Art Van staff at Taylor MIdiscrimination

Aug 02, 2018

I have lived in my home for 25 years and always buy only from art van, I just sold my home and am going for a modern look. I came into the store with my waitress uniform on and all of the staff was talking and having fun while I walked around the store finding so many things I wanted to purchess. Sadly enough no one would help me. I went to gardner white for the very first time and got amazing service and bought my whole condo full of new furniture. Just to test out how the way you dress makes a difference I was in the area yesterday and all dressed up as usual looking good, everyone wanted to help me.. How sad it is that they think a waitress wouldn't have money. My husband has a great job of 30 years and I make great money as a waitress at my job of 27 years. Your company should be ashamed of how they portrayed me as a poor lady. Gardner white is very happy with the sales they made from me and I was happy to share my story with them and many other people about my visit including a local news anchor that I happen to be very close friends with.

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