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S Sep 30, 2019

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This is a copy of my complaint of 25th September 2019. Can you please let me know by return e-mail that you have received such a complaint.

On the 19th May 2019 our friends Mr and Mrs Urquhart, my wife and I had booked to stay at the Now Larimer on 1st September for 14 nights in the Preferred Master Suite Ocean View. We were really looking forward to returning to the Now Larimer as we had previously stayed there 5 years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it.

On the 11 July 2019 we received an e-mail from our Travel Agent informing us of renovation work at the Now Larimer but it would not have any impact on our stay. My wife had some concerns and wrote to Now Larimer and received a reply from the Preferred Club Manager:
From: Gte Preferred 
Date: 16 July 2019 at 17:38:51 BST
To: "[protected]" 
Cc: Chief Concierge Now Larimar 
Subject: Re: Updating rooms and restaurants 
Good Afternoon Mrs. and Mrs. Barclay,  
Greetings from Now® Larimar Punta Cana and specially fom our Preferred Club Team. Regarding the renovation, we will be investing to boost the customer experience. This will include remodeling 145 rooms along with the addition of an all new private pool. The project will take place starting today till November the 8th, 2019. 
Please note, this remodel will be contained and isolated within the resort, therefore not impacting or inconveniencing guests on the property.
Enhancements of two à la carte restaurants at Now® Larimar Punta Cana are for Mercure French cuisine and Spice Asian Cuisine. This project will take place starting August 17 - November 8, 2019. But both menus will be served in the other a la carte restaurants.
Please for further information, do not hesitate in contacting us,  
Best Regards,  
Darling Toro
Preferred Club Manager

We were all reassured and looking forward to our forthcoming holiday.

Our friends had been looking by chance on line at Trip Advisor where they learned that the Now Larimer was to close on the 28th August 2019. We contacted our Travel Agent who had only received details of this the same day on 11th July 2019. We were told that we would be transferred to either Now Onyx, Secrets or Breathless. Eventually after a lot of correspondence we were told it would be Secrets. Again for re-assurance my wife contacted Secrets and received the following reply:
From: gte concierge Serpc 
Date: 29 August 2019 at 00:10:40 BST
To: Sheila Barclay 
Subject: RE: Concerns 
Dear Sheila,  
Thank you so much for having contacted us. We hope this mail finds you very well.
Concerning your question, there are some enhancements taking place in our Hotel. These enhancements will bring an even better product offering to our customers to further elevate your experience. Please note, this work will be contained and isolated within the resort, in order to cause the less impacting or inconveniencing guests on the property as possible.
Unfortunately the Preferred Club will not be available for a short period but we are not able to confirm when it is going to be done completely as it will be available by stages. However, Preferred Club guests will have the possibility to enjoy all the facilities and services included in their Holiday package, since the exclusive services have been temporarily relocated.
Please do not hesitate on contacting us for any other comment or question. It will be a pleasure to assist you.
Sunny regards,  
Raquel Torres
Concierge Assistant

We were not at all happy as we had booked the Preferred Club and clearly this was not going to be available. It was not until the evening of Friday 30th August 2019 it was confirmed that we would be transferred to the Now Onyx and we were travelling the very next day.

We had only been there 2 years previously and although happy with the hotel we would have preferred to have been given plenty of warning enabling us to book another Now Hotel somewhere else. These works must have been planned well in advance and the Management must have been fully aware of the impact it was going to have months in advance. We enjoy staying at the Now Hotels and have done so for many years, so much so we are looking to booking again next year possibly at the Now Larimer or one of your new Now Hotels in Mexico. I feel that some compensation should be given to us all for the great inconvenience and unnecessary stress of being transferred to another Hotel which was clearly out of our control! At the end of the day we did not get the holiday we chose months in advance which we were really looking forward to.

Yours sincerely
Alexander (Sandy) Barclay

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