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The report below is just a summary of problems that I have encountered with my audi a3 1.4 t. There are in fact several pages of correspondence which mentions the full details of the problems with my vehicle and experiences in dealing with audi, all of which is not mentioned here otherwise it will take allot of time for you to read through. I do although hope that all you readers do take a little time to read the following problems that I have encountered with audi the glen, audi braamfontein and audi sa. I hope that you will convey this to your family and friends so that they are aware of what problems they could possibly face if they purchase an audi.

I purchased a brand new audi a3 1.4 t from audi the glen in august 2011 and after driving the vehicle for 2 months the vehicle was losing power. I immediately took the vehicle back to audi the glen for an assessment and with the use of their vas computer they confirmed that no problem had been detected with the vehicle but I completely disagreed with their findings.

As the weeks went by, the vehicles performance would change from day to day by performing as it is suppose to on one day and then losing a significant amount of power by the next day. This problem persisted for a few months and during this period I had taken the vehicle back to them 3 times and discussed this matter with their service manger graham de villiers but every time they responded with the same outcome that they could find any problem. They had even kept the vehicle over night and test drove it but told me that there was no problem and that this is how the vehicle is actually suppose to perform. Then in may 2012 I took the vehicle back to them for the 4th time for the same problem. On this occasion while driving my vehicle I was accompanied by one of their employees from the workshop and he used a portable vas computer to monitor the vehicle while I was driving. Needless to say the vas computer detected no problem on the vehicle yet physically I could feel that the vehicle had very low power and I told this to the person who accompanied me but he referred to the vas computer and told me that there was no problem. On driving back to their workshop and persisting to them that there was a problem graham de villiers physically inspected the vehicle and upon doing so found that the waste gate on the turbo was stuck in the open position which explained the reason for the loss in power. After persisting and taking the vehicle back to them on so many occasions they finally determined the problem which should have been detected in first place had they performed a mechanical inspection and not simply used their vas computer. The technicians at audi the glen either had not bothered in performing their job properly every time took the vehicle in, they didn’t want to acknowledge the problem in the first place or this is a sign of incompetence!

In any case, they fitted a brand new turbo or so am I told but on taking delivery of the vehicle I could immediately feel that the vehicle still lacked a considerable amount of power. After taking the vehicle back to them yet again, graham de villiers test drove the vehicle and insisted that there was no problem with my vehicle and we argued on this matter.

I then approached audi sa and spoke to mooneera tifloen who is from the office of the managing director and we agreed to have further tests on the vehicle done at audi braamfontein. Upon meeting elmar at audi braamfontein he told me that the initial problems on turbo couldn’t have been detected with the vas and that audi the glen should have performed the mechanical inspection in the first place.

Upon leaving my vehicle with audi braamfontein, they gave me another audi a3 1.4 t to use while the tests were conducted on my vehicle. This vehicle was completely different and had a far better performance compared to mine and is what my vehicle used to perform like. After taking my vehicle back to audi braamfontein on a second occasion for further tests, mooneera from audi sa told me that no problems where detected with my vehicle but I completely disagreed with her.

Later on in the year I took the vehicle in for the next service at audi braamfontein and as suggested by audi sa they conducted a comparison test with another a3 1.4 t four door model vehicle which they had selected. They ran some tests and showed me some boost pressure values and told me that the values on both vehicles were practically the same and is in specification. I was not going to accept their findings based on this and I insisted on going for a test drive in both vehicles and was accompanied by elmar, the quality controller. Immediately upon start up of the other vehicle and driving off, the sound from the engine was louder and different to my vehicle and this was acknowledged by him. The acceleration of this vehicle was much faster than my vehicle and I pointed this out to him but he made no comment at that point. Upon returning to the workshop I was told by elmar that we shouldn’t compare the two vehicles since my vehicle is a two door and the vehicle which it was compared to is a four door. He had even opened the bonnets of both vehicles to check what differences there were between the two vehicles and then told me that the two vehicles are of a different specification and that nothing can be done to my vehicle to change its performance or make it go as faster like the one we had test driven. I then contacted audi sa and notified them with confirmation that the other vehicle was performing significantly better than mine. After mooneera spoke to elmar at audi braamfontein they then suggested that we conduct yet another comparison test and compare my vehicle specifically with another two door a3 1.4t so that both vehicles tested are the same model but I refused. The vehicle comparison tests had been already done and it proved that my vehicle is lacking in performance and after having lengthy discussions and arguments with them on this issue I then decided to approach the miosa.

I submitted several pages of correspondence to miosa giving them a fully detailed account from when the problems first started with my vehicle and when every event took place. Miosa then contacted audi braamfontein and in response victor mcgowan, the service manager from audi braamfontein sent a one page letter with a few sentences and blatantly lied that I agreed with them that there was no difference between my vehicle and the other vehicle which I had test driven. Miosa then told me that based on the letter from audi braamfontein they were not pursuing the case any further. Both audi braamfontein and audi sa are in full knowledge of my unhappiness with my vehicle and the results from the test drive yet audi braamfontein have responded to the miosa with blatant lies. Audi sa have even issued a letter stating that the loss of power issue that I reported could not be simulated yet the vehicle that I test drove had significantly more power than mine and this was proven.

At this point in time the vehicle performance can change from day to day and even during a journey with it showing a sluggish performance then the power improves significantly and then goes back to a being sluggish.

If there is anyone who have encountered similar if not the same problems or if can give me some guidance in resolving this issue then respond to me.


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    MYTT2005 Sep 23, 2012

    I own a 2005 Audi TT Roadster Convertible and having problems with my transmission. I've complained numerous times only to be told that it's not my transmission and the complaint (surging after stopping; hesitation and not shifting to second gear) cannot be replicated. This problem started in 2007 and Audi will only pay $4, 000.00, let having me with a $3, 000.00 bill to pay. I have my invoices of complaints regarding my transmission; consulted with a certified service repair place that specializes in Audi transmission repairs only to be told that I should not be having this problem. Aside from the consult with a service repair place, I even consulted with a certified mechanic and was also told that it is my transmission and should not be. I've filing a complaint with BBB and Audi will not cover the expense of a transmission repair. I will further my complaint and at this time, I'm asking to hear from anyone out there that are or have experienced the same issues.

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