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H Jun 20, 2018 Review updated:

I have paid more money to fix the damages on my car that autnoation has caused on my Jeep than they have ever done to help my Jeep. They keep my car for five days for my first oil change w them and didn't contact me or knew where my car was when I contacted them. They never rotated my tires when asked during my second oil change. My outer tie rod end w sleeve and inner tie rod end was both damaged during my last alignment with you guys. AUTONATION has costed me more money than I've ever had to spend on a vehicle correcting the damages the service department has caused. I have waisted time waiting for my vehicle to be done for unnecessary amount of time for the work being done. I have been taken advantage of and disrespected by your staff at the southwest Jeep autonation in Denver. I would like to be supplemented for the money and time I have waisted fixing your teams damages to my vehicle. I will never buy a vehicle with autonation again and am very disappointed in autonation. I will be taking this to civil courts if we can't dispute this together.
Hannah Benton [protected] [protected]


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      Jan 16, 2020

    Yep! I had the exact same experience with incompetence and unethical behavior. The people in AutoNation lie, cheat, and steal their way through everyday.

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