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I really wish that I had read the reviews/complaints prior to having made an appointment. In this case, every terrible review that I have read regarding Aspen Dental is true, too bad I only found this out after my horrible experience. I am someone who is deathly afraid of the dentist which is why I ended up with a horrible abscess. I went to the ER due to a swollen face, major infection, and sever pain. The doctor recommended my seeing a dentist within the next day or so. Aspen Dental were the only ones who could see me that quickly. I arrived at my appointment 10 mins. early and filled out their paper work. The outer office was FREEZING and I waited over 30 mins to even be called back. Once I was called I was taken to a small "room" which was no bigger than a closet and was given x-rays. I then was taken to the dentists chair which was uncovered and ripped. The entire office seemed so unsanitary to me and certainly not what I had experienced seeing at "proper" dentists offices such as the one I take my daughter to every six months. I sat in the dentists chair and was given a magazine to read while watching the dentist move from patient to patient in what seemed an assembly line method, also without changing his gloves which he has used on previous patients and picking up papers and x-rays etc. Another 20 mins. later he finally arrived to my chair asked me to open my mouth while he briefly looked in. He went back to the paper work and told his "assistant" that tooth number such and such was beyond repair and that there was a second tooth ready to erupt. In his opinion all of my 26 remaining teeth needed to be extracted and he recommended dentures. I am 46 years old and considering my fear of dentists, I thought that wouldn't be a bad idea, just get them all out and be done with it. I was then told to go wait in the outer lobby and the "office manager" would call my husband and myself in to discuss payment options. After another 20 min. wait, we were finally called in her office. Wow, this office manager really was a sight! She was unkempt and her hair was on the greasy side, it was not product in her hair, but clearly unwashed. We have insurance and prior to my appointment I had checked our benefits. 2 cleanings and sets of x-rays per year are free and most everything else including dentures are covered at 80%, braces at 50%, so we have quite good insurance. After going over the recommendations from the dentist, she came up with a price of $7, 005 AFTER the insurance portion. She proceeded to try to "sell" their financing at a 24% interest rate. Ahhhh, no thanks! I just told her that I would not qualify for the financing trying to end that conversation because I knew at that point she was nothing more than a salesperson and this entire practice was about nothing more than money. She didn't mention anything about my issues with my teeth or my oral health, it was all about, "oh, well couldn't you get a co-signer", or "Maybe you could borrow the money from a family member". I was so disgusted and even offended. She had made a couple comments about my insurance which I knew were not true because I had checked my benefit summary on United Concordia's website prior to my appointment. The bottom line, I wouldn't take my dog to this dental practice! They are unprofessional, sub-par employees (from reception to dentists), and not at all caring or concerned with the oral health of their patients. In my opinion, this chain is nothing more than a money making assembly line business. I hate to think what I would be writing had I let them actually do any work in mouth. My advice, stay away! If you have no insurance, try the nearest Dental College or a dentist with true compassion who is more interested in your oral health than making a dollar. The only reason I went to Aspen was due to them being the only ones able to get me in as quickly as the ER doctor wanted.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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I agree...there are alot of patients that just don't know about this board. Aspen is also accurately described on several other boards of this type.

I was in an Aspen office when a woman came in and said that she wanted us to know that the 8 cavities that Aspen found were not there according to a second opinion from another dentist in town.

As far as less than the 1 percent goes...Do you really want to take that chance?

Mar 09, 2011 8:58 pm EST
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Hey guys,

As mentioned above, I do want to apologize for the poster's visit. Our goal is to have 100% of patients satisfied. While it's tough to read negative reviews about any company, I want you to know that our online negative reviews make up less than 1 percent of our total patients.

Patients come first, and every office strives to create a welcoming and comfortable environment, so I'm disappointed to hear about your experience.

If you have any questions at all, please let me know.



At least you found out in advance. Aspen Dental is all about making money. Keep reading to find out what happened to the patients that did begin treatment.

Allie? Where are you? You are showing up late to apologize for your disgusting company.


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