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American Laser Centersunprofessional, dangerous, painful and no refund!

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  • Ex
    exqzmee Apr 10, 2009

    Well thank god I googled this before I called them with my credit card number to hold my "special offer". The lady at the office I went to was extremely friendly but I am wary of everything and she was way too pushy for me. I dont like feeling like I have to buy something. I am supposed to call when I get off work and give them my credit card number but that wont be happening. Thanks for all your posts and informing us what they are all about. I hope you all get some of your money back.

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  • Dp
    dproxy Apr 10, 2009

    ok here is the deal

    1. Since this is a long term treatment
    6+ treatments 2 to 8 week intervals you are bound to come across quite a few techs some maybe in training.

    2. AL JUST RECENTLY upgraded their "machines and software" so you may see better for everyone that signed before

    3. THEY NEVER GUARANTEE HAIR PERMANENT HAIR REDUCTION. After the "2 year warranty" they can just shot you out even if you hair reduction is 0 percent

    4. If you really push it, argue, file a small claims court, get a lawyer you might get your money back thats IF you have a case. Remember they have lawyers too on retainer.

    5. If you missed ANY appointment or even rescheduled the warranty is void and you have no case!

    My questions is this is there ANYONE that has any other laser hair removal company that can do a great job ? and actually show results much quicker?

    AL will be a great company down the road when they perfect their methods for now I say shop around.

    my story? 2 years later only a slight reduction and now I am told I need to pay for more additional sessions. and unless I get a good lawyer or get on a class action its not worth it.

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  • Am
    Amanda Apr 08, 2009

    Buyer Be Ware!!! On 02/2008 I purchased a package from them hoping to get rid of my acne scars...they do not know what they are doing. The young girl who worked on the three times burned my face and left triangle shaped welts on my face and neck. The manager agreed that the setting they were using for me was incorrect. The location near me is very unprofessional. Their staff is always calling out and quiting so your appointments are cancelled and rescheduled.

    Denton, Texas

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  • Ph
    Phil Apr 06, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Normally a person should read a contract before signing.I have been going to a laser center and have had very good results on my legs.I just had my last treatment on my thighs and don't see any hair growth at all and my legs had grey hair on them.I find the people have treated me very well.they do know what they are doing and do have their certificate hung on the wall. People should not expect results after one or two treatments.if you didn't want them to do the treatments go back to shaving or use a nair product.I very much enjoyed my treatment and my legs look pretty darn good.And I am a male.

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  • Un
    unhappy person Apr 02, 2009

    I bought American laser hair removal package for lower half of my body (including buttocks, full legs and genital part), the cost was $5000, at that time she said it’s a guarantee of removing all hair, most expensive was the genital part, i have done my four treatment, and i have no result for my genital part, not at all, i called them and said i need refund as i got this package, but they are saying we don’t give refunds, please help me what should i do in this case, i have already paid almost $4000, and it’s a package of 6 treatment +2 years.


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  • An
    another one Mar 31, 2009

    WOW, I wish I had read this board before signing. I got suckered into a package deal which I thought was too good to be true and off course it is. I called the very next day, less than 14 hours after signing to cancel and I was told it's too late, corporate is already processing your paperwork. You will need to contact them for a refund. I immediately called Chase health finance to let them know what was going since I read about ALS refund policy and how difficult/impossible it is to get a full refund. I called Chase five times and nothing had been processed so I thought she did the right thing and canceled my contract.
    Well, 6 weeks later guess what I just got, a bill from chase for services. Off course I'm filling a dispute with Chase and have sent a letter/email to ALS to refund...I know I won't get a response but none the less, I sent it.
    SO, how can I get involved in the Class action lawsuit?


