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[Resolved] / services never received

Apr 27, 2017

It is my opinion that this is the most dishonest, unethical company that I have ever worked with. Answers By required that I sign a 2 year service contract before they would attempt to remotely fix my computer problem My computer had been hacked and I was attempting to have the issue...

[Resolved] Answersby Pc Support / Corrupted operating system for acer aspire v5

Dec 17, 2016

Think twice before using Answersby. They reassured me that they would be able to fix the problem with my Acer laptop & I paid them almost $200.00 for 15 incidents. However, after 4 calls and about 5 hours on the phone, much of it on hold, they weren't able to help me solve the problem. So... / Refusal to refund money

Aug 24, 2015

I had issues with my computer. They couldn't fix it after 5 hours on the phone with 2 different agents. They told me to contact a local person and I did. They screwed up my PC after having me repeatedly plug and unplug cables and continually pressing several F keys. I asked for a refund of... / They failed to repair my computer and refused to return money back

Oct 27, 2014

People, stay away from the company I thought that they would help me with my computer, but these jerks wanted only my money. The rep failed to repair my computer and when I asked to return money then, he told that they never refunded. It was mentioned in their terms and...

Answers by Experts / Money deducted from credit card with no right.

Jun 14, 2014

I contacted the above co to help me get my daughter's TFN that she couldn't find, before giving them any details except for my daughters name they said they will charge me $ 5.00 from the credit card no that they asked from me, and they said that after they will satisfy my... / False claims

Nov 25, 2013

My father has lost his windows logon password and therefore we needed professional help to get the computer unlocked. claimed that their online support would sort this out for us but after we paid $100 to them they did nothing and PC is still under a password. Avoid those... / asked to wait already twice

Ge called me two weeks ago. Their technician told that it is possible to correct all the errors on my PC remotely. I paid them $150 and the problems were not solved. They told that they have no time this week and I have to wait another 5 days. They tell this every week. I am tired.

[Resolved] Answersby Pc Support / I am very disappointed in this company


I called to ANSWERSBY PC Support in order to get help in fixing some computer problems appeared on my MacBook. I aid them $100 a month and they didn’t fix this problem. I am very disappointed in this company. What for I paid them so much money?