AutoNation Honda Collision Center Hollywood Floridacollision repair sent by aaa ins co

G Aug 12, 2018

I brought my car to the collision center, on Tuesday July 31st to be evaluated for repair. I was told it will be a week for the repair, I will be kept posted.
After one week I did not get a call. I waited hoping it was in final process not wanting to be pushy.
Ten days passed, I decided it was time to call. I was told there was a problem with some parts and they were reordered. Once the part come in it will be ready.
To make a story short, my car was in the shop eighteen days.
In my opinion and, not being a specialist in auto repair, I would say there was a bad decision made in my case. I should have first of all, kept along the process of my repair, and once the week passed, called in and see what could be done to ease my wait for my car. I did have a second car arranged with my wife for a week. But the inconvenience should have been the burden of the shop, not mine. A loaner should have been offered, nothing such as good customer service was here applied.
I was called on Friday 1oth the car was ready to pick up. I was not available at 4 pm so I called at 5 and no answer. I called Sat the 11th, I was told the car was not ready but by 11 am it should be.
I finally got my car back and drove off. On my way home, lowering the passenger window showed me grease prints on the top of window. I whipped of the grease to find the window tint was damaged in the proceed of the repair, plus a pad of the handle door was lost or not put back.
This is very upsetting, especially being a customer of Auto nation for a while. I purchased three Toyota Tacoma, and two corollas from Weston Auto Nation. A rapid check will show you the truth.
Well let me see if I ever set back my feet in an Auto Nation store again. I will as well advise my insurance company to look closer at what they have done. See if they can find a more decent collision shop. I am really angry and will not agree on your commercials any more.

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