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Complaints & Reviews


I am sending money my friend 50 riyal before one day but not arriving my friend account and he send me 50 riYal but not coming my account


anb - car lease finance

For some reason, the bank management keep the second key of every car they are leasing, I have no issue with that, but the thing is after I have accomplished my 5 years payments and finally owned the car they claim that they have lost the key..
I have raised many internal requests and complaints but everything they close the complaint requests without getting back to me..only a sms stating that the request is fulfilled successfully (the truth of the matter is that nothing happened)

anb - car lease finance

payment not received against reference no. [protected]

I am Hafiz Muhammad Shehbaz beneficiary of the reference # [protected]. Transaction was done from ANB on 15-01-2020 with reference number [protected] from the account number [protected]. But still payment not received. In this regard this complaint generated for your positive response as early as possible.

My email address is shahbaz.[protected] for feedback.

payment not received against reference no. [protected]

expired visa credit card since december 2018.

I requested how many times a new credit card but until now they are not sending or contanting. I planned to close the account if they will not renew but i cannot contact/connect to someone who can assist me regarding this matter. Please if help me reagarding this matter i really need the credit card but if im not allowed anymore kindly close my account so that i can apply a new one.. im good payor of credit. Thank you!

credit card online payment rejected

I have been using Platinum Credit Card for online payment. At the beginning, I can use, but after a while, it always rejecting my payment.. I want to know why it is rejected while my credit card is still active and there is still money inside.? And this thing happen to me before but I didn't complaint because the next day I already can use it.. But now even the next day, I couldn't use it. May I know why.?

credit card online payment rejected

ANB — atm using at bank albilad loc. 0623n ha branch enjaz 1. debit trans. without cash withdrawal.

334503 Dear ANB Complaint Office, Yesterday 19.10.19 at 2 PM I was willing to withdraw cash of 5000/- the trans. happened but cash not got, by using ANB ATM Card#.[protected] thru...

i'm complaining about online transfer money to pakistan

Hello.i m Dr farhan from mecca saudia arabia.sir I transfer 1001 dollars online from my Anb account to meezan bank in Islamabad pakistan.but the amount received is 956 dollars.Total amount which is debited is 3812 in which they take 52 riyals transaction fees plus vat.the remaining 3760 equivalent to 1001 dollars .the exchange rate was 3.754.I did this transaction on 19 September 2019.My account no is [protected].The reference no of payment is [protected].

  • Pe
    pedro tito Oct 15, 2019

    How to redeem earned reward points in my Arab National Bank Platinum credit card, there is no such information to your credit card holders. Please advise, my email [email protected] Thanks and regards

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not dispensing cash withdrawal

October 1, 2019, Time 0702 am, ATM #3157 Location: Al Ramaniyah Mall Al Khobar ATM. I made a balance inquiry and the ATM has SAR3715.97, and i made withrawal transaction and the...

receive spare key after complete lease

Daer, I went to bank for receive spare key after complete lease period. But bank staff behave badly and didn't find the spare key. Still I am waiting to get back spare key. 2...

My money that I sent

Why is it that my money did not yet reach in the distaniton and its in Malaysia they are asking me why they did not yet recieve but it says here the no direct in Malaysia it will stop over in US then send too Malaysia but why until not it did not reach in Malaysia and its already 8 days they said it will stay in US just one or two days then it will send in Malaysia but why until now they dis not yet recieve I'm gemma lopez who is complaining plz be fallow coz its for emergency purpose... And the name that I send for is EVENNE WODJIN and the account number is [protected] plz be fallow... Thanks..

telegraphic transfer not posted

Dear ANB Team,

I have already transfer the fees for Enjaz e-wallet account for visa stamping through BDO bank Dated on July 15, 2019. But not yet posted in our Enjaz system… Details... reference no. [protected] amounting $3, 000.00

Unfortunately, BDO Bank said me that the transfer already accepted so please take immediate action to activate transaction to reflect on Enjaz website or provide me supported documents proof that fees for Enjaz pested in our E-wallet account

Your early response will be highly appreciated

telegraphic transfer not posted
telegraphic transfer not posted

  • Da
    Daniel Hindi Aug 01, 2019

    Dears ANB Team, please send me a channel to comunnicate with you, i already have E-wallet but i dont know hoy to send money for payment of fees at

