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BidCactus Complaints & Reviews

Bidcactus / Stole my money

Gino on Dec 8, 2016
I have ordered something from BidCactus website and they never deliver my order and stole my money. I was in contact with them for a long time but there was nothing I could do. They said I'll get my money back but were not sure how long will it take. They gave me nothing but empty promise...

Bidcactus / Products not received

lorine haile on Feb 13, 2014
I purchased bids to win items at this auction.Have not received any items nor have I received the refund in which this company stated they would after I complained and demanded a refund through Paypal. This was during the 45 day time period in which paypal will give you a refund..After...

Bidcactus.com / Online SCAMS

JingJo on Jan 8, 2014
On 12/2/2013 21:19 PST I filed the claimed disputed the transaction via "PayPal Resolution Center" after I had been very frustrated with BidCactus. I would like to get the full refund for all the purchase I had made at your website, as on their site indicated that "Satisfaction Guarantee"...

Bidcactus / No merchandise

katrina ellington on Apr 3, 2013
ive won my auction 3-6-13 2 gift cards and 2 necklaces its now 4-2-13 and I have not received anything ive called the company 3 times, and they keep saying its on the way. omg how long does it take. I could have gotten into my car and pick it up wherever their at. its not fair they didn't take a month to take my money.

Bidcactus / Scam

gogogirl1973 on Mar 22, 2013
I just went on bidcactus and it automatically charged my credit card $79. I've been had:-( .now I'm broke...DONT TRY IT!!!.long story short- it was a scam and the money they charged my card was gone in less than an hour.

Bidcactus / ripped off

sbgeorgio on Jun 27, 2012
It started by I answered an ad on Criagslist for a Apple 4gs cell phone. My wife also answered the ad and got the same message. I received an email saying: Hi, Someone just bought this from me, but I can tell you where I got it from.I just purchased 3 of these from pennyrights.com and I...

Bidcactus / Scammers

laserman321 on Jun 4, 2011
hi i used quibids and i got totally ripped off i bid then when there is 1 sec on the countdown clock i get outbid by 7 cents by the same user who won other items i think they use auto bidding bots i would like to be included in the class action agains bid cactus and quibids

Bidcactus / Bad and has good reviews on www.Pennyauctionwatch.com

So i signed up as others on here and bought a bid pack for $37.50 and started on my bidding. So after about 45 minutes i had lost the bids on this pennyauction site. I am not sure if I was doing it wrong but I liked it. So I bought another bid cactus bundle and this time a 100 bids. Well...

Bid Cactus / Auction bid website

I was excited to try this auction site however, after spending $37.50 I only had 50 chances to play, that is if someone did not out bid me. Once that would happen the clock added 10 more seconds for someone else to out bid me or another. When someone would win, do they realize that it i...

Bidcactus / Legitimacy/False advertising

Thank my gut instinct I only spent the minimum $22.50 for my first and last experience with the site. This site is completely false advertising, online gambling they should call it, NOT AN AUCTION. At .75 cents per bid add that up on a $100 gift card won for $10 say, good deal right. They...

Bidcactus / Phoney auction site

It only took me $20.00 to learn that this site, and many others like it, are not really an auction site. What I saw was my bids being outbid every time I bid. But once I stopped, everything would stop. I also found the same names bidding on everything available. I started thinking "why...

Bidcactus.com / BAD business practice/Misleading auction site/Scam

The website is a scam. The auction time will increase indefinitely until everyone stops bidding; however, they have people that will keep bidding on it to ensure that 1 legitimate person who is genuinely interested in the auction until they've spent hundreds of dollars on the product...

Bidcactus / Penny Auction / Scam

Stay away Joe!! This auction site is a total scam. The same names magically win everything, even when you are right there on the bid button. Somehow, there are players who have enough bid points to bid continually for over 3 hours without stopping. Always staying on top. The bids reach...

Bidcactus / Auction site is a con!!

I was excited to try this auction site. However, after spending $75 (it cost 75 cents for each bid!) and a whole day (from 10 a.m. to 6pm), I didn't even win one bid! Please DO NOT waste your time and money. This is an auction site for people who have the extra dough to throw away. If...

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