

    Andrew Morgan was extremely rude to me when I visited the store. I told him I didn't know which part number I needed and he shouted that I'm just a stupid girl, laughed and walked away. This sexist pig should be fired immediately! I have contacted a lawyer and will proceed to sue Autozone for this lewd and inappropriate behavior.

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