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Ariston Thermo GroupGas water heater

I bought and installed a gas heater last February, last week it stopped and I called the after sale service and the visit was scheduled. The technician attended.
I don't know what exactly he did.
He told me that it's the batteries eventhough the existing batteries are new and working "I already replaced them twice before calling the call center to avoid such situation" he tried very hard to convince me that the batteries is the problem while the the batteries are working in front of both of us.

The technician asked for 120.00 EGP as a visit fees. The guarantee is still valid.

Am I supposed to charge a visit fees for for anything in the guarantee.!!!

Please pay close attention to this matter as I called the call center three times with no response at all.

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    Ariston Thermo Group6 Liters Gas water heater

    I have a problem, where I can't find the phone customer service taking it on the level needed, I have installed brand new Gas water heater 6 liters Ariston two months back, and two weeks back, at 9.30 am, the water connection exploded and very hot steam was coming out just after opening the water by few minutes.
    The blast was so strong that it hit the exhaust fan and broke it.

    please check the attached photo.

    I need to talk to a senior person immediately.


    6 Liters Gas water heater

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      Ariston Thermo Groupariston / i'm complaining about washing machine from ariston

      I bought ariston washing macine about 1month ago, but since I bought it I notes a stranger sound in it and I immediately called the company in amman, jordan to solve this problem so the company visited me and tested the washing macine but they didn't solve the problem and refused to change it with a good one. I bought from ariston company because I trusted with its name (ariston). I will send you a video of the washing macine and I wish to help me and solve this problem

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        Dec 24, 2019

        Ariston Thermo Group — gas water heater 6 liter

        Dear Team, I want to complain about safety issue regarding a Gas Water heater 6 Litre which i have bought...

        Ariston Thermo Groupboiler

        We have had ongoing issues with our boiler that was installed just over a year ago. We have contacted customer services by phone and managed to get some repairs done but the length of time it took was unacceptable. We were without heating and hot water for almost 3 weeks. We run a small village pub and for the 3 weeks we were unable to serve food as we had no running hot water. We live above the pub so also had no hot water or heating for our domestic needs. We have emailed the customer services department 3 times now to complain about the poor service and the length of time it took to get our boiler repaired. The boiler is still not 100% fixed. We wish to claim compensation for our inconvenience and the hours spent on the phone and emails sent to try and get this issue resolved. We await the courtesy of a reply - we have had no response whatsoever from the previous 3 emails sent. David Alderson and Rhona Donald

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          Aristonservice center; heater

          Dear Sir
          Ive installed new ariston heaters since less than a year and they are not functioning well, ive logged a complaint in ariston UAE service center on 20th October 2019 requesting to send someone to check them out since they are still under the warranty .

          Ive been following up on daily basis for a technician to come over and i keep getting false promises that someone will call and nothing yet!!

          Frankly speaking i feel very much unfortunate that ive decided to go for ariston brand and im truly shocked with the wreck less after-sale service and response .
          As of today the heaters are not functioning and I thought of raising this up to ariaton international hopping that my issue will be resolved

          Thank you
          Mohammed Al Khatib
          Sharjah, UAE

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            Ariston Thermo Groupaquabravo cylinder and customer service

