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I travel by bus between the sector chennai - hyderabad at least twice a month.
My preference is GARUDA services from Imlibun which departs at 8pm. My journey on 1st may is the most horrific travel I have done in recent times. (SERVICE No new 1326, seat no 31, AP 11Z 3248)

Firstly, I was there at the Volvo passenger waiting area at the Imlibun bus stand at 7.30pm. The place is not well maintained, the AC does not work. It was poor maintenance knowing that the summer has set in.

Secondly, the bus was late by one hr behind the schedule departure and there was no news of the bus. To add to the woes the passenger area was not suitable place to sit and I was running around to find the status of the bus. Thirdly, the most important part of travel THE BUS also known as VOLVO maintained by GARUDA.

A) TV has never worked in Garuda services. (I remember last it worked was 6 months back and then DVD had loose connection)

B) Seats not well maintained, they were torn and shabby looking.

C) AC didn’t work. Last two rows the passengers has hot air blowing on them. Believe me we were sweating in the bus. It was a nightmare to travel in a closed bus, no windows and the AC doesn’t work. Even more horrible was the attitude of the driver Mr Reddy who doesn’t seem to be bothered of the passenger issues.

D) Reading lights didn’t work

E) Arrival Time in Chennai was 10 am against the standard time of 8 am

Sirs, this is not the first time it has happened. Point A,B,C are common, I am writing after so many trips as I have lost hope in APSRTC and yesterday trip was the worst. Please image the plight of the passenger with no entertainment, sitting without AC in closed door and no official to listen.

GARUDA is a flagship travel services which APSRTC provide to its customers. I don’t think you people understand the value and appreciate it. APSRTC thinks once u buy, get the pictures taken from Chief minister or transport minister the job is over. Any piece of metal unless it has been maintained well it cannot be run for long period of time. You have invested in volvo buses each costing 45lacs and unless APSRTC doesn’t invest in maintenance very soon the status will be just a piece of junk and its sad that and don’t even realize the value of it. That’s why Volvo has special packages on maintenance. APSRTC must get in to maintenance contracts to enhance the customer experience and increase the life of the asset. No wonder with poor focus, lack of commitment from employees, huge detoriating of assets, APSRTC is making losses.

I had a terrible experience and I only hope the services get improved and APSRTC makes money and enhance customer delight.

Warm regards,
Abdul Mateen.

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Jan 11, 2020 11:08 am EST

Hi Team,

Please rise complaint against the below details.

No one is responding plz help.

Pileru Depot Details:

Pileru Depot Manager - [protected]

Pileru Depot - AP03TK444

DRV: 036176
CON: 555642

T.No: [protected] - 05/01/2020 - 09:23:02


Jan 05, 2020 3:39 am EST

I'm Vidyadhar, my complaint is Conductor doing favour to some people like offering front seats to known persons which are already occupied by me, am I paying low charge compared to that person what is this partiality, please look into this matter and I attached the ticket having the details.

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Jan 01, 2020 5:09 pm EST

Ap07z0542 in this bus తిరుపతి to Nellore
In naidupeta when the bus çomes in morning news papers send from naidupeta to Gudur parcel With permission letters the conductor and driver says that in this bus not transport in parcel service nenu pathukonu nuvu Vera bus lo pathuko

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Dec 25, 2019 8:44 pm EST

In conductor not put in bus a parcel with papers in this bus Ap 07 z 0542 the conductor says nuvu evariki chappukuntavo vollaki chappuko po Ani chappadam jarigindhi

Oct 20, 2019 12:46 pm EDT

APSRTC Bus Driver was driving very dangerously causing very much risk to other vehicles on road.
The driver almost hit an another car on the raod.

Bus registration no - AP 07 Z 0436.
Location- Mallepally
Time- 11:20 AM

Sep 21, 2019 3:50 pm EDT
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This is to inform you that there are less number of buses from vijayawada to guntur which is ordinary. Even though pedakakani is the stop, express buses are not stopping there. Please clear this issue as soon as possible

Please repair complex roads at Gajapathinagaram. Drivers are facing so difficulty

Feb 12, 2019 7:12 am EST

People are facing issue with bus service. Most of the cases bus services are not available after 8pm from Garladinne to Anantapur
Some times we are cancelling/postpone our journey plans due to this bad service
We are requesting you to please provide services

Nov 12, 2018 3:57 am EST

While travelling I have lost my PAN card. I have started from guntur depo and I left the bus at universal college of engineering, Dokiparru, Medikondur Mandal. I request you to take necessary Action.