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  • An
    Ana Mar 31, 2009

    Wow! I'm surprised at some of the comments that this hasn't worked for a lot of people. I only did 3 treatments and the hair never came back, after 2 years. And I still have 3 treatments left. Maybe it's because I have very coarse black hair and light skin. But it can work, FYI. I do agree with their pushy sales tactics though. They opened up a CareCredit line for me right away and then they tried convincing me to get hair removal in other places. Ugh they are so evil. And then they tried selling me their stupid creams. Luckily I'm not the type to give in easily, or else they would have gotten tons of money out of me. And in the two years I have been going I've seen tons of employees come and go. Now what does that say about their company?! I'm debating whether I should get more treatments with them. Although the laser removal works for me I can't stand giving my money to pushy sales people. Ugh! And I also noticed their treatments aren't done by doctors, just by trained people with some phony certificates hanging on the wall ha ha. Kind of scary when you think about it.

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  • Ka
    Kara H Mar 27, 2009

    Wow - I didn't read all 19 pages of comments but it's nice to know that I am not alone... my friend and I have the same issues. Alexis, I emailed you, please let me know what we need to do to join in the class action suit.

    [email protected]

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  • Sr
    Sree Mar 25, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am one more victim of ALC. I paid $6, 400 in Mar-07 for full-face, under-arms and bikini. After almost 10 painful treatments of each area I do not see any result. When I asked them about this they said I should use all the 2 years after the 6th treatment and if I still don’t see any result I should buy more treatments. Instead I developed a dark pigmentation around my lips.
    They keep changing their protocols every year and the current one is that they don’t do double pass and they treat face every 4-6 weeks and rest of the body 8-10weeks. Now when I want to schedule an appointment accordingly they can’t accommodate me as they are understaffed and gives me an appointment for face after 10 weeks. When I tell the Manager that she is not really being accommodating, she says that they are booked for 2 months and I’ll have to just go with what they have. I am so frustrated that I feel like going to their office and tell all the customers about their SCAM personally and ask them not to get cheated like me!
    I signed up for this treatment in Whiteplains, NY location and since we moved from there I am now going to the West Hartford, CT location since Jan-09. The manager at West Hartford location is very rude and would never let me talk to her boss, neither does she let me come and meet her personally.
    Now that I know there are so many people like me, I’d like to join the CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. I would like to do anything in my reach to get justice to this kind of unprofessional and unethical practices. Please let me know how I can join this Lawsuit. I can be reached at [email protected] .

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  • Hello Everyone,
    I used to work at ALC for 4 years, and let me tell you, this company is a SCAM. Worst company you could ever spend money with. They are sales driven company and will do ANYTHING it takes to make a sale, (this includes, lies, deciet, and false information) just to get you to pay! They do NOT have a refund policy! (they didnt for 5 years with Rich Morgan being the founder, and then Gary Graves took over and said YES we do give refunds, but then he resigned and guess what? Rich Morgan is back, and NO REFUND POLICY is back as well!! Please be very careful. There hair removal machine is not the newest or most efficent machine out there, ask syneron (the makers of the machine, its the lowest model they have!!!) no one has EVER seen 100% hair removal. There Velashape machine, IS BOGUS! as well as fotofacials skin tightning!! Please do not invest with this company. For those of you who are seeking a refund, take the legal route...because ALC will not give you one

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  • Mo
    monkeygirl62084 Mar 25, 2009

    Is it to late to join the lawsuit??? It's been a little over a year for me and I'm going on my 7th treatment. The only thing I've noticed is that it takes longer for the hair to grow... The results aren't good and I am very fair skined and have almost black hair! I was told I'm the perfect person to have this done and there wouldn't be a problem!!! Guess they're wrong! Oh, I have seizures and during the paperwork signing I told them I had seizure but they were controled and she said that was fine. Then, when I went for treatment 4 I was told they couldn't work on me anymore untill I got a doctors note! I thought that was wierd since it was my 4th treatment... When I asked my doctor for the note, he asked me why would I need one for laser treatment that wasn't near my head and since I've been getting it done for awhile now... Made no since to him or me. He gave me a note to give to them and they started working on me again but, I would NOT get anything else done by this company! After reading the terrible story's, I'm just glad mine hasn't turned out that bad! We'll see. I moved to GA and now have to travel about 2hrs away to the nearest clinic... If I don't see results by the next treatment I'm going to ask for my money back and hopefully I wont have to join in on the lawsuit. If I do atleast I'll be in good company!