            Dear Sir or Madam
            Customer Service reference number: 459875
            Please see a log below of our recent experience with Ariston running from 13.02.19 to 21.02.19 inclusive. As you will read, it has been an upsetting time emotionally and in terms of the time and money spent in trying to manage the situation, not to mention being without hot water for 8 days. I spent an inordinate amount of time on the telephone, WhatsApp, emails and keeping this log of events - all of which, in my opinion, could have been avoided with a proactive customer service response from Ariston. I spent an inordinate amount of time and money running an electric blow heater to dry out carpets and floorboards as well as changing soaking-up cloths around the cylinder.
            We encourage you to read this log carefully with the goal of improving your customer service - the most obvious point being to value the opinion of a professional plumber, provide the replacement tank immediately, and sort out the ‘blame' later, rather than leaving the ‘valued' customer without hot water for 8 days and with a communication battle. I felt that I did all the running. There was never an early reassurance from Ariston; I felt that the initiative to progress the matter always came from me, never from Ariston.
            I do think that I deserve appropriate recompense. This is my desirable resolution to my complaint.
            13 FEBRUARY
            Leak detected and Richard visited 7.30pm said he'd get onto Ariston because there is a fault in the cylinder
            Heard nothing from anyone; blow heater on full in airing cupboard. Tank still leaking despite water turned off. Pools at base of feet front right and back right. Cloths applied to try to soak up - need to be changed regularly because quickly become saturated.
            15 FEBRUARY
            9.00 Phoned Mandy at Devizes Plumbing. Spoke to Richard who said that it was a fault with the tank and that Ariston should have been in touch yesterday. I said it would have been good to tell me that because when they didn't get in touch I would have phoned them. Gave me reference number : 459875 chihi
            Phoned Ariston. Spoke to Amy Little. She said that the job had been allocated to Malcolm Norman [protected]. She spoke to him and said that he should phone me with 2 hours. If he didn't I should phone her back.
            Malcom Norman phoned. Told me to take photos of the leaks and send them by WhatsApp to him, which I did at 1053 and 1055. He said that often the plumbers don't install the boilers correctly, they don't double pad the valve and that he's seen this before. Send him the pics and he'll look at them, make a judgement and get back to me today.
            1321 Sent WhatsApp message asking for update.
            I left a voice mail asking him to ring me cos I still have a leak and no hot water. No response
            Phoned Ariston. Spoke with Amal who couldn't get hold of MN and left voicemail with Malcolm Norman, asking him to contact me.
            Rang Richard at Devizes Plumbing - what do I do? Have heard nothing. He said it was up to Ariston to get back to me.
            Rang Mandy. She phoned Ariston and was told the same thing. They'll leave a message with Malcolm Norman and that Malcolm is a sub-contractor with no real loyalty to Ariston. He is the only engineer covering the south west. Asked that if we hear anything over the weekend to leave a message on Devizes Plumbing answerphone system. Spoke to Richard. He said if they come and ask for the 2 port valve it is next to the boiler.
            Blow heater on under carpet in to landing. Pools at base of feet front right and back right. Cloths applied to try to soak up - need to be changed regularly because quickly become saturated.
            16 FEBRUARY
            1127 Sent WhatsApp pic of water damage and asking for MN to get in touch.
            Phoned Ariston. Spoke to Georgia. She left message with MN and said that the next step is to ring the Escalations Team on Monday.
            12.25 Received WhatsApp acknowledgement for pics from MN and said will call me later today. Did not.
            Blow heater on under carpet in to landing. Pools at base of feet front right and back right. Cloths applied to try to soak up - need to be changed regularly because quickly become saturated.
            17th Feb
            10.39 Email to Ariston, Cc Devizes Plumbing, as follows:
            Dear Ariston

            RE: Aquabravo hot water cylinder. Ref. 459875

            We are extremely disappointed, to say the least.

            We have been without hot water for 5 days with no hint of a resolution. Nobody has taken responsibility for our emergency and there is no sense of urgency. Each is blaming the other and in the meantime we are left without hot water, soggy floorboards, wet carpet and ongoing anxiety and disruption.

            We need action. A new tank should have been despatched immediately and the blame game should have been secondary. We have paid a lot of money and waited some months for this favoured tank to be delivered and installed, and we should not be suffering. It's wrong.

            Despite the plumber turning off the water supply to the tank it continues to leak. There is brown sticky substance and water leaking from two separate places on the tank: from behind the grey plastic flat circle around the heating element and from behind the grey flat circle on the cold mains in.

            We have spent over 3 hours on the telephone, WhatsApp and email to Ariston and Devizes Plumbing trying to get someone to take action. We have sent WhatsApp photographs of the problem and the damage to Malcolm Norman working on behalf of Ariston, which should have speeded up the process by saving him a trip. Twice he promised to get back to us and twice he failed to do so. Malcolm Norman said that some plumbers don't know how to fit these tanks, that he'd seen this before. However, our plumber is Gas Safe accredited, experienced and we know that he is familiar with these tanks, having fitted them many times. Indeed it was he who recommended this very tank and insisted that we wait the couple of months for (delayed) delivery because they are the best.
            It should not be up to us to spend so much time on the phone. This should have been resolved last week.

