B Sep 05, 2018

I lost my phone back in July (lost meaning the phone was not in my possession) I submitted a claim with Asurion to replace my lost device. I received help from a friend and paid my deductible of $199.00 to receive a replacement device. I received a call from Asurion a couple weeks later confirming I received my device all services were good also confirming my original device was LOST so I had no device to return to them. A little over a month later Asurion took $300.00 from my friends account (the friend that helped with the deductible). This is theft I never authorized this money to be taken and it wasn't my card to take from. I have never heard a merchant holding someone's person card information to later use if needed. This is illegal and I will be filing all the proper documentation to out Asurion and there fraudulent ways.

  • Asurion's response · Sep 05, 2018


    I want to thank you for taking the time to contact us about your experience. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and want you to know Asurion's commitment to improve this matter to create a positive customer experience. Please contact our customer satisfaction department at 1-866-397-6496 discuss your concerns.

    Thank you,

    Asurion Compliance

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