Amazing Vouchers Complaints & Reviews

Amazing Vouchers / membership

Oct 18, 2018

Good day, I got a call from someone at Amazing Vouchers around August 2018. The conversation went well and the product sounded convincing. After the call, I went into their reviews which are really bad and decided to call them back and cancel within the stipulated cool off period which is 5...

Amazing Vouchers / monthly subscription v/s holidays

Jan 24, 2018

I am a client with amazing vouchers since 2009, I had a great experience with them until last year when I found out that they no longer have holiday apartments in Durban, I was told when I did my inquiry that before the December holidays they will have another place that we can book for...

Amazing Vouchers / debit orders going off of my account after canceling.

Aug 01, 2017

I applied for a contract with amazing vouchers in November 2016. They told me there is a five day grace period. On the fiveth day, I called to cancel it. The consultant told me its too late however, he said I will have to pay for six months (November up and till May) then my contract will...

Amazing Vouchers / unauthorised debits

Jul 31, 2017

Good day Cancelled this in 2015 (last used the vouchers in 2015) All of a sudden end of 2016 debits started being deducted from my account. Every month these debits are returned. I am sick and tired of them illegally debitting my account. I emailed them, just to hear I must give 6 month...

Amazing Vouchers / Vouchers

Jun 08, 2017

I received a call on the 7th june 2017 from a lady by the name Phumza from Amazing vouchers in Century city(thats what she has told me). She told me they issue R1000 shopping vouchers every month for 12months and if i am interested i will have to pay R99p/m. It was tempting and ofcourse i...

Amazing Vouchers / Debit order

Mar 01, 2017

Please cancel my account with you I hve never used any of your vouchers and I dont need them. My bank account is chargung me for ur debits. My id number is passport number an 572021 my name is lucia mavhura. Iam a foreigner and I hardly use my account and when I do im charged dor ur...

Amazing Vouchers / Unauthorized debits

Oct 12, 2016

Hi, My name is Nokuthula Patience Mkucane from Masiphumelele, Fish Hoek. An amazing voucher agent from their call center, contacted me selling a voucher. I declined their offer, but to my surprise Amazing Voucher company is deducting money from my bank account. On the 25 August 2016 and...

Amazing Vouchers / Cancellation after being misled

Sep 27, 2016

I was helped by a ver unproffesional supervisor by the name of Dimtri Macdonald, he sounded more upset than me refused tp allow me to talk and drop the phone in my ear.Even the the following day when my service was not cancelled and i got throught to him he spoke even louder and dropped the phone again. TERRIBLE COMPANY AND DISGUSTING EMPLOYEE!!!

Amazing Vouchers / Cancellation of membership

Sep 27, 2016

I have joint on 19 Sept 2016 and was promised so alot, as they ar enot friendly staff at all, as i want to cancel the membership, as its only a week, and now they telling me to pay R99x4 to cancel the membership. This is a rip off. I have not even used any of their vouchers. Please cancel my registration. Id [protected]

Amazing Vouchers Vacations / I am complaining about amazing vouchers and vacations

Jun 27, 2016

For the past 12 months I have been trying to cancel my membership with Amazing vouchers, however it is still deducting money. I have called several times, sent countless emails, but no one ever really assists me with the only request I have, which is to cancel. I joined them in 2013, and...

Amaizing Vouchers / Services and product

Nov 16, 2015

Good day This is Mrs M Neels, I would like to cancel my membership with immediate effect. I was contacted last week Fryday 13/11/2015 and joined of which I still haven't received my membership details. I went on the website and review only to find bad complaint and unhappy client...

Amazing Vouchers / False marketing and not allowing you to cancel

Feb 03, 2015

Dear Sir or Madam I would like to ask for your advice, I received a phone call from an Amazing Vouchers' agent, A lady that advertised the company she was acting friendly because she even told me that she is staying from the same township that i'm staying at. After telling me of their...

Amazing Vouchers / Cancellation fee

Jun 05, 2014

I agreed to the amazing vouchers subscription. I was told it is a month to month subscription & i could cancel at any time. I actually did request cancellation the very next day & your retentions agents called me back & assured me a number of times that i would have no problem cancelling ...

Amazing Vouchers / Unauthorized debit orders

Mar 26, 2013

I have joined Amazing vouchers in 2009 but after one month realized that for the money they are charging nothing of value was offered to the client. Now in 2013 they are still debiting my banking account with different amounts so it makes it very difficult to load a stop payment at my...

Amazing Vouchers / Refusing to Cancel


A lady phoned me up very early one morning selling the Amazing Voucher deal, making everything sound really Amazing. I agreed to it, but thought about it later and realised I cannot afford it. I sent a fax to cancel 2 days later. Conveniently, they never received it. I cannot find my copy...

Amazing vouchers cape town / theft


This company is stealing money out of my account and rewarding you with nothing they have been taking money out of my account for the past nine months and no person will give away R250 every month for nothing. They better give all my money back or they will receive a letter from my lawyer

Amaizing Vouchers / CANCELLING FEE


Amaizing VouchersHi amaizing vouchers sweet talked me to took acontract with them and i redeemed my vouchers only to te told at the shop that they dont have any contract with the shop. Now i am trying to cancell but they say i must pay R2340 of which is crazy to give away R195 monthly. now they have...

Amazing Vouchers / Cancelling


I went on to amazing vouchers thinking it is such a great thing to have, but I suppose we all get fooled one way or another through some sales person!! I have phoned them about 20 times to cancel my account and all I get is I have to phone in a few months as I am on a 6month basis!!! Now I...

