ATTI am complaining about my visa reward card.

E Oct 04, 2019

I am complaining about my Visa Reward Card. I was promised I would receive the card after 3-4 months of continued service. I had ATT and switched to Comcast. I am on a fixed income and my bill with Comcast was increasing. I saw the ATT commercials and received calls about better rates. I was told I would initially receive a $200 Visa card but after many nightmare moments trying to get my phone and UVERSE connected it was raised at my urging to $400. The manager knew I was very upset. Here are the events: could not get my phone to work for weeks. Comcast said it was not them and ATT said it was not their fault. Finally, a tech guy from ATT figured out the problem. Then the cutting of the cable a contractor for ATT came out to bury the cable. Apparently the installer did not provide enough cable and the contractor cut the cable line. I could understand if the contractor had told me as I pulled into my driveway but he just drove off. I went into the house and no cable. It took several days for ATT to put me back on the scheduled to have the cable redone. I called in initially to disconnect one of boxes I never use. I then asked about my Visa Reward card and was told it or the offer had expired. The supervisor said I was sent an email which I denied. An email REALLY? I would not give up $400 on an email. It sounds like sort of a scam just like rebates. Why not just mail it out? I am paying my ATT bills and expect ATT to FULFILL THEIR PROMISES!!! I got the run around I have been on the phone for over 2 hours actual talktime to an ATT employee only 28 minutes. I have waited my time and money and they put me back in queue. I am very upset!!!

Edward Stallworth [protected]

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