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Aurora Health Care - maria limon is sick, twisted and crooked

I worked at Aurora Sinai Medical Center working as a cafeteria cashier From 2000 to 2003. Maria Limon started suspending kitchen co-workers over little petty stuff!!! The good black kitchen co-workers who quit, because of Maria Limon's wrongful actions. The black kitchen co-workers who quit because of Maria Limon's foolishness and craziness was Eric Cross, Terrence Baker, Ray Davis, Rennard Cotton, Shantaz Muskin, Judy, Gia Robinson, Romwai Swain, Miguel Martinez and Christopher Townsend.I quit, because of Maria Limon's wrongful actions!!! They are sick, twisted and crooked!!! They screw with co-workers minds.Her boss did not do nothing about her, Her boss let her get away with everything!!! Aurora Sinai Medical Center is sick and twisted!!! I perfer nobody to work out there and St Luke's Hospital, St Luke's Hospital is across the street from the police station on South 27th Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Do not apply for a job at Aurora Sinai Medical Center and St Luke's Hospital, because they will screw you at those hospitals!!! Stay away from Aurora Sinai Medical Center and St Luke's Hospital, because they are not worth working for in the future!!!

Aurora Health Care - aurora health care

I have been the victim of multiple incompetent staff and physicians. Through their ineptitude and faulty equipment, I have undergone failed invasive procedures and unnecessarily subjected to...

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Aurora Health Care - failure to notify me of doctor not in the network at time of check-in.

Checked into eye doctor's office in Waukesha, WI on 05/05/17. Paid my co-pay, and showed my Humana ID card to the receptionist/office person. Went and had eye exam and tests performed by Dr. Roger...

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Aurora Health Care - burlington wi hospital er did not perform all tests needed for a car crash victim

On 11/17/2016 I was involved in a car crash, where I was transported to Burlington WI emergency room with a lacerated tongue and lower lip, also complaining of neck, back and leg pain. The ER doctor...

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Aurora Health Care - er visit/wrong diagnosis

I came in with severe abdominal pain and left feeling the exact same way. I was "diagnosed" with a UTI even though I show no symptoms of having one. The only reason the PA gave me the diagnosis i...

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Aurora Health Care - Nicu at summit hospital.

I have been through so much. My baby was born seven weeks early. Weve been in the NICU for five weeks. If the birth wasn't traumatic enough along with a NICU stay, Aurora Health Care made our...

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Aurora Health Care - Wrong diagnosis, unprofessionalism

I saw my family care physician on 12/27/16 and was diagnosed with ringworm all over my body. No testing was done, no scrapings of the skin, it was just a visual diagnosis based on images found online...

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Aurora Health Care - Maria limon, cary bartz and rodger jones are bad for aurora health care

When I was working at aurora sinai medical center for february 2001 to june 2001, maria limon a puerto rican kitchen manager be suspending co-workers over little petty stuff. Cary bartz a white man kitchen supervisor is rude and disrespectful to co-workers in the kitchen. Rodger jones who work in cleaning or transporting be starting trouble with the kitchen co-workers. Maria limon gave ronald vacation time and I have to do his work and pull his weight. Angie wallace a black female co-worker had me doing her work and pulling her weight, jean heinz an white elderly woman who is lazy and wants co-workers to run pots an pans through the dishwasher for her, she don't pull her weight either!!! Iris lowery and her assistant in human resources be taking up for rodger jones at aurora sinai medical center and st luke's hospital. Ann moore who works for aurora health care don't show co-workers and patients no respect, no dignity and no self respect. She looks at people all funny, do not work at aurora health care, aurora sinai medical center and st luke's hospital!!! Because co-workers, human resources people treat you wrong like dog crap!!!

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Aurora Health Care - Billing

I had an emergency gallbladder surgery and let me make myself very clear. This complaint is for the billing and codec people only. I went into the hospital by car. My husband brought me...

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