ATT Uverseuverse is nightmare and at&t are thieves!!

H Nov 16, 2017

I called to verify that I could receive the high speed Uverse at my address. I was told yes, that I could, so I setup an account. I couldn't figure out why it was so slow, so I called and a tech was sent out. Not only did I NOT have the high speed, but my side of the street couldn't GET the high speed. At this time though, I was locked into a contract for a year. I called a couple weeks before my contract was due to end, and had it setup so that on the last day of my contract it was cancelled, and I would receive whatever was needed to return their equipment. Didn't happen. I had another service provider come in and setup a new service (WAY BETTER) and stopped using At & t about a week prior to the contract being up. Assuming that things were shutoff, I didn't check, until my account got hit with another withdrawal. I called and the person I spoke with (didn't speak very good english) but apologized, said that he would refund my money and send me an e-mail within 2-3 hours about how to return my equipment. Again, didn't happen. I call today, am informed that not only will they NOT return my money, but that they can't see my usage (which the foreign person stated he could), and since I cancelled my account, I can't see the conversation I had with said foreign person anymore for proof. This place is a scam. They steal your money, give horrible customer service, lie to get you into a contract, and what service you do get stuck with is horrendous.

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