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Nov 11, 2018 11:43 am EST

Sir iam traveling bus no Ap07TG2466 BAPATLA TO GUNTUR this bus driver name unknow but very very rash driving, , so many passengers are suffered by that irresponsible driving, and two times missed accident that way please sir immediately take action, , thank u sir

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Nov 11, 2018 2:13 pm EST

We are travelling once in every month by booking reservation from kphb to Mangalagiri. Bad smell and no neatness in the bus.There are lot of cigeret pcs and gutka covers in the bus. Pl take necessary clean to avoid bad smell in the bus. ARK MURTHY PRAGATHINAGAR HYDERABAD

Nov 05, 2018 12:29 am EST
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Its unfortunate to travel in APSRTC. I don't know this will be noticed by RTC or not but I sincerely recommend people not to travel in APSRTC as except time it sucks.
Travel date 05.04.2017 Service: Scania

Nov 04, 2018 11:47 pm EST

Iam reserved on Apsrts markapur to BHEL but driver saying rashly only lingampally last stop.
This person not match for our APSRTC
Service no.9240 driver Chennaiah

Oct 21, 2018 2:30 pm EDT

The APSRTC drivers from gudivada Depo they are not stopping the BUSES we waiting hours for the bus Ap 16 TX 6488 and Ap 16 ta 2277 busses going rashly we tried to stop they going rashly please take some action

Oct 02, 2018 9:47 am EDT

I traveled from Thirupathi to Chennai on 17th 02:00 hrs. The ticket was charged 500 Rs for 2 persons whereas the normal fare is only 350.

who is responsible for this sudden fare revision. Many passengers got down from the bus after knowing about this high fare.

Sep 05, 2018 10:34 pm EDT

Service no 9331 from Visakha to Vza driver P. RAGHAVALU is driving too rash and causing severe inconvenience to passengers with loud shouting on other drivers all along the road in filthy language. No one can sleep the whole night in the bus. Date 18 Nov

Pls take action

Sep 01, 2018 2:24 pm EDT

This non stop bus service is very slowly. And drives used to Mobile in driving bus. On road no traffic but drive slowly. This is express service or not . Eluru to Vijayawada non stop service is very very slowly. I don't know this is express or ordinary bus . Please develop express bus service

Sep 01, 2018 4:27 pm EDT
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Delay at all times.And running with heavy passengers less services to rural areas

Aug 20, 2018 7:44 pm EDT

hello sir this is problem that apsrtc dept. vacant for apprenticeship
but i apply online there was a problem that showing MSG NO VACANT SEATS TO APPLY

Jun 20, 2016 6:59 am EDT
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On the 1st of June I have a made a booking at Apsrtc as a guest at 12:01 am, for which no tickets were booked but the money got debited from my account. Later on the same day, i made one more booking, as I didn't get the tickets for the earlier booking. The money was debited from the HDFC bank credit card. Please find the attachment of the credit card statement that is attached. Statement password is MURA5888.
Please make sure to credit the money in my account.

Mahesh Muramalla.

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Jun 13, 2016 2:32 am EDT

I booked the ticket on 7th june 2016 to go to thirumala but the bus was suddenly canceled, i got this message before 3hours. How the RTC ticket booking staff thinking i don't know.If they send the message befor 3 hours, how can i book another bus in the rush hours?
Please change the system, if you follow like this definitely RTC reputation will go down.
My ticket Number: [protected]

Service code:5575/CNI - TML

UID no:6260

OB Ewd.No:[protected]

Bank Name:EBS

please make by cash back in to my account as early as possible including all charges.
My contact details:M V Raghuveer.

Cell No:[protected]

mail id:[email protected]

Don't take it light, if the money was not came back i will to court...that will sure.

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May 30, 2016 5:10 am EDT

My worst Journey experience with APSRTC CREW with rude bahaviour.
CELL; [protected].

May 30, 2016 5:08 am EDT

My worst journey experience with APSRTC, as every thing I explained in my above complaint.

May 30, 2016 5:05 am EDT

sir, This is the worst journey experience of mine with APSRTC. On 28.05.2016 I reserved seat No.16 through ticket No.[protected] to go to Kadapa in service No.9028 from MGBS, I searched bewteen plaft form Nos 16 to 22 and with some others advice at platforms 63 to 69, I repetedly phone to cell No.[protected] of Mr Babu, Driver that is officially given by RTC officials through message. But the cell has not worked. The bus left without me and after passing charminar bus driver called with personal cell that there is no charging for the official cell and He is calling from personal cell that now only he checked I want to board the bus I have to come to Jagithyala as he has not checket and some one is sitting in seat no.16.I asked he could have called in the busstand itself with personal cell for that very rashly told apsrtc is not paying for them. After catching another bus at 10.30 I boarded my bus at Jagithyala without food and tension, In the bus I asked the conductor he replied redely that He dont know and the present driver checked and without talking much I have to tell only my ticket no. Such worst persons with worst behaviour even private operator also will never left the passenger may be behave differently. I suggest to all my circle don't go with APSRTC and I am sure there may not be any reply also for this.
RAMA SUDHAKAR.N CELL NO. [protected]. mail.Id: [email protected]
Pl. note that no mail ID is not working to give direct complaint which APSRTC providing maid ID in their websights. In andhra some officials and crew purposefully killing the institution.

