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I responded to a SPAM email advertisment regarding Argosy University and within 2 minutes I reciecd a phone call from their representative. He stated that there was a program 7 weeks long that I could apply for and also I could qualify for a student GRANT.
Then he proceeded to run me through several web sites filling out forms and sending him $50.00 dollars. I asked how much was the entire course and he refused to respond. The last web site I was told to go to was for filling out yet more forms for a promisary note!
I stopped at that point because he did not tell me nor advise me that I have to pay for anything more then the $50.00 dollars and also buy a textbook! He also wanted all of my phone numbers and insisted that I sign the forms he sent me and immediatly mail them directly to his personal fax number. I had not any time to think about the whole issue until I was off the computer and I went back on again and sent him a email stating that I was not comfortable with what he was trying to push me into and I was going to research his University background before going any further. I also asked what the whole amount that they were going to get a free grant for and he refused to give me a figure. Today, I recieved 6 phone calls form the same person and I refuse to return his calls since I cannot get a straight answer form him. He also sent me an e-mail stating: "I would be happy to talk to you and explain in more detail of how everything works. Grants will not cover your entire education no matter where you go. You may qualify for some assistance for being disabled. I am not sure. However I would be happy to go over the entire process. Remember this is just to get you the BIG picture and give you all the information that you need and then we will go from there. Nothing is set in stone. When would you like for me to call you?
I am sure that you will understand and see what I mean, and remember this is The American School of Professional Psychology. There is only one school like that and you will have a great education. You can even start out here and if you feel that you would like to transfer to a ground school you can do that. Our credits are Regionally Accredited. I look forward to speaking with you and keep up the excitement that you had yesterday. It is a great accomplishment to be accepted to this University.
I will be in touch with you soon."

Now that's a scam!


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    SupermarketFantasy Apr 25, 2009

    First off, I agree; Spam email is very annoying, and Admissions Counselors shouldn't harass you with many phone calls and try to push you into something without thoroughly explaining things to you. I can understand why you are so upset. This reply is not meant to be snarky, it is meant to be informative. Approval for a Federal Pel Grant depends on many things to include your income, the cost of each class, and your desired course load per semester. It would be impossible for the Admissions Counselor to provide you with a firm dollar amount you would be given for classes because they don't have any of that information. In order to even be considered for a Federal Pel Grant, you would have to apply by filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at After reviewing your application, they will let you know your Expected Family Contribution (EFC), and you will be notified by your school how much of your tuition the Pel Grant will cover. From my personal experience, it was never enough to cover my classes and books. However, by filling out the FAFSA, you can also request student loans that may help. By requesting student loans through the FAFSA, you are required to sign a Master Promissary Note (MPN). It is a onetime thing designed to make sure you understand what you are getting yourself into with student loans.
    I hope this helps!

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  • Rs
    rsfsm10 Aug 11, 2009

    I'm filing a complaint with the proper authorities.

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  • Rs
    rsfsm10 Aug 11, 2009

    What Supermarketfantasy failed to mention was that Argosy was caught allowing plaigerism.

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  • Nl
    NluvWithLife Sep 02, 2009

    I recently enrolled with Argosy University. I did my homework before deciding to go with them and I must say I was a little worried at first when I saw the complaints about the college. So I started to investigate the other colleges as well because I know that no matter what the business is there will be someone who will complain about it. So I just wanted to leave this story one of mentors once told me several years ago.

    It goes something like this:

    One day Farmer Brown was out mending his fence when a man drove up and said "I'm looking for a new place to settle, tell me, what are the people like here?". Farmer Brown replies "what were they like where you came from?". The man replies "Oh, they were horrible, mean, snooty people". "Well" says Farmer Brown, "that is exactly what they are like here".

    Moments later a man and a woman pull over and ask Farmer Brown "We are looking for a new place to settle, tell us what are the people like here?". Again Farmer Brown replies "What were they like where you came from?". The woman replies "oh, they were wonderful, loving people. You could trust them no matter what. Always there to help in anyway they could". "Well" replies farmer Brown, "that is exactly how they are here."

    What I get out of this story is that you get what you look for. If you look for dishonesty and deceit then that is surely what you will find. On the other hand if you look for the positive in something you will always find it.

    I caught myself the day I was looking at all of the complaints on the colleges and realized what I was looking for. It was then that I decided to look for the positive in Argosy University and sure enough I FOUND IT!! There is a lot of good to be said about the college. I'm sorry you had a negative experience but I kind of think that's exactly what you were looking for. Every experience I have had with them thus far has been beyond excellence. Very polite, informative and helpful people that seem to genuinely care about helping me in furthering my education. Thank you for your complaint by the way because it reminded me of the story above and made me realize that I too was getting into the negative expectations.

