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Aurora Health Care complaints 49

Aurora Health Care - Cancelled Rx for Asthma without contact.

Have been waiting for complicated paperwork to be resolved for an expensive medication NUCALA. I just received my authorization for co pay assistance and called into the specialty pharmacy with my...

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Aurora Health Care - medication and dr. warpinski

I have been on ADHD medication since I was nine &I have been taking 3 Xanax a day since I was 22 I not only suffer from seizures I also suffer from EXTREME ANXIETY I have been diagnosed with the same...

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Aurora Health Care - billing department

Called for an estimate on a procedure. Billed 3 times the amount. Just because a disclaimer is read you are responsible for the amount billed. Billing manager is rude and has no sympathy. I am...

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Aurora Health Care - poor service.

I have been in and out of this emergency room since Thursday of last week Dr. George, Had treated me on Thursday when I went in he had said I had a viral infection and possibly the flu one on Friday...

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Aurora Health Care - emergency room and my own dr

On thurseday Nov 15 I was taken by ambulance to er with severe hip pain and a fall at home. once at the er they ran ct cervical spine wo contrast, ct head wo contrast. ecg hip ct xr hip 2-3 view left...

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Aurora Health Care - dr. spiering

There is absolutely no reason to withhold my estrogen because I stopped coming in for my inr. I have been trying to have the script filled since october and the pharmacy said to call them finally...

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Aurora Health Care - unethical behavior

I have had nothing but trouble since i switched over to Aurora healthcare. I decided to switch to Aurora because i was told by multiple people how much better the doctors are and boy were they wrong...

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Aurora Health Care - severe slow response / don't return calls / can't find any customer support

Been trying for over 1.5 hours to reach someone who can help.
can't read the little grey letter in the chat. website is NOT accessible. lve been calling because no one called back after a week

then i get told there is patient support or customer support but no one knows anyting about it. got phone supervisor. she doesn't do health care but maybe someone will call back

been on phone for 2 hours Oct 10

aurora is just into making money like health care is business

Aurora Health Care - unprofessional behavior

I made a eye appointment with the vision center of aurora two weeks ago for an appointment on 9/18. I get an phone call at 4:59 from the vision center saying there was something wrong with the...

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Aurora Health Care - endocrinology

My husband was referred to Dr. F. Salahuddin for suspect parathyroid disease. She ordered the tests to determine if this was the case. After ultrasound of kidney and thyroid he received a call...

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Aurora Health Care - hospital stay - aurora summit

On my stay at Aurora for a pulmonary embolism I was shocked at how inattentive the nursing staff was. I could go for 4 or 5 hours several times a day and never see a nurse, a tech or a CNA. About the only time you would see them is when they had to do something like administer medicine or shift change. RARELY. did anyone stop by room to check and see how to I was doing, how my pain level was and I had to keep asking for basics like water, a clean gown or pain meds. During my first day I developed a bad cold and I mentioned it to 3 different nurses. No one really checked me out, looked down my throat. When I told them I was having some problems breathing due to the cold they simply provided cough drops. The cold went into my chest and the cough became so bad I was constantly coughing but they did nothing because they won't give me any medication without an act of Congress and apparently it was too much trouble to call the doctor. The last night I could not even sleep because of the coughing. Seems silly that you are in a hospital and no one is interested in trying to address a simple cold or to keep something as basic as fluids going.

Aurora Health Care - ophthalmology appointment

Of the last 5 Ophthalmology appointments that I made with Dr. Saba J Kadlec 4 were cancelled. It just happened again. Because I work so far from home I must take scheduled vacation in order to meet the appointment. I make it in good faith and then it's cancelled on your end. It's not easy to change on my side. This clinic really doesn't apparently care about their clients and frankly their customer support sucks. I do not have an issue with the doctor. Every time I got in she was fine. My problem is the scheduling staff. They are awful. My only openings are on Friday. I work a 60+ hour schedule. I make an appointment more than a month in advance agreeing to a date and hour that is said to be available... to then have it cancel before the visit date. Once is a fluke. Multiple times is a tend. This seriously needs to improve.

Aurora Health Care - medical records complaint

I had a MRI appointment on 11/15/018 at Aurora St. Lukes Milwaukee Wisconsin. Upon checking in to Radiology, I was told that my Medical Records were Mixed together with my Twin Brothers. My name i...

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Aurora Health Care - billing/customer service

I called to make a yearly physical/check up with my primary doctor. I see a OBGYN (from another health providing company) yearly so I did not want a pelvic/ pap done which I told the scheduler and...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Aurora Health Care - encounter with mri tech

Recently i was suppose to have my MRI done at this location. The person taking me in was extremely short and rude. I dont understand why people are like that. On top of this, the person smelled like...

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Aurora Health Care - bullying/threatening

I had a Doctors Appointment on September 11th 2018, I was there for my A1C test, the medical assistant told me I was there for a physical (no) I said A1C test. She told me if I don't have the...

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Aurora Health Care - emergency room service/follow up with primary m.d.

I had taken my husband to urgent care 200 E. Ryan Road on Sunday 09/02/2018 at 9:00 am for sever headache, nausea, high fever chills, dizzyness for the last 6 days non stop. Received excellant care...

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Aurora Health Care - zoster vaccine saving and 50 mcg injection

On August 27, 2018, I was admitted to Aurora Sheboygan hospital for total knee replacement for my right knee. Prior to surgery my in room nurse came in to give me an injection. When I inquired to...

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Aurora Health Care - unprofessional behavior and failed birth control insertion

On May 16, 2018 I had an appointment to have my Nexplanon replaced. Nexplanon is a birth control that is inserted into your arm. I showed up to the appointment 25 minutes early and was taken back to...

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Aurora Health Care - maria limon and cary bartz are evil, crooked and full of crap

I was a kitchen porter at Aurora Sinai Medical Center working from 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Kitchen manager Maria Limon and Kitchen Supervisor Cary Bartz worked me too hard by having me doing other...

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