    [email protected]

    Kind regards

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money not received

607238 Money not received Transaction Date : 28/07/2019 Branch Name : Azizia Makkah Txn. Ref. : [protected] Iqama No : [protected] Remitter Name : Saeed ullah Jawar khan Dear...

money stucked in atm

2 days ago i have visited ATM TERM 131A in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. I was depositing 1400 SAR in the machine and once i put the money in the tray it ejected 500 SAR as rejected notes. Out of 500 SAR only 400 SAR i got and 100 SAR stucked inside the machine and after few seconds machine took inside the SAR 100 as well and return my card. So then i checked the balance it shows nothing was deposited. So in total my 1, 000 riyal stucked inside and then i call the helpline and they told me to wait until 48 hours. Now even 48 hours past as well but 1, 000 SAR is not credited into my account.

Best Regards,
Faisal Nasim
Iqama# [protected]

anb account/card frozen

I was submitted my renewed iquamma details to anb al khobar head office
customer service (affluent division) on 11 th july 2019 at 3.45 pm.
The customer service person has collected the document and he told me it will renewed. Today evening i received a sms from anb and says your
account /card has frozen and submit renewed iquamma details to bank for reactivate account. My telephone number is [protected]

enjaz fee refund delayed

قدمت طلب إلى وزارة الخارجية ممثلة في شركة إنجاز على شكل زيارة عائليه وقمت بدفع المصاريف المقررة للطلب بالكريديت كارد الخاص بي بتاريخ 04 مايو 2019 ولكن لوجود خطأ في الطلب قمت...

activate my account or transfer on indian account..

Name - Prabhu kolangi peramal. Anb account number - [protected] Branch - dammam( saudi ) ID NO- [protected] Iban - SA343040010806899 please activate my account or transfer my...

still my transaction pending

Respected Sir, Myself Abdul Raheem Mohammed S/o Abdul Samad Mohammed and my Iqama number are [protected]. I transfer the money to India on [protected] but still up to date my...

visa family

قمت بسداد عدد 2 طلب رسوم تاشيرة زيارة عائلية علي موقع انجاز ولكن لوجود خطا بالطلب لم يتم الموافقة عليه وتم التواصل مع الدعم الفني وافادني بامه سيتم استرجاع مبلع الطلبين علي الفيزا المسدد منها المبلغ خلال 21 يوم وبعد تجاوز المدة المحمددة وحتي الان لم يتم السترداد المبلغ

الاسم / محمد فرغلي احمد
رقم الجوال/ [protected]

account blocked can't debit cash from salary account

I am working with elaeif construction company in Riyadh, my iqama was expired and my salary continuously debited in my ANB account but now when i renewed my iqama and went to back...

pending balance in my account

Good Day!

This Reinel Atienza former employee of Abdulaziz Hospital National Guard Health Affairs. I am seeking for your help about my pending balance in my account that I cannot withdraw. Kindly help me on this matter because its been a month now and as per one of staff that I talk to in the bank said that it will be processed for only one day but still no action on this. Also i'be been trying to call your hotline but no one is answering.

Kindly see attach file for my iqama and atm card.

For your kind assistance and action.


pending balance in my account
pending balance in my account

auto lease transfer - iqama [protected]

Dear Sir,

My Name is Muhammad Azhar Iqama No. [protected] from Al Khobar KSA.

I had submitted my documents on 7th April 2019 TO ANB Bank here in Alkhobar branch to Mr. Hassan Ali for transferring car from one of your customer Mr. Ezaz Mohammed Salim Kasamani his iqama no. is [protected] (Vehicles registration no. U5YPC81A4FL609999) for Car KIA SPORTAGE.

Mr. Hassan told me it will take some time for document approval but after visiting to branch many times sending reminder to Riyadh office for approval.

Now its been more than one month but still no response from Riyadh Office for my documents approval.

Can you please expedite the process and let me know the approval status.

Thank you in advance.

