Arizona Medical Boardunethical behavior

B Aug 02, 2018

I know a Registered Nurse by the name of Georgina Marie Carroll, born 04/1971. She works for Gallus Detox centers. I am reporting her unethical and illegal behavior. She has been using Doctor Patrick J Gallus's name to prescribe friends and family prescription medications. I know a registered nurse is supposed to be smart. But she prescribed me a medication without knowing what I was allergic to. I was dating her son at the time, and I didn't know it was illegal or what she was doing was illegal. Her son Anthony Conrad born 07/04/1989 told me she does it for him all the time. I assumed ok I'll take it. But now knowing this behavior is inappropriate and illegal I felt I need to report it to someone. I have never been to a treatment facility for drug use in my life. I have attached proof of this. If you have to call to verify I have never been in this facility you can. You can look up all her kids and family by name and date of birth at pharmacy's and see she does it for everyone. But again on my attached photo, you will see Patrick Gallus as the doctor. I have never been inside his building or met this doctor. Georgina Carroll works for him and prescribes medication using his name when calling them into pharmacies.

Thank you for your time!

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