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  • Here are the biggest and most highly publicized lawsuits against Argosy University:
    Click on the links to view these cases:

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    Texas College Sued by Students for Misrepresenting that it would become Accredited
    Dallas, TX - August 7, 2009 - Several students have sued Argosy University, which is an education system of Education Management Corporation (Nasdaq: EDMC) in Dallas County District Court, alleging that the college lied to them in order to get them to enroll in the college. Argosy University is a for-profit college. Plaintiffs were students enrolled in the school's psychology doctoral program at Argosy's Dallas campus. At the time Plaintiffs were considering enrolling in the program, school officials told them that the program was in the process of obtaining crucial accreditation by the American Psychological Association and that the program would become accredited before the students graduated. As a result of these reassurances plaintiffs enrolled in the program at significant personal expense.

    The lawsuit alleges that during the students' enrollment in the program the school indicated on numerous occasions that the school was actively pursuing APA accreditation. In reality, the school had not begun to secure accreditation, and the students ultimately graduated from the program without the program ever obtaining APA accreditation. Julie Johnson, plaintiffs' attorney, explains, what sets this case apart are the blatant and repeated lies told by school officials: "When students expressed skepticism about the school's progress toward APA accreditation, the school dismissed these concerns as baseless 'rumors' and perpetuated the sham that it was in the process of pursuing APA accreditation."

    The school's repeated lies, claim the plaintiffs, have significantly hindered their ability to repay the exorbitant student loan debt they assumed in order to attend the college. Johnson explains, "even though the state of Texas does not require a degree from an APA-accredited college for individuals to practice as clinical psychologists, the reality is that in this competitive job market, most employers require APA accreditation. Those that are willing to employ clinical psychologists that have graduated from non-APA accredited institutions pay them significantly less than they would pay a clinical psychologist that did graduate from an APA-accredited institution." This, plaintiffs claim, has left them saddled with unserviceable student loan debt and dashed dreams.

    Attorney Julie Johnson often represents students in Texas Deceptive Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Act, fraud, and breach of contract cases against proprietary colleges such as Argosy University. To contact Julie Johnson, please call 1-888-416-9572, or send her an email at [email protected] For additional information about Julie Johnson and her other areas of practice, go to

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  • Ge
    GetEducatedPlease Apr 08, 2010

    First of all, for all of you who have never attended a college, online or at campus, please do not state facts that you pull out of your ###. Secondly, now I do not want to come as harsh, but the reality of this whole ordeal is your fault. They did not make you respond to this so called "spam" mail, you chose to. They were doing their job by calling you because, remember when you responded to that spam? You were telling them you were interested, therefore, your phone rang. While you were on the phone with that counselor, you chose to follow his instructions and go through all of the websites and forms, once again, he was not in your home making you do this, you made an adult decision and went for it. Sadly, it seems all you were interested was a free ride, maybe a free piece of paper with your name on it stating you are capable of things you are not; money concerns were all you really mentioned. If that is your objective; attend a school just for Pell grants and things, save your time and our governments money. There are many people out there who want an education and could care less about the cost, the fees, or the reinbursement of grants, that in fact, no one is entitled to. It makes me sick seeing all of you ignorant people complaining about online schools who are there to help you and make sure you get your education. Half of the time it is the ones who fail out or simply are not smart, mature, or responsible enough to attend in the first place. Everyone resorts to bashing these universities: University of Phoenix, Kaplan, DeVry etc, but the truth is, these schools are just as accredited as any other school worth a damn. You are simply incapable of furthering your education at an adult level and that is why people like you turn to these sites to bash them. Grow up, get a life, flip some burgers and stfu! Thanks!

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  • Ga
    gabbie01 Aug 15, 2018

    @GetEducatedPlease First off all you need to get your fact straight. You never request for information and had someone call you repeatedly and then harassing after you asked to stop contacting you. When do you enrolled they tell verbally misleading information that is meant to created future problem and unseen future problem then start harassing. Apparently your financial advisor didn't steal from your financial aid and then tried to say that you stole money that you never used. You weren't dismissed when you question the information were told before you enrolled during the time you were in school and has someone on your graduation start a false rumor that led into a false accusation and start harassing you for their mistake. You need to grow up and wake up the new scam going on. Why would Argosy University Online mystery in a lot of legal trouble and are closing down? Get a life and start flipping burgers and stuff. Do you own research call the lawyer involved in these lawsuit ask them their fact. Are calling the lawyer a liar right?