Muhammad Azhar
Mobile: [protected]
Iqama no. [protected]

cash not received

607238 I am ANB Account holder and on 29 April 2019 i withdraw 3 times cash from Albilad ATM 1) 50 Riyal 2) 4000 Riyal 3) 500 Riyal for first and second transaction i received cash but...

fees for enjas visa service

Dear ANB Team,
I have already paid the fees for Enjaz visa applied for FAMILY VISIT VISA through NBE online banking Dated on 7th April 2019. For Enjaz application number E255881866 PASSPORT NO: A09152491
Details... transaction Authorization codes as following below :

801$ - authorization code 289601
25.89$- authorization code 972292
10.5$- authorization code 153359
10.5$- authorization code 133565

Unfortunately, VFS TASHEEL EGYPT and Embassy of Saudi Arabia people me that I didn't pay fees for Visa and the Visa on hold, so please take immediate action to activate transaction to reflect on Ignaz website or provide me supported documents proof that fees for Enjaz VISA have been paid (payment confirmation)

Your early response will be highly appreciated

  • Ha
    hanyhegazy Jul 11, 2019

    عملوا ايه معاك يا صاحبي
    حلوا مشكلتك ولا لسه

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delay in transfer of car ownership

28-04-2019 JEDDAH This is to inform all the readers that, i'm suffering issue with the Arab National Bank is, i purchased one new car on lease and I paid all my dues until...

car lease transfer to another person

I have submitted all the required documents to ANB Car leasing branch in Al-Khobar branch in March 2019. Now my application has completed one month and still no reply from the bank. Every time I visit the branch they said you will receive a call from Riyadh.
I am going on Final Exit. Please help me and advice me how long it will take or where should I call.

What to do in this scenario?

my anb credit card shows no record

Good day!
I was about to use my creadit card to pay my online application but surprisingly it was declined. I checked my credit card online and found out that I cannot locate it anymore in my online banking account. I was confused because the expiration date of my card is 02/21 and my Iqama is still not yet expired. Please enlighten me with this matter.

my anb credit card shows no record

  • Updated by Maryjael · Mar 18, 2019

    Good day! I just notice when I checked my balance via online there is booked balance of my exact amount of money that I have but the available balance is lower than that amount, meaning they deducted my savings account to morethan 200 SAR and I don't understand why. I went to any ATM machine to withdraw any amount but I could not get any money. I went to ANB Jeddah Al Alndalus branch to clarify what was happening, the staff there told me that my ATM card is blocked and she cannot also explained why it is happening where in fact my Iqama ID is not yet expired and my expiration of my ATM card is still 02/20. I tried to call the ANB costumer service but to no avail. Do they return the amount that they deducted in my savings account? Please help me with this matter.

delay in transfer of car ownership.

Hi.. This is to inform all the readers that, i'm suffering like hell with the anb as i've taken car on lease and for which I have already cleared all the installments along with...

clearance delayed

This is a follow up in reference with my previous complaint in SAMA ([protected]) against ANB Head office in Riyadh regarding clearing my case in the court. They (ANB) called me after I filed my first complaint and they said they will clear the case in the court within 10 days. Now, 10 days has passed and the case is still not cleared in the court. My car that they took has already been sold and I already paid the amount they told me to pay and the case in court should be cleared so I can renew my iqama. Please kindly take action (urgent) regarding this matter. It really affects my family because of financial difficulties due to the pending of my iqama renewal.
Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.

My iqama no. : [protected]
Mobile: [protected]

struck my money in deposit machine

Dear sir, tuesday morning [protected]) when I deposited SR.1500/- through anb deposit machine it showed error and got stuck. Please help me. Please

Anb deposit machine address is near telemoney, industrial area 2, riyadh

Please help me to get my money back I would be so thankful to you.

I have called 100 times to anb customer service but no response. Please take an action.

atm machine (money deposit and reversal msg received)

Dear ANB Team I would like to share my very bad experience with ANB . I am really disappointed regarding this ANB service's. Before two days ago around 5 pm i went to ANB ATM...

car lease

I have a car lease from ANB. I want to return the car and they told me to get a valuation from the Sheikh of Exhibitions. I returned with my valuation (SAR45000) and they would...

car loan

607238 Dear sir, I have already paid my car loan payment for december 2018 through samba online banking. Details... Sadad bill payment transaction Internet bill number: 082-[protected]-0...

auto lease department not giving me additional keys and remote since a year

I finished my contract since around a year and going for my additional keys and remote but every time they gave me a new date but yesterday manager said to me we don't have your...

credit card delivery

607238 Hello and good day I am ANB credit card holder since last 5 years. I have my major expenses done via credit card. 2 weeks ago I received some unusual messages for my card...

