Autozone Newport KYthe solid grey hair older gentleman

H Aug 05, 2018

So I go in to purchase a battery and wait in line a woman is struggling to find the parts for the gentlemen in front of me and the other worker is helping multiple people doing a good job. Meanwhile the man in question is sitting on a stool as if he is sticking parts but doing no such thing. I waited a while and he never asked if I needed help as clearly I did. Instead he makes remarks to the other workers to hurry up as he does nothing. I finally asked. Him if he. Can help or is he just gonna sit there? He stood up and rudely asked what I needed as he was upset I asked him to help. I told him I was sorry for interrupting him doing nothing a d that I could just go spend my money somewhere else... No wonder you have a help wanted sign... Who wants to work with a guy like that. I took my 300 dollars to advanced auto parts

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