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  • Cb
    CBriscoe Apr 13, 2010

    Let's use a little common sense. ANY college has an admission fee, and 50 dollars isn't bad. Also, why would you request information then refuse to return phone calls? That's rude.
    You would not have been asked to fill out anything unless you first APPLIED. If you want to go to college, surely you are able to ask intelligent questions and make decisions.
    I know a couple of people who went to Argosy, and it changed their lives. I have a sneaky suspicion you would find fault with anybody other than yourself. In America today, nobody takes responsibility for themselves.
    It's like a car. If you don't like it, don't buy it. But remember, other people do love it.

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  • Sp
    SPlft10 May 17, 2010

    Okay, I had a very open mind when I enrolled with Argosy University. I was actually very excited about going back to school. I am a single, working mother of 3, so a traditional college would not work for me due to lack of time, money and sitters. I asked a lot of of questions and did some research before going ahead with the enrollment. The simple fact is, I was lied to. After attending Argosy for my first session I had unexpected medical problems that were going to require surgery and at the time I didn't know what else. Online classes are very fast paced and therefore I had concerns about being able to keep up my grades when I would unavoidably be in the hospital. I expressed my concerns to my academic advisor and he told me that to avoid problems with my financial aid and grants that I should withdraw from my upcoming classes and re-enroll in the following session. I am now $7, 000 in debt over 2 classes that are not even honored by any other university. The first classes I took, I later found out were requirements ONLY of Argosy and would not transfer to another university. On top of my $7, 000 debt with Sallie Mae the school is saying I owe them $2, 500 for withdrawing from classes that I never attended and withdrew from within the first few days of them beginning, (Which I was told that if I re-enrolled I would not owe the school anything). That also is not including the $5, 000 grant that was applied to my courses. To me that is an outrageous amount of money to be paying for classes that aren't even good towards your degree. I knew that online was more expensive but I also expected the classes I was taking to be applicable to my degree. I stressed to my academic advisor that I was a single mother and that if withdrawing from my upcoming classes was going to cause me financial problems that I would try to find another alternative, he assured me time and time again that there would be no problems. Now there are problems. There are many of you out there that can say that this is my fault for not "knowing better" but I think that is a cop-out for the schools. I have not been to school in 10 years and online courses were very new to me. I did and asked about everything that I could think of. I guess I am at fault for thinking that I could TRUST a "supposed" reputable university and the information given to me by their employees. I have never had a problem taking responsibility for my actions or decisions, but I think there is some responsibility that the university should have as well. Such as having integrity and not misleading others for personal gain.To "geteducatedplease", I was not and am not looking for a free ride. I don't think people going to college are looking for any "hand outs". I believe they are looking for ways to improve their future for themselves and their families, so that to me was an ignorant statement on your part, and makes me think you probably work at the university.I expected to have debt from college, that's a given. Like I said earlier I also expected the classes I was taking to be worth the credits they promised.

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  • Ar
    Argstudent May 19, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Argosy University in Phoenix
    Argosy in Phoenix is an accredited school. They are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission just like a state university. The professors here are all very knowledgeable and work in the fields that they teach. I am pretty sure the school is APA accredited also but you can look on APA's website to find out. The education one gets here is second to none and I would highly recommend it. Don't judge the school by problems a two other schools. Wise people check things like accreditation before they enroll.

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  • Jo
    Joe Schmoe dont like Aug 19, 2010

    I worked for Argosy University and all I have to say was that place SUCKS! Seriously the for profit schools out there are seen by many as second rate schools but if your going to do one at least look at a place where it will actually provide convenience. Argosy is full of this breed of people who think they're some how smarter than everyone else. Very smug and arrogant people.

    The tactics they use to enroll people feel similar to those you would expect from Scientology. I dislike that company as a whole. If you are a [censor] seeking to be a psychologist then at least know that you have to get a doctorate to open your "own practice". If that is truly what you want to do then get it from somewhere that is APA accredited and doesn't cost $110, 000.00 bucks or more. The only time you should nose dive into 110+ thousand dollars of student debt is if your going on to become some type of M.D.; DDS; or a J.D.

    The fact that places like Argosy, University of Phoenix, AIU, Walden, Ashford, and others is because the state run schools and non-profit schools have too much [censor] that prevents many people from realistically starting. I think both propriety schools and non profits are failing to provide a secure format for our population to keep up with the demand of higher ed.