            The Customer Service Team at Ariston now tell us that the next stage in this sorry situation is to speak to the Escalation Team on Monday, which we will do. Every time we ring we have to repeat the story and this can only result in more delays. This surely is not down to us; we are the customer who put out faith in Devizes Plumbing and Ariston to deliver and install a pressurised tank fit for purpose. We feel let down.

            We are currently spending time and electricity trying to dry the airing cupboard and landing floor boards and carpets, as well as having to regularly change the soaking up cloth at the base. It seems that Malcolm Norman failed to recognise the urgency of our situation on Friday and the weekend scuppered any chance of immediate action by the Escalation Team.

            Please ensure that a new tank is despatched as a matter of urgency on Monday morning, 18th February 2019, while your deliberations continue. And contact us and Devizes Plumbing straightaway on [protected].

            The bottom line is we need a working tank now.

            Yours sincerely

            Brian and Sue Fisher
            3A Great Western Close
            SN10 1AQ

            Landline: [protected]
            Mob: [protected]

            Cc Devizes Plumbing

            16.01 Missed call from Malcolm Norman. 17.47 Left voice mail apologising for miss and please ring asap
            Blow heater on under carpet in to landing. Pools at base of feet front right and back right. Cloths applied to try to soak up - need to be changed regularly because quickly become saturated.
            18th February
            Telephoned Tracy Savage on Escalations Team. She asked me where I had sent the photos because she had no record. I told her Malcolm's WhatsApp account. She asked me to send photos to her, which I did. She read my email. Sympathetic; have we children in the home? No, but elderly mother. Will look in to it and get back to me before 11.00. Said she needed certification paperwork from Devizes Plumbing so that she could carry out due process and that she was going to ring Devizes Plumbing. I told her names of people to ask for : Mandy and Richard
            1023 Malcolm Norman rang. Said that he had looked at the pics and it looked like a fault with the tank. Told him that I had spoken with Tracy, he told me to say that he had visited 3A Great Western Close - our home address. Said that he would speak with Tracy in the next 10 minutes.
            10.29 Malcolm Norman rang again. Said that he had spoken with Tracy and Laurence of Escalation Team and that he had given them the go ahead to send a new cylinder to 3A. Reiterated that I should say that he had visited. He said that he had told Ariston that it would cost them more for him and his mate to come and fit it that it would them pay Richard. He said that we would incur no further cost.
            11.00 Tracy rang back, as promised. Said that she had been given the go ahead to order new tank and that it would be delivered to Devizes Plumbing, not to us in order that she complies with due process. They have to be delivered to Gas Safe experts. I asked who would fit and she said it was up to Malcolm Norman and Devizes Plumbing to work it out. I told her that MN had told me that it didn't make sense for him and his mate to come all this way, that Ariston should settle with Devizes Plumbing. I asked her to confirm that we would not have to pay again. She said that she had asked the question but had not received a reply; she would ask again. I told her that I would not be paying again. She said that Malcolm Norman or Devizes Plumbing will get rid of old tank but for me to insist upon it and Ariston do not want to see the tank back with them.
            She said that Laurence and/Devizes Plumbing would ring me to update on progress of reorder.
            She is going on hols to Australia on Wednesday and will ring at 1100 tomorrow to check on progress. Neither Laurence or Devizes Plumbing rang…
            14.10 I rang Devizes Plumbing. Kimberley said Mandy out at lunch
            15.15 Mandy returned call. Tracy had been on phone this morning and Mandy had to email copy of paperwork and was asking about Richard's day rates. I said that Tracy had said that we would get a replacement despatched probably tomorrow, that they hold stock. Mandy said that she would clear Richard's boiler services for a Thursday refit. I told her that Tracy is ringing me at 1100 tomorrow and that I'll update her.
            Carpet drier but boards still swollen. Airing cupboard doors hard to close over carpet. Pools at base of feet front right and back right. Cloths applied to try to soak up - need to be changed regularly because quickly become saturated.
            19th February
            11.00ish Tracy rang to say that the tank has been confirmed as due to be despatched, on express. I asked was it definite that it would arrive tomorrow so that Richard could fit on Thursday. She wasn't prepared to commit, saying that there were many steps in the delivery chain. She said fingers crossed and said that she would inform Devizes Plumbing of situation so that Mandy can reorganise Richard's schedule for Thursday.
            11.30 I reported above to Mandy at Devizes Plumbing; she had not had any contact from Ariston.
            15.20ishTracy rang again to say that the delivery would definitely be with Devizes Plumbing tomorrow. Said that she had tried to ring Devizes Plumbing but that their line was engaged. Said she would try again.
            16.18 I rang Devizes Plumbing spoke to Mandy just to be sure that she knew what was happening. She thanked me for ringing because nobody had been in touch from Ariston. She would reschedule Richard's work sheet. She said that she would ring to confirm delivery tomorrow.
            Blow heater on under carpet in to landing. Pools at base of feet front right and back right. Cloths applied to try to soak up - need to be changed regularly because quickly become saturated.
            20th February
            Husband spent good hour emptying laundry from airing cupboard and dismantling shelving.
            1320 Mandy from Devizes Plumbing left message to say that tank has arrived from Ariston and that she is rearranging Richard's schedule so that he can fit it tomorrow.
            1 week and 1 day without hot water.
            1 week and 1 day of anxiety and disruption
            1 week and 1 day of boiling kettles to wash and do the dishes.
            I week and 1 day of moving blow heaters to dry out soggy air cupboard boards and landing boards. Airing cupboard doors will still not close easily.
            1 week and 1 day of regularly changing and drying cloths as cylinder continues to leak.
            21st February
            9.30 Richard of Devizes Plumbing arrived with cylinder. Fitted and working again.
            22nd February
            Floorboards beginning to return to normal. Airing cupboard doors almost close easily.
            Today 23rd February
            As 22nd.

