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M Jul 09, 2019

My Wife and I went to Secrets Cap cana on our honey moon last year. WE loved it, even though the water was slightly disappointing the staff wnet over and beyond to make us happy and that was appreciated.
This past weekend July 4th to July 8th we went to Breathless in what we thought was Cancun but found out is in fact pretty far away.
The advertisements that we see online and in brochures show an amazing beach and beautiful waters behind the property, but in reality the water is worse than a stagnate swamp that also has a bad odor. The beach has red flags and we could not swim. WE traveled from NJ to Cancun for the beach and waters, not the pool. WE had to spend 2 of our 4 day trip traveling to Isla of Mujerea to find the beaches we expected. 100 per day for cab, x 2, ferry cost x2, time lost traveling. prior to us finding a better location, We asked if we could spend the day at your other property Zoetry because we would consider staying there on our next upcoming trip last week Aug to the first week of Sept and were told we would have to buy a pass for both my Wife and myself in addition to spending the time traveling over an hour each way and take a ferry both ways for 2 days. Your partner resort owned by same compnay charging us to see the property and use for a day? really?
We were also told that all the hotels in the Caribbean are effected by the sea weed problems. This is simply not the truth. We enjoyed perfect beaches with crystal clean water at the North end of Isla Mujerea that somewhat salvaged this trip.
We are hopeful that AM resorts will do the right thing to rectify this situation. As a suggestion, WE would be happy to stay at Zoetry for 7 days all inlcusive minus air. as a possible suggestion. We feel that there was false advertising and we were not treated the best we could have been and that is not the way to treat customers.
Additional complaints - Our room service was not what we expected. Our mini bar was not filled as required, when we called front desk, we were told it only gets filled once per day and we would have to pay for any alcohol or special requests. How is that All Inclusive?? basic things like refilling the toilet paper and Coffee were not replaced, we actually ran out 2 days in a row. On day of check out, I went down to check out and went back to the room to get my wife who was just finishing up getting ready to leave, the power was shut down as my wife was blow drying her hair. This horrible Trip, Our 1 year anniversary back to an AM resort owned property is now on the top of our worst of all time vacations accept for us spending additional money and time to make the best of it in a different location.
Please do something for us as I am Copying and pasting this email to my attorney if something is not done to rectify this situation.

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