AT&Tbilling department

S Sep 27, 2019

I have had AT&T for years in Florida and Michigan.
I recently purchased a home in Senoia, Georgia. I now have an AT&T/Direct TV package. In April the internet and TV was installed. I have had problems in the beginning with the billing.
I received a free NFL package for the first year. I called AT&T and talked to Felice. I asked which channels were connected to the free NFL package so I could watch my football. At that time this person disconnected my free NFL pack and connected me to NHL which costs $165 per month.
When I found out about it I called AT&T again and talked to Gary on 9/13/19. He said he would remove the amount of $165. He did not do this. I over paid the amout of my bill to make sure your company was paid in fulll. On 9/21/19 and 9/26/19 I received emails telling me my bill wasn't paid in full.
On 9/27/19 I talked to Gwen and told her I didn't owe anything. She asked when I was told the credit was going to be put on my invoice. I told her I wanted to speak to her supervisor. When I first spoke to her I made sure she had my phone number in case we were disconnected and she told me the number and said I would be called back if that happened. She put me on hold for a superviser and I was disconnected with NO call back.
I called again and talked to GIlbert. He told me to get out my invoices and had me look at the August bill that had no Direct TV charge. I told him about the NHL fee that Felice added to my bill. He said there was no charge. I almost screamed at him and told him to look again. He did then chuckeled and said "yes the charge was on my invoice". He said he would remove the charge because Gary didn't when he talked to me. He gave me a $30 credit for 12 months. He asked me if I was happy with the way he helped me and I told him absolutely no. I said he should have looked at the invoice and found the charge before he tried to help me.
These people need to be trained better. I don't have time to waste due to their incompetence.

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