    Either way the reason those Enrollment Counselors are calling the [censor] out of you is because they get fired for not bringing in so many students with each start date. Don't even bother filling out an inquiry unless you truly have done enough research on your own and are prepared to really start because they track all the numbers of each enrollment counselor and trust me it is extremely stressful to be in those meetings where they lecture you about how many people filled out an inquiry and haven't enrolled after talking to you. They usually just fire the person. So the next time you get that obnoxious call from someone at Argosy remember it's just someone trying to keep his or her job to bring food to his or her families table. Yes, they hate making those calls just as much as you hate getting them.

    For anyone out there desperate for a job, ...don't be desperate enough to work for one of these car lots that sells degree programs.

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  • He
    heamicdan Apr 04, 2011

    argosy? right now my daughter owes them about 40, 000 and some how they talked my wife into [censor] and she owes the 12ooo-----------mike

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  • An
    anyonomus Apr 12, 2011

    I work for Argosy and I am a student. While I agree that the admissions practices can be ridiculous and annoying with the phone calls and emails, the education is worthwhile. The crime of Argosy is the way the admissions department is run. If the admissions team were given a total facelift, there would be no complaints about the school. It’s an interesting thing; I don’t like working for them, but I feel that the school itself is outstanding. Admission’s tries to turn students into numbers and I hate that! The academics team however, is brilliant, well educated, and honest!

    As a student, I have worked with some of the most outstanding professors around! One of my instructors worked with MLK during the Civil Rights Movement, several were published authors, and another is a world renowned personality theorist! Like others have stated in this forum, you get out of this and any school, what you put in. Argosy doesn't hold your hand and promise you'll graduate...that's up to you. If you don't have the salt to really learn the material and all your after is a piece of paper, go to one of those stupid online sites and pay $500 for your degree that doesn't count for anything in the real world. If you don't like to work your [censor] off for your degree...Yeah...go someplace else like Everest, because you're going to learn here or you will be academically terminated so you don't continue to go further in debt when you don't have what it takes finish school. PS… I loved the person’s story about the Farmer…Right on and I feel the same way!

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  • Ev
    evilcarlita Jun 03, 2011

    I have been attending the college in Denver, CO since 2009 for my DBA and I am almost completed. The problem I am now experiencing is an instructor who feels she does not have to teach the class yet only facilitate. This is the first time I have EVER experienced a Doctorate level class with an instructor that is so ego driven. I am calling for help yet have gotten none. How is it that Argosy can allow such teaching to go on in this fashion? I honestly do not understand. My second question is how do students resolve the issue.. contact the university president?

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  • La
    ladybug98_2002 Jun 15, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I think overall Argosy is not a bad school. I have two undergrad degrees (one was obtained through Argosy) and I will be completing my MBA program through them this summer. For the most part, I have not had many problems with the course facilitators. As with any school, I feel that there might be one or two bad eggs. My main complaint about that school is the academic department. I can honestly say that I lost count of how many advisers I had during my undergrad degree through them. As a graduate student with them, I have rotated some advisers as well but I can say not not often enough! lol The undergrad advisers know their information. The longest adviser for my MBA program I had was the worst one I ever had and I complained about him all the time. As I end my program, I now have an adviser who cares and wants me to succeed. It took her a couple of weeks but she managed to clean up the mess that was made of my file by my last adviser. Will I ever go back to this school after I am, I will not. But that is my preference.

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  • Be
    bennetbarter Aug 08, 2011

    I agree that Argosy is about making number and that’s it. I have been enrolled at Argosy for almost 2 years. I have some great professors, very well educated, and I have had some lousy professors. My complaints are with the Administration department. Seems recently I been reading some your complaints and started thinking that I should look into these. Wow I can't believe I let them walk all over me from my concentration -financial aid. I have 12-15 credit. I been in a situation in another college and when I started to investigate and let others no the college in Utah shut there doors and left me without my education documented etc. Argosy has received Pell grants awarded to me and I have no knowledge of these grants. 1500 dollars of stipend issued and have no idea where that $ is. For example I started to ask Questions and now you would have thought physically I insulted them and they are revenging. I am now being treated like crap. Receiving emails that are nothing but excuses. No one bother to call me and work this out. Ethically I know they are misusing Federal Funds and it bugs the hell out of me. An argosy response to my investigations was “PELL grants are free money from the government".
    Wow No wonder our Federal funds are in trouble. I am sure I not the first to notice this. I understand I have to take accountability for noticing this but I honestly trusted the Admission department and that Argosy cared in your education. I now believe it’s the numbers that they care the most about. This weekend I knew what I had to do but when I went to print my history off someone has made so changes. Who ever it was he or she cleaned it up well but not good enough. Someone help me or advise me with what I need to do. I could involve the media but then it will affect students like me and risk the chance of not receiving a well deserved education or just leaving it alone. I am already stereotyped in the SALT LAKE Campus as a person who is "argument" but I know I am just a normal person who believes to stick up for myself and others. I been put on probation before and can't afford to be put on again unless it worth it. Anyone that feels that Argosy has or is taking advantage of them in anyway Let someone no. Speak Up! Own our Education and lets find a diplomatic way to resolve all of our issues in a respect ful way.

