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H Aug 13, 2018 Review updated:

I went to aspen today thinking I may have a cavity, ( obviously before I read any reviews on the place unfortunately) I was told I have one small cavity somewhere completely different from where I thought it was and that I needed a "deep cleaning " I was told my cavity couldn't be filled until I had this cleaning done . They charged me 1100 dollars for a 45 minute cleaning with no Novocain . And proceeded to tell me that I would need to pay another 400 for my small filling to prevent a root canal! I was shocked that they could charge so much for such shoddy work! I explained that I was a single mother and couldn't afford the 3500 dollar treatment that they originally put for treatment plan. They took off some antibiotic they wanted me on and got the treatment plan down to 1384.00, and then proceed to get me some credit card called dental first . They then told me that if I didn't have the cleaning done that same day I may end up needing 1000s more worth of work done . So I let them do the deep cleaning thinking it would take a few hours at minimum and they they may only be able to do half my mouth the first day along with some novacane for the pain associated with the procedure. 45 minutes later and absolutely zero pain they say I'm done and charge me 940.80 . Then they tell me I need to go back within the week to get my filling done which would be another 368.00 in order for the dental credit card I just applied for to cover any of it. I told them I didn't want them doing my filling and they said I still had to come back in next Monday to sign some other papers or that I would have a Non payment on the whole treatment plan. I think this is extremely unethical and very shady all the way around . I want to file this complaint to try and recoup some of the 1384.00 that I know owe for absolutely nothing as far as I can tell! I feel so scammed ! I was also "given" toothpaste and mouthwash that isn't even supposed to be used on teeth and gums that are supposedly diseased and told to use it for my periodontal disease without being told there was a 60.00 charge for it! I am very disappointed in how unethical this practice is.

Heather Cornish


  • BoycottAspen Sep 03, 2018

    I am so sorry for your pain, but this is yet another Aspen Dental horror story.
    If you want someone to talk to please contact
    We at B.A.D. are here for our fellow Aspen Dental Victims. Best Regards.

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