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              Ariston Thermo Group — ariston dishwasher in egypt

              I bought an Ariston Dishwasher from Egypt where I called the authorized dealer in Egypt "B Tech" to instal it...


              Ariston Thermo Group — ariston washing machine, aqualtis, aqxgl 129,9kg, 1200 speed, class a

              My machine is like 8 years old, lately I realize that sometimes it does not fill water enough, mostly in the...

              Ariston Thermo Group — not sending a technician

              Since a week my boiler is turning off all the time in the middle of having a shower. This boiler is used by 6...


              Ariston Thermo Group — ariston front loader - aqxxf 129 1200 a+ class

              Last week, I had a load of bath towels on and during the fast spin cycle (towards the end of the cycle) I...

              Ariston Thermo Group — cooker ariston 5 burner

              Dear customer Care, I am living in Cairo, Egypt, I have an Ariston cooker 5 burner with Oven, I bought it...


              Ariston Thermo Groupdishwasher model lz 705 ix

              Back in 2009, I have bought several appliances from Ariston Dealer in Jordan, namely; 3 Hobs different sizes, an Oven, & a dishwasher Model LZ 705 IX through JWICO (Jordan Wood Industries Co.). I believe in the brand and as I was furnishing my new kitchens, we decided to go for Ariston appliances. Since then, we have not used the dishwasher at all except for a couple of times. Two months back and as my wife was using it, the dishwasher stopped suddenly and a yellow icon on its dashboard appeared. We called Ariston maintenance through your local dealer (Abu Taweeleh) and thankfully they made a visit, assessed the damage (electric dashboard), came back with a new dashboard and installed it. Once they turned the dishwasher on, an electric shortage in the power supply of the Washer happened. They decided to take the whole dishwasher to their headquarters for repair. Unfortunately, a whole month passed by without any notice unless we call them. Just today, I had a serious phone call with them and they informed me that the power supply is not available and needs another month !!! (All phone calls with the dealer are recorded). This is not acceptable at all even if we do not use the dishwasher that often. Unfortunately, this unpleasant experience with Ariston dealer will make us choose another brand with better service next time.