Mar 12, 2016 12:03 am EST
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Dear sir,
I have travelled in a non stop pallevelugu bus from kavali to nellore.
I have conformed that the bus will stop im nellore RTC bus stand and started travelling, but when the bus reached nellore they stopped me in PSR bus stand and told that it is the last stop. when i asked this about driver he does not gave correct response. Please take action on this.

Sep 04, 2013 7:49 am EDT

10Y/GH CNT buses are only two buses but this bus are coming full late and we facing ful problems please kindly to help them and increases the buses please sir!

Feb 21, 2011 11:37 am EST
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Hello Sir, I am sunitha from Bangalore, I have a complaint against the worker/cleaner/helper/assistant I dont know what you people call him, he is the one who supplies blankets and water bottle, he is a realy scamster. He loots people and demands money for getting the luggauge out of the compartment, he is charging 10Rs. per luggauge is that your rule, please let us know. He doesnt give water bottles nor blankets nor the snacks provided by you to people. Looks like he wants to sell the bottles and chocolates to outsiders. I am surprised at his behaviour, he is a pakka goon. The details of the bus is 9.00PM bus departed from GUNTUR to BANGALORE, Garuda volvo bus. Bus service number 3876

Aug 26, 2010 2:25 am EDT

Respected sir,
my name is linga raju, i want to book a complaint for your service

from vijaynagar colony to secunderabd (bus 139). sir there is no

proper time shedule. in morning your service is good we really

appreciate that, but in evening 6 your bus service really goes down so

many old age seniour citizens, school childrens and office employes

waits for hour and hours for bus to come and they reach home.

we really feel shame to tell you most of the time 4 pm bus will come at

6 pm and this 6 o clock bus wil come at 8:30 and some times they not

even come.

sir some of the drivers are not at all comming to vijaynagar bus stop

they are turning there busses before only.

plz do take some action, as there is no authorised person in vijaynagar

colony to see these drivers.
thank you
citizen of india

Jan 25, 2010 1:00 pm EST
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I completely agree with the above comments!
I currently live in United Kingdom and some times it can be a good comedy to memorise about APSRTC despite it is into Guiness Book Records To my wonder.
What is the use after developing Websites and colourfull buses with lots of investments ?
All the thing we need is just how their customers are being served !
Main problems include:
- Drivers dont mind to stop the bus until passengers embark or disembark the coach- This is deadly dangerous to lives
- Unpunctuality - Leads to irritation and disturbance of schedules,
- Poor behaviour of APSRTC satff with their customers- Makes us to opt for other mode of transportation like - vehilces, autos, taxis, local trains, private buses etc, this can be immense loss to Govt,
- How ever despite of some culprits who travel without tickets and cause other damages to APSRTC the mojority of the people need not suffer,

APSRTC can understand the value of its customers once if there is private competetion there is no other treatment we can give to this services.

Jan 06, 2010 1:08 am EST


I had faced same experience in similar fashion. Once i traveled from NRT to bangalore. The bus is not al l useful for internal trips. but they sent to other state. The bus was break down at nellore. All passengers get down at nellore bus station. We have waited upto 4 AM in the morning. No response was found from any authority. We have consulted to Nellore Depot manager. He told they r going to arrange another bus for us.After 10 min his mobile got switched off.

everybody talking about loses of APSRTC, but nobody look back troubles are creating by APSRTC to passengers. Who will trust, even though its huge organization.Maintainance is worst.

But they spent lakhs of rupees to develop website. It seems they simply given money to radiant info to increase the company profits. I don't know whether they(Radiant info) know, how to develop a good website. Its not at all useful. Everytime it will show server busy. The website not capable of handling 500 requests at a time.

But APSRTC lavishly spending money on technology, but they never use it. If there is no transparency in the way of doing things, NOBODY WILL SAVE APSRTC.