sms received which looks wrong

.عزيزالعميل ، تم حظر بطاقة الصراف الآلي الخاصة بك. لأنك لم يكن لديك حتى الآن التحديث. إذا كنت تريد عمل بطاقة الصراف الآلي الخاصة بك بشكل صحيح ، فاتصل بهذا الرقم على...

double payment of car loan

Dear Ma'am/Sir,
I am Jojo Basabe with iqama number [protected] and have a car loan from ANB.
I would like to raise a concern regarding my "accidental double payment".
I received my salary (from another bank) last November 1, 2018 and it was Thursday, and that day the payment for my car loan wasn't deducted.
Until came Monday November 5 I didn't received any notification that the bank deducted the amount of 945SAR in payment of my car loan.
Because of the fear of being penalized again of 100SR (happened few months ago due to delay of ONLY 6 days). So I went to a branch of ANB to pay my monthly due to avoid penalty and got a confirmation sms after the payment.

At that night I received an sms for the payment was deducted on November 4 (the sms was November 5) it means i was deducted November 4 and notified thru sms on November 5 in th evening.

Kindly advise how to make my payment thru ANB branch will be transferred for the payment of November 28 (next monthly payment).

  • Sy
    Syedk Jan 07, 2019

    I have already paid my car loan payment for December 2018 through SAMBA ONLINE BANKING.
    SADAD bill payment transaction
    Internet Bill Number: 082-066251562-0 ANB PAYMENTS- 2128452890- ON DECEMBER 30, 2018.
    Car Loan ID: 7915577
    But ANB people are calling me to make payment for December 2018, which already I have made as per above details.
    Even though due amount was 873 Riyals, but I paid 1000 Riyals.
    Even though I have paid on time, still they are telling me to pay 873+100 Riyals as fine.
    Kindly solve this issue as early as possible.
    Waiting for your kind reply.

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statement have no required details

Dear Sir,

I paid my company mobily elife bill using my credit card (Post date:03/07/2018 Value Date: 02/07/2018) but i paid to my personal account.Mobily is ready to refund the payment but they need the statment.So i took my credit card statement.But in statemnet it is not showing to which account i paid or any transaction details.Can you please give the detailed transaction details.

statement have no required details

my account has been suspended or frozen

my account has been suspended or frozen since the 11th October 2018 because the bank needed an update for my Iqama ( ID ) which I already did on 11th September 2018. The bank sent me a message to update my file again on 10th October, so I went there and updated my file. They told me that my account will be activated soon. Until now, my account is not working. I went again to the bank to check and they sent an email to the administration explaining my problem but in vain.

customer service

I completed my contract at work with last working day 29 July 2018. A week after my credit card was discontinued despite me being registered with them as wife of a citizen (there should be greater flexibility within the automated system).
At the time I was out on vacation and the matter could not be rectified. Trying to get hold of ANB, talk to a representative was problematic as the number provided on back of credit card had limited options - eventually had to select "lost card" despite it not being the concern, follow that menu to talk to a person.
Back in Saudi went to the Kashma'alan branch, Riyadh - sat in the "affluent" section with no attention given to me and other customers (the manager had staff in his office at the time) until I went to the "regular" queue requesting to be served there. Was seen by a representative ("affluent section"), who due to not being able to contact a colleague who deals with the credit card (it was 16:30 at the time) would have called me back the next day. The call did not come, I called him with no response.
Went to ANB Al Hassan Ibn Ali Street, Riyadh. Staff's English is very limited. Had to open new Credit Card Account. A week later had not received the card - through my husband contacted the bank who indicated that something was filled in incorrectly and they would rectify it. Since then it took a week (Aramex issue - potentially exacerbated by faulty/ambiguous information provided by the bank) to get the credit card.
Adding a beneficiary to my account today was another challenge. The App has a number #[protected] to be called to activate the new account. Message on the phone is Arabic only and call then terminates. Again through my husband, found the message stated that the call cannot go through. Why provide incorrect numbers?
Now to try and change my daily transfer limits. The App does not have the option.
Please look at the "customer end" of the telephone, App and direct contact service at ANB.

for customer service work

607238 Dear Arab bank Team. I am Binyamin pakistani nationality. I am here branch jeddahbprince al majid branch for clearification about our instalments car. In this branch now in...