AT&Tservice suck

I ordered a phone on September 4. O ordered the iPhone XR in yellow. About a week and a half after I had been without a phone I called to check the status on my phone and was then told it would be here in a day. When it did not show up we called again and then they said it was on back order and would TAKE MONTHS!!! No one told me the phone I ordered could take months to get to me while I was ordering and then they lied about when it would get to me. We were then told an iPhone XR in white would be expedited to me because of the inconvenience and would arrive the next day. 4 days later the phone is still not here and each time we call we are told we will get it "tomorrow". While the representatives are nice, they just keep [censored]ing lying to me. I've had to start a new job and not know how to get there, not be able to view my schedule for either of my jobs, been driving around without a phone, and being without the general functions of a phone for 2 weeks. I just want to not be lied to and be able to feel safe knowing I have the ability to call people when I need to. Dont order a phone from AT&T they will [censored] you over.

Sep 18, 2019

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