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Berader Properties Complaints & Reviews

Berader Properties / Rental deposit electricity

Sep 29, 2015

I have had nothing but headaches with this incompetence. I moved in last year July paid deposit and electricity deposit in a small one bedroom place. I received my bills irregularly and until December 2014 electricity was not noted on my bill her fore I paid what was due assuming the...

Berader Properties / Fraudulent electricity billing

Jun 19, 2015

In December 2014 I moved into a small bachelor flat at a complex called Baccarat Lodge. Shortly after moving in I noticed something off with the electricity bill. I was being billed R433 per month for a tiny apartment. Previously I lived in a 2 Bedroom apartment in randburg which was also...

Berader Properties / incompitence and lack of baisc knowledge and understanding


I am an attorney specialising in property and have practised as such as a conveyancer for over 20 years. At the request of a mortgagee we approached Berader Properties who manage a specific sectional title complex for a letter confirming the solvency of the body corporate. We register 50...

Tenants of Berader Properties / False accusations


Berader would like to lodge a complaint against the tenants and the complaints board whom allows the posting of these complaints. The tenants vent and do not post the true facts with their complaints. It is strongly advised that the facts are posted with the complaint. As Berader sees this as slander and defamation of the company.

Berader Properties / Do not care attitude from and incompetent person


Berader Properties' owners and agents have a dont care attitude when it comes to providing service or attending to ongoing servicing and maintainence problems with their properties. They are only interested in the receiving their rent but have zero inclination to providing any...