Arab National Bank [ANB]customer service

M Sep 13, 2018

I completed my contract at work with last working day 29 July 2018. A week after my credit card was discontinued despite me being registered with them as wife of a citizen (there should be greater flexibility within the automated system).
At the time I was out on vacation and the matter could not be rectified. Trying to get hold of ANB, talk to a representative was problematic as the number provided on back of credit card had limited options - eventually had to select "lost card" despite it not being the concern, follow that menu to talk to a person.
Back in Saudi went to the Kashma'alan branch, Riyadh - sat in the "affluent" section with no attention given to me and other customers (the manager had staff in his office at the time) until I went to the "regular" queue requesting to be served there. Was seen by a representative ("affluent section"), who due to not being able to contact a colleague who deals with the credit card (it was 16:30 at the time) would have called me back the next day. The call did not come, I called him with no response.
Went to ANB Al Hassan Ibn Ali Street, Riyadh. Staff's English is very limited. Had to open new Credit Card Account. A week later had not received the card - through my husband contacted the bank who indicated that something was filled in incorrectly and they would rectify it. Since then it took a week (Aramex issue - potentially exacerbated by faulty/ambiguous information provided by the bank) to get the credit card.
Adding a beneficiary to my account today was another challenge. The App has a number #[protected] to be called to activate the new account. Message on the phone is Arabic only and call then terminates. Again through my husband, found the message stated that the call cannot go through. Why provide incorrect numbers?
Now to try and change my daily transfer limits. The App does not have the option.
Please look at the "customer end" of the telephone, App and direct contact service at ANB.

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