ATT Uverse β€” installation


After a technician drilled one hole to drop a wire, my home is left with partial power, damaged appliances and electronics and myself to pay for it all😠. The electric company stated we needed to go after AT&T... 😧 Which I ended up doing..πŸ˜‘

Since the technicians boss stated his employee followed proper protocol (he wasn't here at anytime to observe proper protocol). Sedgwick says they are not liable. Just wanted to add as the drilling was going on my son's surge protector blew up and all power was out. But hey he followed proper protocol. πŸ€”

Not one person has come out to assess damage other than Georgia Power. How is a denial possible without assessment? The boss coming out after the fact means nothing.

This isn't the first case of its kind, so be sure you follow the techs around and watch what they are doing because you may end up with a home worse than mine.

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