American Medical Association [AMA]botox injections for spasmodic dysphonia

I have been receiving these injections for about 11 years and just found out they are charging for any discarded Botox to the last or only patient of the day. I receive 7-8 units each time and on 3/12/19 they also charged me for the 92 unused units as I was the only patient that day. Another time they charged me for the discarded Botox because I was the last patient that day. In addition, I found out they pay from $400-$600 for a 100 unit vile of Botox yet charge $36.85 per unit to the patient. They charged me for all 100 units to a tune of $3399 as the base charge . I filed an appeal and did research and sent all that to customer service and Beverly Brown, the customer service manager, assured me it would not be turned over to collections during appeal and they turned it over anyway. I have all my letter and phone call records showing that I, in good faith, was trying diligently to get it resolved. They rarely returned my calls but when I did connect was told it had been sent to a higher review board and they had no answer. Main complaint, although I have requested it, they have yet to send me documentation that they informed me in advance I would be charged for the unused Botox. By not informing me that took away my decision making on whether the benefit of the shot outweighed the exorbitant cost. Customer service has not been helpful or even cooperative in this matter.
Please research this complaint.
Thank you.
Mary K Vander Veen
2804 Mohawk Drive
Jefferson City, MO. 65101

Sep 30, 2019

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