AT & T / billing quotes and misleading information

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Three times (each of the last 3 months), I have spoken to someone at ATT to review my bill and make changes to reduce my expense. Each time I am greeted with what appears to be a competent person. I have learned it is important to ask very detailed questions regarding "additional" fees to their quotes. They neglect to factor in taxes, administrative and "extra" fees when providing a quote. The first month, I made change based on "$100 per month for three devices". Then, I received my bill which exceeded $200, nowhere close to $100 per month.

This morning, I spent almost 30 minutes on the phone with a rep who walked with me through my bill, line item by line item. I had done the same with Verizon and could offer their comparitive pricing, line by line rolling up to a final cost, including all taxes and fees. After all of this, the rep could offer no reason why Verizon was offering a much lower program. So, he transferred me to another number. I ended up on hold and then was advised via message, there were no call agents because they are not available until 8 am California time. Excuse me! The whole country does not live on California time. I am so frustrated! After being an AT&T customer for 30 years I have just about had it! One last call to get a competitive bid on my service and, if I don't get it, I am gone.

Jun 27, 2019

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