AT&Textremely rude and incompetent AT&T customer service person

P Oct 23, 2019

I called AT&T's Customer Service # [protected] today, 10-23-19, to try to get some idea about why my 87 year-old mom's phone bill was so outrageously high. After being forced to listen to the recorded nonsense I was finally put thru to Shykeria - a very nasty attitude rude young woman. She would not shut up long enough for me to ask her questions about the bill. When I could finally ask her one of the few questions I had she didn't know the answer... Shykeria told me to 'hold on a minute' and when she came back on the phone (I could hear background noise) she promptly hung up on me! So I called right back hoping to get an AT&T representative that had a little more interest in a customer who has retired from and been with South Central Bell/ Bell South/AT&T for 65+ years! I got Stephanie who was worse than Shykeria!!! Or perhaps it was really Shykeria again as I can't fathom reaching two unreasonably rude and unprofessional people back to back! Anyway, she hung up on me as well/again!

I cannot imagine that AT&T powers-that-be has reduced themselves to hiring these kind of people to represent them in their Customer Service Department!
And getting that kind of treatment after AT&T has the gall to charge $70+ per month for the most basic service is extremely difficult to swallow!

I feel pretty certain this complaint will go into the trashcan file, however, someone at the AT&T conglomerate really should pay attention and figure out a new policy for hiring customer service personnel. As I can attest, what I received today from Skykeria/Stephanie was definitely not service of any kind much less professional!

My Mom feels a certain amount of loyalty to AT&T because of the 42 years my Dad worked for the company. However, I do not feel any such loyalty in the least and will switch her to another carrier as soon as I relate this debacle to her this afternoon! The phone number I called about is [protected].

The instructions are to state a desirable resolution to my complaint but there's really not one because since AT&T has no interest in older folks struggling to get by they certainly won't care about having employees like Shykeia/Stephanie!

I do want to thank Complaints Board for being the platform to launch my complaint!

Patt Helton

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