Art Van Furniture / sofa

Ford rd , Canton, MI, United States

I recently bought sofa and love seat from Art van with their gold warranty but soon sofa part is broken so I called them to get it repaired. So repair guy came and check less than 5 minutes
And he said he is gonna order the parts to repair but they discontinued this exact sofa set so they told me to give a store credit back.
But I have to pay delivery fee and bring my old sofa back with my own expenses and also pay another warranty for new sofa set if I want to cover it.
So I didn't want to reselect other sofa. I asked the warranty department to just give my money back since I can't use the warranty because it's discontinued item and they told me that since the repair guy came to check the sofa they have to charge it and not going to give me money back.
The guy didn't do anything and nothing is been fixed.
I don't want to pay more warranty and more delivery money and more money for sofa.
I'm ok to keep my broken sofa it's not a big deal. But since they can do absolutely nothing about the sofa that I have, even though I purchased the gold warranty, I just want to get my useless warranty money back that I paid.
I'm not asking for much.
Sales person told me it covers everything. But it's absolutely lying and it covers literally nothing.

Mar 30, 2019

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