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                Aristoninattentive complaint on ariston washing machine's mechanical issues.

                Please be informed that, I have registered a technical complaint on my ARISTON washing machine (Model# AR6F 105 (EX) ) on 06.01.2018 at 10.55 AM through the Local Dealer customer service # [protected] in Dubai and I was told that it would be attended within 48 hours.

                On 08.01.2018 at 10.10 AM I have contacted the the same department on the above number about my complaint and they confirmed me that they would send the technician on 09.01.2018.

                When I contacted the customer service this morning (09.01.2018) to check the status of my complaint, your customer service staff was surprised on why this much delay to attend my complaint even after 72 hours and confirmed that they would send the technician tomorrow.

                I certify that, the local dealer's after sale service is very poor and irresponsible.

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                  Ariston — gas cooker, freezer

                  Hi, my name is Fady Halim I'm writing this complaint coz I trust in your trademark and in your company and...


                  Aristonariston dryer

                  I had a big problem with btech Egypt technical support and customer service.
                  I have been contacting them since 18/6/2017 to fix my dryer and till now nothing happened. They gave me false dates and they dont come, they r lying all the time saying things that didnt happen.I have a record of msgs from them for technical support visits they dont come or even apologize. Their customer care is a great mess and frustrating, i cant reach a solution with them to my problem till now.
                  it's a shame for a big name like Ariston such a way treating customers.
                  Please advice.

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                    I bought from egypt dish washer on 23/3/ 2016 and i don't use it only few times fot that some fats on the power bottom cause i don't use it alot i called egypt and after that they send one to me he tries to fix it by the knife and wipes the power cause of that damaged of course and they replace it by old and used one pleas i want one new i buy it new please help me they are theifes


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                      Aristonغسالة اطباق

                      شتريت في 23/3/2016 غسالة اطباق و لم استخدمها و نظرا لوجودها في المطبخ اتراكم علي زرار ال power بعض الدهون
                      و كلمت الصيانه فجاء عامل الصيانه و حاول تنضيفه بسكينه وورق مناديل مما ادي الي تلف الزرار و طلبت بتغييره
                      فجاء عامل الصيانه بقطعه اماميه كامله و لكنها قديمه و مستعمله ومجرحه و عندما طالبت من الشركه تغييره لم يردوا علي و لم يوافقوا مع ان غسالتي جديده و هم المسئولين عن تلفها و مع ذلك لم يستبدلوا القطعه الخاصه بي بواحده اخري جديده بدل التي قاموا باتلافها فالرجاء حل الموضوع

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                        Ariston Combi A30 MTTI — Combi Boiler

                        Arison Combi A 30 MFFI 4 years old take a look at pictures serviced on the 16/2/2010 and was told everything...

                        Newton Abbot

                        AristonAriston Iran agent customer service

                        I bought a ariston boiler model clas 28FF and I have too many problem with this boiler. Hot water output is too low in cold weather and too much noisy.
                        From one week ago I requested to come and solve my problem, but no body call to resolve problem.

                        I have contact with Ariston headquarter in Italy and UAE. but no care about this proble.

                        This brand not good and dont put yours money in recycle bin. Choose other major brand

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                          • Ah
                            ahmad hossayni Dec 15, 2017

                            Hi, I live in Birjand, south of Khorasan. I bought an Ariston electric oven from Mashhad 9 months ago. The display of this F04 shows that I have contacted several times in Birjand, The oven does not work, .26/5000
                            Do not give me the answer The warranty card has taken. What should I do?
                            I'm sending out the oven documents

                            0 Votes
                          • Kh
                            Khorram Jun 25, 2011

                            I am sorry to hear you had wasted your money. Unfortunately, in Iran all these foreign companies are milking it and there are no consumer protection.
                            I am afraid we have no choice but buy all these rubbish with no protection.

                            1 Votes
                          • Ha
                            H.Ahmadi Jan 15, 2011
                            This comment was posted by
                            a verified customer
                            Verified customer

                            I living in Tehran. I have same history. Ariston appliances are too expensive (%40 more than other major brand) and quality is less than other brand.

                            0 Votes

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