ATTphone service

R Dec 27, 2019

My 91 yr old Mother got a call from Att last Sept about her landline service. The gentlemen convinced her to change her landline and they would sent her a free cell phone. Being 91 she was confused and unfortunately agreed to it not realizing that they would turn off her landline completely. Being a Senior she's relies on that landline for a lot of things. She tried to change it back, she returned the cell phone and spent many hours on the phone with Att, as of today she is still having issues, being billed for services she doesn't have and charged for the cell phone that Att has confirmed they have back. Both myself, my husband and my niece have spent numerous hours trying to get this fixed with many promises but no action. To me this is taking advantage of a Senior... my Mother is so upset. She was currently billed 270 dollars and then another 360 charged to her charge card.
We have no other recourse then to file a complaint against Att unless this issue is resolved once and for all now... A 91 yr old women who lives alone should never have to deal with this issue and be billed for services she doesn't have or money she doesn't have to pay for this.

Ralph & Gayle Ventura

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