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safety issue

you guys need to make seats for kids on the lumber carts because my dad was told by an employee to not [ut my 4 year old sister on the lumber cart well were is he supposed to put...

Advertising and not getting any product and getting continual phone calls


After signing up for a ligitamated advertising book The Child Saftey Handbook ( Queensland Police Legacy Scheme), we recieved numerous calls from the emergency Saftey handbook and the Underprivileged Childrens Guide of which asked numerous questions over the phone and then send a bill for you to advertise with them. After being stung twice around $450.00 each book believing that these were related to the original book Child Safety Handbook (Queensland Police Legacy Scheme). They rang and harrast us for payments on these books. We get continual harrasment calls every day about a new book and faxes sent weekly to pay the bills. DO NOT advertise, pay any bills or faxes or give the approval over the phone with any of the above books as it is a legal scam. They do send you a book with your add in it. They can not produce distibution areas or numbers of distrubutions. Your book is it. The other adds of which we contacted in our books have not advertised with these people for years and have had the same continual harrassment. THESE SCAMMERS pray on busy small business people. THESE SCAMMERS NEED TO BE STOPPED. I am seekiing advise from My Federal Member.

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    TickedOffIndeed Apr 18, 2012

    This scam is still operating in 2012 - I have just received a call from "Autumn Jones" who claimed I had ordered the Child Safety Handbook in January and it would soon be here. When I told her I hadn't she immediately hung up. Be warned the scam season is upon us.

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  • Si
    Simon0270 Apr 23, 2015

    Yes we even checked with the local school that we apparently sponsored and they have never even received any of the books
    Also watch out for somebody called Tina from Reader Publishing who are some how receiving every bodies details and sending out fake bills. We have phoned the Queensland police Legacy scheme regarding this and were told that this company had been doing this for years but they were not interested in trying to fix it.
    we did this in 2013 and received a bill from her as well as the real scheme then herd nothing the following year when we did not do it then this year we did it again and received another bill from her as well as the genuine one it seems to me that there is a bit of an information leek going on

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