American Medical Association [AMA]patient care

N Aug 03, 2018

someone has been receiving medical treatment for chronic pain at a Pain center. The physician dismissed you due "lack of confidence with staff" and "violations of contract agreement ". States due to your medical conditions and need for follow up treatment you should immediately seek care of another physician States you will be under his care until 8/25/18 for emergency services only. Doesn't answer phone after hours. You received phone call on 7/25/18. Refuses to give you a RX of your medication until new physician can be found. States medication you were on is not life threatening. Nurse states you can from your family Dr (who does not provide pain management and is working on new referral ). Everyone in the real world knows "immediate" doesn't happen. The patient can be without medication for weeks. Is this ethical? Especially if Pt has been on daily pain meds for 5+ years and is at risk for withdrawal and will be in pain until new physician is found. The Pt has fibromyalgia. Inoperable back pain and joint pain

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