Amazing Vouchers / Bad Services


I joined Amazing vouchers in 2010, to which they sounded very promising on the bargains at hand. Upon joining no one told me that there were a 3 month cancelation policy. Also was told that they would post me a membership card to use for the redeem of vouchers. I never received a card and...

Amazing voucher / need to cancel


i took amazing voucher for the past year, i do not benefit anything from it what they offer on line is totally different from what you get. ive been trying to cancel with no success, they keep on deducting my money, i do not need the services any more after all i never to utelise them . maybe i should take this up

Amazing Vouchers / cancellation of contract


I was called a couple of months ago about this amazing vouchers - it all happened so fast - i asked the person to contact my husband and he said no, the sales person then called me again and she put so much pressure on me and because of my overload at work and i wanted to get this person...

Amazing Vouchers / Cancellation


I really think that Amazing Vouchers actually "sells" a false product. They promise you the world on signing up and when you actually look at what they have to offer, it is pathetic. I honestly think that no company should be able toe trade like this. They have nothing on their website for...

Amazing Vouchers / Debit order for 3months even after cancellation


I was convinced to take a contract with amazing vouchers very well done.I then Endeavored on cancelling the verbal contract without looking at the website and what they have to offer when speaking to the consultant she convinced me to first try it out. which i did and was not convinced a...

Amazing Vouchers / They do not want to cancell my contract


Carla Romero from Amazing Vouchers phoned me on 03-12-r2010 I have received the card on 16-12-2010. Phoned on 16-12-2010 on [protected] to cancell card. Carla Romero is never available Spoke to 4 people they do not want to cancell the contract for the next 3 months. I have not use this card...

Amazing Vouchers / You will regret accepting a contract


When you get contacted, you will be told that the vouchers you can print are free and to the value of R3000 and you can leave your wallet at home. this is not true, the few times i logged on, majority of the vouchers were only a % off the full amount, meaning you still pay for the...

Amazing Vouchers / What this company did is illegal


I joined amazing vouchers in Febl this year. I was told that I will only be cancel the memebership after 3 months by their call centre agent and that was one of their conditions. Their membership was not working for me as I was paying for something that I was not utilising at all for 5...

Amazing Vouchers / I had never come across such nonsensical situation


I havent received my money when i called this morning i was told that i can only get it month end these people are playing games they dont even have a decency to call and let me know that they are experiencing problems it is easy to debit my account but when u are supposed to refund u keep...

Amazing Vouchers / Invalid Suppliers


I joined Amazing vouchers and had used thier vouchers for the trial period and then when I tried to print and use vouchers again I found that one cannot print the same service again the following month, therefore I emailed them and phoned them to cancel my subsription however this was not...

Amazing Vouchers / Fraud


I found out that one of these agents contacted my wife & sold her a package explaining that these vouchers will allow you to on boat rides, visit the aquarium & eat out on fully paid vouchers. After my wife told me, I went to the site to see what vouchers are available, once I saw what a...

Amazing Vouchers / Cancellation of 12 month contract


I signed on with amazing vouchers in March this year. The telephone salesman who dealt with me, explained that it was a 12 month contract but that if I did want to cancel, I would have to give three months notice. After 3 months and not once having used the product, I decided to cancel. I...

Amazing Vouchers / cancellation of contact


i, jacqueline maleka would like to stop my contract with you since im no longer interested, ive tried contacting your company telephonically but with no vail i couldn't get any assistant to help me, i'm a contract worker and have just received a confirmation of the expiring of my...



After the first time they called, i informed them that we were not interested. I also informed the agents that i previously had this service, but never worked and i cancelled. From then on i would get like 20 calls a day from these people. This morning they called me 5 TIMES IN A...

Amazing Vouchers / Cancellation of Membership

Amazing Vouchers sh0uld familiarize themselves with the legislation in SA, in particular the C0nsumer Protection Act. They fail to disclose that one enters into a 12 month fixed term contract, which is the way they TRY and keep you to a contract which you don't want to be in. There...

Amazing Vouchers / DAYLIGHT Robery


I have never been so angry and violated in my life!!! Where do you guys come off stating that you actually provide a service, if what you actuaaly do is STEALING from the public!!! I canceled my membership in October 2009. I followed the correct procedures by calling and putting my...

Amazing Vouchers / Do not want 2 cancell


Good day.I am so sorry 4 doing this but i have called 2 or three times amazing vouchers 2 cancel this contract.My reasons being that my husband is not working at the moment and i told them that i won`t be able 2 afford it any more.I have revered friends also 2 be on this and it was not a...

Amazing Vouchers / Termination of 12month contract


I have a contract with Amazing vouchers and before they could begin deducting the monthly subscription i had called in to tell them that i want to cancel everything. One of the consultants told me to send an email telling him that he will draft a letter. i sent the email and he dod not...

Amazing Vouchers / need to cancel my contract


i want to cancel my contract with them, i don't even use the vouchers they are offering but they keep on deducting money from my account. it's a hassle to cancel it but when they called me it was no hassle.

Amazing Vouchers SA / I need to cancel


I need to cancel my subscription with amazing vouchers, I do not even use this product, but they deduct almost r600.00 from my bank account latley. Please i'm a single mother and can't afford to loose this money on something I do not use. I was so excited when one of the call centre...

Amazing Vouchers / STEALING



Amazing Vouchers / cancellation


my husband cancelled but i see u still deducted so iwant my money back and idid not use any of my vouchers