Nov 26, 2008 5:07 am EST


This is regarding to bring to your notice that number of buses running from lingampally to Hi-tech city are very limited and we the office goers are suffering because of heavy crowded buses and some of them are travelling by foot boarding.My sincere request is to please increase the number of buses that too between 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM.During this time the buses are very crowdy.Please take action as soon as possible.
I look forward for an early and favourable response. An immediate action in this case would be highly appreciated.

Nov 18, 2008 1:16 am EST

HOPELESS SERVICE - ROUTE NO. 16 A/K Service from ECIL to Secunderabad / SECUNDERABAD to ECIL - reg.


In spite of repeated reminders over the phone or email I am not getting any favourable response. Our colony is located at Kakatiyanagar four 3 km from ECIL and 9 km from Secunderabad. Everyday we are facing lot of problems as our Bus is not coming proper timings, at a time bunches of busses are going from ECIL TO SECUNDERABAD and in the same way SECUNDERABAD TO ECIL. Sir, Our colony is having one bus i.e. 16 A/K, here we don’t have any bus shelter nor autos also. Most of the Drivers and Conductors are chit chatting at ECIL X roads as they are leisure hours and enjoying all depots such as CONTONMENT / KUSHAIGUDA/ECIL / RANIGUNJ & so on… Of course there is a railway gate is there but your staff are taking advantage and telling lot of excuses…..

2ndly this route 16 A busses are also reduced hence we could not catch that bus also when our colony bus is not coming in time, hence we are walking upto 4 stops from KAKATIYANAGAR EAST – 2 stops, WEST One Stop and the next stop is Neradmet, it means 12 to 15 minutes time waste in the meanwhile we are not getting 16A busses while we are walking those busses are left at that time, even if we come to that place also we have to wait i.e. peak hours there is no bus means from 8.05 am to 8.30 a.m. there is no bus, but one bus is available i.e. 16 RR, Raitubazar to Secunderabad. PLEASE NOTE THAT in Winter they are starting operations very late they suppose to start 5 am but started 5.45 pm hence we could not get 16 A busses also. Kindly supervise the same and also inspect our colony bus service timings as we literally facing lot of problems . I am surprising to note that at a time bunches of busses are running if we were asked conductors that is not our fault, my management / traffic fault… please complaint them…

Finally, your SUGGESTIONS NOS. ARE NOT LIFTING THE PHONE i.e. DVM Cell No [protected] even the rings comes they wont lift the phone and complaint no. [protected] . Never lift those nos….. If I tried one rupee coin no. also they wont respond? Please inspect and enquire about the same.

Sir, our colony is not at all depending 16 A/k bus as most of the passengers are going by walk upot Neradmet… as bunches of busses are going on at a time, and even they wont stop few seconds, even we are running to our street also they wont bothered. Kindly instruct to Depot Managers / Drivers / Conductors how to run COLONY BUSSES TIMINGS and ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF COLONY PASSENGERS… They wont stop 10 seconds also, even we are running our street and asking please stop though they wont wait.

Last but not least…. KINDLY GIVE PROPER TRAINING OF DEPOT MANAGERS / TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS for proper timings and punctuality about the same.

I hope the above is in order and look forward for an early and favourable response.. An immediate action in this would be highly appreciated.

Oct 21, 2008 12:54 am EDT

i want a new bus reservation counter in madhapur area.Because only one reservation counter is available here.It's not working properly

Apr 30, 2008 12:23 am EDT


I am complaining on behalf of my dad who is currently hospitalised because of an accident caused by a reckless bus driver.

My dad and my mom were travelling in an auto to the railway station last week in Vijaywada. There was a U-Turn ahead and suddenly the bus driver took a U-Turn(which people there said it is traffic violation as nobody is supposed to take U-Turn at that spot) and he hit the auto my parents were travelling.
fortunately nothing grave happened and everybody came out with minor injuries. The police were asking my parents if they wanted to file an FIR on the auto driver which is heights...why shud we file an FIr on an innocent person? and they let the bus driver go...

When we came back to hyderabad and got a check-up done, it was discovered that it was joint dislocation. who is at fault here? the auto driver, my parents, or the bus driver.

It is a well known fact that all APSRTC bus drivers are reckless and they are hired only to KILL people. I wonder how many people were killed by APSRTC and how many families left on the road.

I still remember an incident that happened near my house. A bus driver of bus 49 P killed two innocent girls many years ago. to my surprise after a few months... he was again on the road still driving rashly with no change or may be i should say looking for his next prey. and surprisingly he did kill another person which also came in the news... but no action was taken against him...

Apr 12, 2008 8:28 pm EDT

Pls provide a bus between hyderabad to mangalore..

