Arizona Medical Boardrefusal of follow up treatment. surgery apparently done incorrectly. refusal to treat after referrals from provider.

W Nov 14, 2018

My son Scott sustained broken bones in his right leg and ankle on 7/21/18. Dr. Michael Billhymer, Sonoran Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeons, did surgery 7/22/18 with a metal plate and 6 screws to secure the bones. Followup xrays showed the bones not healing together and (1) also showed the bones were not placed together when secured. The bones are not mending together.
(2) Scott obtained AHCCCS Ins. following the accident. A 3rd followup exam SET BY THE DR. for Oct. 30 was cancelled by the Dr. as he said it was outside of the 90 day treatment window. ( 10/21/18 ) Scott would have to go back to his family Dr., get a referral, and get the Ins. Co. OK for Dr Billhymer to continue treating. (3) Scott now has a new Dr. who is UPSET that A-Treatment was refused B- AHCCCS patient was refused C- Surgery with plate and screws was not done properly. (4) Scott is now looking at another, CORRECTIVE, surgery.

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