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  • Ad
    Adele Wynosky Apr 25, 2015

    Argosy classes are more expensive than University of Phoenix that is first, second their course study is so antiquated that the video I was assigned to watch "I'm so excited about the future in Technology that will change by 2011" - when was the video taken 10 years ago, they were teaching us about floppy disks! I dumped the school and switched over to UOP, however, since I have switched I have received over 10 calls asking why I left, I explained to each call why, the study was antiquated and did not meet my needs for someone going to a BS in Information Technology. Then today I receive an Email asking why I left again, I responded, please see the previous 10 times you called and check your records, unless know one takes notes! Go research before you decide to go to any college, there are grants and loans most of which you will have to pay back, expect the grants, I know I'll be in debt for school for years to come - so what I want an education, and now I'm getting the best at University of Phoenix - on - line... YEAH!

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  • Su
    sunset0869 Jul 04, 2016

    I have been a student at Argosy for 18 month. I should have been graduated this summer. The fraud that Argosy that is related with me is: The undergraduate counselor designs a school schedule and lets you know what classes you need to take. I trusted that the counselor would put be in the classes are related to area of study.
    At first before I began I let Argosy know I was only interested in a bachelor degree in clinical Psychology. Well I took 12 credits in Substance abuse. I thought these 4 classes would go towards my degree. It wasn’t not until April 2011 that I found out these substance abuse classes does not go towards my clinical psychology degree. Wow 12 credit hours that I paid for and now the time. money and stress that is not repalceable. I went though 12 credits of substance abuse thinking that all of these classes would count towards my degree and none of them counted.
    These "optional" classes was not communicated to me what so ever.I put to much trust in the academic counselor and undergraduate director to assure my class schedule was geared too the bachelor degree in psycholgy. I am more than upset I am furious. Last time I complained they put me on probation and still to this day I don't know how someone could be put on probation because I voiced an opinion. I feel that an Argosy has created a bias and passed down to teachers. Since the time of probation the most of the professors ignore me and avoid any communication when I have a Question resulting in decling grades since the point of probation. The professor I just had was not educated to teach this class. He taught as if we all were expereinced in excel or statistical analysis.
    Books that I have paid for the last 3 terms are not available to download. I have been tying to solve this problem for 24 weeks and Argosy is not helping. A response that academic conselor was " I don't know how I can help you other than next term the option would be to buy the text book". No customer service was just proven. $450 dollars spent on books and no one is suggesting a solution. Customer service at walmart is better4 than Argosy customer service.
    Money fraud is another problem that Argosy is doing. I just recently found this out as well. I would love to join a group that may think of suing Argosy. Not for the money but for ethics to prove that what they are doing to students is wrong. I know many others that have this same opinion. SLC Argosy University pretends to care but they have proved they don't care about your education. I know we need to take are own accountability in our own education but how can we when Argosy is not taking their accountability

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  • Su
    sunset0869 Jul 04, 2016

    I know how you feel

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  • Ca
    cappcom1 Jul 04, 2016

    Argosy is a financial rip off. they sent me a stipend back in Sept 2010 then in Dec 2010 told me THEY made a mistake in the financial department and wants me to pay them back. I am seeking legal advice and if need be, I will take Argosy to court over the matter. I should not have to pay for their mistake, and this is a collage? NOT!
    Do your research about the collage you intend to go to before you apply. Peggy

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  • Bu
    butterfly7 Jul 04, 2016

    Stay away from Argosy Online..Online students get ripped off. After u complete three year..classes are designed for u to file..They want you to repeat classes. Do not get direct plus loan for their classes. They will take all your money, They are nice to get you in..After you have used up all your loans..They could care less.
    Onlines students have no one to assist them in matters..I hade a 93 avergage in a class and failed..No one would assist me..Bottom line STAY AWAY FROM ARGOSY UNIVERSITY.
    Run, , Too many extra bogus fees..Billing fraud

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