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This company is a joke. I purchased an ASKO front loader washing machine Model W6362 Quattro 1600rpm. I purchase this because of doing research, showed to be the best machine for what I was looking for, looked good, had good features and supposed to be a quality and a durable machine, but came at an expensive price of over $A2000. Hence at this price, thought what I was looking for, would be worth it . Well how wrong was I, the machine does whatever it feels, timing is of its own accord, a cycle that is supposed to be 147 mins can take 2 and a half hours. But ok, not such a major problem, at 1 and a half years old, it stops with a loud bang. Call for service, comes out 5 days later, says its major the motor and the electronics are blown. They have the parts sent, so another day off, because they can only come when they say and not to fit in with you, they say not all the parts have arrived, but will check the parcel next time before coming out as not to inconvenience me. 4 weeks later, and after and polite phone call to the service department the wanker in charge "Steve" miraculously say, oh the part arraived yesterday, it had to be ordered in from overseas "WOW, what a f...king miricle I think, I ring up and suddenly its there" (###) I say why wasn't I told it had to come from over seas, no answer other than things like this happen. He says we will be out on the 06/04/09 to fix it, I say no I am not having more time off I am free on the 02/04/09. Ok he says, obviously to shut me up...then the call arrives on my message service, just checking to see if its ok to come on the 6th, I have the 2nd down here for some reason but will be there on the 6th, please ring back to confirm. So before I ring I am on here to tell everybody who reads this about ASKO products, just stay away, yes they save water, but as for quality it is far from what they say, this machine is not work a quarter of what I paid for it and the service is disgusting from this company, they are complaicent and don't care one bit in the service department. I am lucky to have had two friends who are in the market for a washing machine and have gladly told them this story and guided them away from any ASKO product. To date it is 5 weeks with a broken washing machine, if I could convey how angry I am on here I would. STAY AWAY FROM ASKO PRODUCT.


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    CAROL MYBURGH Dec 11, 2009

    I agree - I paid a fortune for an ASKO Dishwasher, Dryer and Washing machine. The Dishwasher is the worst I have ever had, the dishes are NEVER clean and when I complained the technician came out and said we had installed it incorrectly and charged us almost $200 dollars to supposedly fix the problem, and was extremely rude as well. But the dishwasher still doesn't work and we use our old Bosch in the laundry which after 15 years still works a treat.

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    DanaG Apr 11, 2012
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    Please do not buy anything from this company and if you do, make sure you really study the reviews and confirm that the good ones are not fakes. My experience was simply wretched. Every other week my "brand new" dishwasher has been on the fritz and finally my tank sprung a leak (which is the one part that Asko says has a lifetime guarantee) and they would not honor the lifetime guarantee.

    I was so shocked and disappointed. I simply couldn't believe it. I have no children, just my husband and myself, so no one has abused the dishwasher. Looking at it, you'd think it was brand new, because I keep it spotless.

    But Asko was really generous. They said they would offer me a discount on another Asko dishwasher and my cost would only be about $1, 100.00. Huh??

    Asko simply refuses to send me a replacement tank, nor would they back up the "lifetime" guarantee. These people are terrible and I'm complaining everywhere I can about their terrible product and their even more "terribler" ...Customer Service (and I use that term very loosely).

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    Readytovent May 31, 2013

    Also bought an ASKO 6362 as my parents had an ASKO for 16 years no problem - best in market. Clearly they do not make them like they used to and we have had nothing but problems. RJK we had the same experience with the motor and service - came out and literally 1 week after the warranty lapsed ONE WEEK the motor blew up and needed to be replaced. On the plus side the tech was actually really nice and logged it as 'in warranty' so we didn't have to pay for the replacement motor but then we had to wait 3 weeks for the new motor and then had to call them 3 times to get them out here. The machine is always stopping mid cycle or not starting and then this morning it was stuck on 25 mins with a few delicates so I switched to drain and hit the start button to empty the water out and the door flew open and about 3 litres of water went all over my floor. WILL NEVER BUY AN ASKO AS LONG AS I LIVE.

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