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On 3/14/22, I started to check on flight to Manila online.

On 3/15/22, I started getting offers from AsapTickets agent: Stojan E.

On 3/16/22, I called him and stated that we are retired on fixed income, looking for good deals with some travel comfort. After several offers, I told the offer for mixed economy is acceptable because the longer trip both ways will be on premium economy. Later he emailed me an Authorization Form-Flight to Manila-USD 3,348.00 (attached) and also suggested to include item 7-Travel Care Service for $339.90. I ask if he can send the details and his said “ can view the details by clicking the link below or by logging in to Customer Support using my last name and confirm. no. after authorizing the payment over the phone and ipad. As instructed trying to click the bottom link or logging in did not work.

I called him a few times unsuccessfully as he also promised to assist me in seat


On 3/18/22 at 12:48 pm - Emailed to please cancel Travel Care Service on the above referenced reservation or cancel the reservation totally.

His supervisor responded at 16:15:41, Unfortunately, we can’t cancel the reservation totally, since it’s only possible to do so in 24h (attached)

I noticed between my request and his response time, elapsed is 3h-27m-41sec.

which put it over the Singapore Airlines cancellation policy.

On 3/21/22 AsapTickets emailed Travel Care Services confirmation no. 2814505 (attached)

On 3/24/22 American Express notified me that my dispute D-[protected] is closed. AsapTickets ITN sent AE a copy of Travel Care Services details (attached) that I have never seen before.

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