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I bought 2 leather couches back in January 4. First they were delivered late instead of January 28 back in February.

Early Sept i noticed one started to peel off. I called accidental protection and they said they do not cover. Why did I spend $239.99 for warranty i cannot use? So I had to call MANY MANY times to get Ashley Customer service to honor 1 year warranty from factory so they can send me a part that needs to be replaced by the tech, when they send a part it was damaged. I had to call again and email again pictures to get them to send me a good part. While they ship that part to me many other parts start to peel off. I asked them after sending more pictures to replace the whole thing. After they agreed and tried to replace couch, instead of delivering brand new couch they brought me USED abused one, that had excessive wear, stains, leg wear, scratches and so on. So when the delivery happened not only it was damaged, when delivery people brought it to my house they were removing parts from our couch and moving it to this USED couch. This was done in front of the customer. Also I have all this on VIDEO.
I kept complaining and they FINALLY gave a store credit to re select something else. Well i bought a set. I was given a run around and they didn't want to replace the second couch. Well as I was talking to them i noticed the second couch was peeling like the first one. FINALLY they agreed to give me store credit for both. They were not going to give me $ for delivery or warranty. If this is a STORE/Manufacturer issue I have a right to get 100% money back in this situation and not to re select anything cause I do not trust this company at ALL. I filed a Credit card dispute and Will file a Legal Action since they do not stand behind warranty, products and have HORRIBLE customer service skills.

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