Jan 28, 2008 11:38 pm EST

Bus Route Nos.10, 10F ...10Y, 10/18, 10/22, 45A...45Y, 47F, 47F/90D, 47P and more buses are playing from Ameerpet to Begumpet pertaining to 8 Bus depots (KP, MYP, HCU, MSRD, RNG-1, CNT, RNG-2 and UPL). 2 years ago all ordinary and metro express buses were routed through HUDA Ameerpet and Kanaka Durga Temple. The position was convenient to us. Presently, many buses are not going via HUDA Ameerpet - Kanaka Durga Temple Route and also they are not being stopped in Ameerpet. Drivers are behaving to their will and wish and not caring for the passengers. Passengers are mostly depend on their fate if the signal falls they could get down with great difficulty escaping from the fast traffic. Consideration as passengers are suffering. In the circumstances, I request you to arrange for the earlier route i.e., Mythrivanam (HUDA) - Kanaka Durga Temple. So that more passengers who are to get get down at Ameerpet will be benefited.
Yours faithfully,

Jan 28, 2008 8:44 pm EST

Sir, HCU Bus No. AP28Z 802 and route No. 10H is not going via HUDA Ameerpet Bus Stop and Kanaka Durga Temple Route. This bus is not getting bus stop in DivyaShakthi Bus stop in Ameerpet on 9:45 am dated 29.01.2008. Kindly, take compliant into consideration as passengers are suffering.

Jan 10, 2008 9:57 pm EST

This Rayudu. I am residing in the gangaram nearer to Lingampally. I want to be request a service from Lingampally to Hi-Tech city at the office time. Becasuse of unavailability of the busus we are losing around Rs.1000 per month. Now we are using autos they are charging around Rs20. In this route you are loosing so much income. I hope you will consider my request

Thanking you

Sep 22, 2007 8:16 am EDT

R E M I N D E R - 3

The Regional manager
A.P.S.R.T.C/ Picket
Government of Andhra Pradesh
Jubli hills, Hyderabad

We the office goers senior citizens, daily wage earners and school students brings to yours kind attention that we have been constantly facing the problem to reach to our destinations due to non-availability of ARSRTC bus services on bus route from Tallagadda to Mehdipatnam & lakdi-ka-pool Hyderabad, As the matter of fact is that, the bus services Route no: 6T(MSRD), 5T(HPT), 116T(MP) & 118T(MSRD) has been completely pulled-out from the Tallagadda Terminal to various destination during peak hours.

Further, the bus route no; 143 (Mehdipatnam bus Depot) has been extended From Tallagadda to Sec'bad, & Charminar Terminal which takes about more than three hours to complete one 'to and fro' service. Similarly is the case of Route no 118T, which has been unnecessarily extended upto RamnagarTerminal, doubling the previous route.

Specially, between 2.00 PM to 6.00 PM there were no bus services or very low frequency services available on the above mentioned route numbers, Which is causing a great difficulties to Cope- Up the problems to reach back to our homes in the evening.

In this connection, we have lodged several complaints to the concerned Depot Managers, Divisional Managers and call centers of the APSRTC, but so far no action has been initiated by the department in this regard, This shows the sign of the department willfully pushing the general public to the avail private carriers

We therefore humbly request you to please fix the the Bus Route No 143 SHUTTLE from Tallagadda to Nampally & 118T FROM TALLAGADDA TO Koti only, pass necessary urgent order to the concerned authorities to probe into the matter and remove the obligations & hindrances faced by the general public and oblige.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully

M.M. Khan


The residents of Tallagadda, Karwan, Guddi Malkapur, Sharda nagar & Murad Nagar Hyderabad

Copy to

The Managing Director APSRTC / Musheerabad Hyderabad.

The Regional manager APSRTC/ Picket Jubli hills Hyderabad

The concerned Depot Managers/ MP / MSRD / HPT /

4 The Daily news papers_ Deccan Chronical, TOI, The Ennadu, Siasat & Hindi Milap

Aug 14, 2007 4:26 am EDT

Yes. You are correct Mr. Abdul Mateen.

Our APSRTC buses are worst. I had a terrible experience. I had a journey between bangalore and Vijayawada. Driver forgot to check the water in the radiator when he is starting from Bangalore. In the middle of journey bus got breakdown exactly at 1:20 a.m. Nobody is there to help us.

Just imagine that worst journey. Like this I had many experiences with our great APSRTC buses. From that day itself... I lost trust on our buses. Its better to prefer other buses.

Out Govt., aim is to get the money... they don't care abt the customers. The only confidence of our APSRTC is... at any time... buses will be rush (from Bangalore).

Please make our services better.


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