Auto Zone Brick, store manager Anthony Fernandezincompetent store manager refusing to do his job and pretending that parts don't fit correctly until

J Aug 06, 2018

I sent my little brother to get a battery terminal bolt put on his battery. The manager (Anthony Fernandez) then proceeded to tell him that they couldn't do that and lied on the phone telling me he said he needed to replace a whole terminal which was not said it was simply a bolt that he asked for. At which point in time I had to call and say get up and do your job after he lied to me on the phone. He then proceeed to say oh no problem. He picked up 2 bolts and told my brother he tried them both and they don't fit. At this point on my day off I had to drive to autozone to speak to this incompetent store manager and tell him to give me the bolt and electrolysis grease which he also forgot and any mechanic or parts person should know is need especially a store manager. I was very easily and quickly able to put the grease and bolt on and have my little brothers car on the road within 5 minutes. Extremely disappointed in autozone for hiring such an incompetent manager that he couldn't put a bolt on a battery and I had to drive there with my own tools to do it on my day off along with asking for a second time for the electrolysis grease in which he kept forgetting because he couldn't comprehend it was needed. I am not a mechanic I work for the state of New Jersey a simple bolt is more than easy to put on and once again I'm extremely disappointed he refused to do his job and pretended that the parts didn't fit so he wouldn't have to do his job and I had to come there on my day off. I've never had a expierence this terrible at a store where not only did the "manager" not wants to help his customers but was also incompetent and a liar. I hope this doesn't represent autozone as a whole and I would appreciate a response. My next course of action is writing quite a few reviews at I'm an avid reviewist and contact the BBB to write my opinions as well as many other channels in today's cyber world it's very easy to make a company look bad but as I stated before I hope this doesn't represent autozone stores as a whole and he is reprimanded. A job that's less than 5 minutes I had to get up and drive to the store to do it myself because of simple lazy incompetence, that's incredibly ridiculous.

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