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  • Ch
    Cheryl in Idaho Mar 23, 2009

    Why I joined the American Laser: Reduce the size of my pores, a few age spots, lines and wrinkles on my face. It is a year later & guess what. I have the same large pores, age spots and lines & wrinkles.
    What I payed for was a waste of my time...that's it. If I wanted to waste time I would and I would'nt have to pay. I am soooo upset!!!
    Please tell me how a business can be in business and stay in business. Twice I complained and twice I was told someone would call me back, and guess call back. This was very expensive. I changed my mind in the beginning when I signed up and she told me sorry you signed the contract. So I signed the contract and was robbed.
    I want to let everyone to know not to sign up with this company.
    Thanks for listening to me.
    Cheryl in Idaho

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  • Av
    a victim lady Mar 17, 2009

    American Laser centers in Scarsdale is very unprofessional, unexperienced and not reliable. and they make
    my skin worse after treaments it was terrible ! and cost alot of money . don't go there . it is a awful place

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  • Bu
    BurnedInCT Mar 16, 2009

    My wife worked for these crooks in one of the Connecticut Offices. Because I could have the laser hair removal done for free, I figured I'd have my back done. What should have cost in the ball park of 10k, was free. I had around four or five excruciatingly painful treatments done with what was considered to be their most powerful laser. After each treatment my back was covered in burns, but I figured no pain, no gain. During one of the treatments my wife got a little too close to a tattoo that I have on my upper shoulder. The laser zapped the color right out of the tattoo and left a permanent raised scar.

    After dealing with unprofessional managers who wouldn't blink an eye before throwing their employees under the bus, and constant complaints from the clients about how rudely they were treated on previous visits, my wife quit. I don't think anyone with a conscience could work for American Laser Center. Add to that the fact that everyone working there was pressured to do up sells. My wife said she felt like creep trying to pawn off more services and creams, etc. to people who were coming in for their first treatment. She said that the customer’s were very put off by the pushy sales tactics that they were assaulted with as soon as they walked in the door until the time they left.

    After multiple treatments all of the hair on my back returned and just as thick as it was before the treatments. I know, that’s gross, which is why I went in the first place. This laser hair removal is a scam. If you decided to go to American Laser Center you might as well just throw thousands of dollars in the trash because truth is, this just doesn't work. Once they take your money, you'll see how their attitude changes. All the enthusiasm in the initial consultation will be gone. The only thing that they care about is sales. Think twice.

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  • La
    Laura Mar 14, 2009

    I paid over a thousand dollars for a brazilian laser treatment. Then I found out I have epilepsy...they wont give me any refund, not even a partial one. All they offered me is some mini microdermabrasion thing. Anyway, they should give me a refund of some sort, esp since I am medically unable to continue what i paid for. I keep getting the run around from their medical board. Any suggestions?

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  • Fi
    finewithit Mar 09, 2009

    One thing that comes to mind after reading all the comments is that a lot of the experience must differ by location. I've used their services with good results, and I've been to two different locations. The first location, in Santa Barbara, CA, was okay; I wasn't a big fan of the staff there. The location I've transferred to, in Irvine, CA, is much better. I know the nurses and receptionist pretty well by now, as I'm on my 4th appointment, and they are pretty nice. I haven't had a problem with my contract because I haven't been burnt and I don't have a reason to cancel, so I can't vouch for that process, but I think that it's a fine company to do business with if you do your research ahead of time, set a budget for yourself and go into it knowing what to expect. I knew ahead of time that I was a good candidate for the procedure (I have very light skin and very dark hair, and my skin does not burn very easily), and I set a budget before I negotiated my contract. I will agree with the sentiment that a shy person could end up being charged much more, as it did take me a bit of haggling to get a good price on the package. All in all, I'm happy with the process, but I do feel bad for people fighting for refunds.

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  • Na
    naty Mar 07, 2009

    Wow I wish I would have seen these complaints before I ever dealt with this company. They are rude and VERY unprofessional. I have had issues with technicians also I did not see any results for one of the services I spent over a thousand dollars for. I'm currently finishing a laser hair removal and although I have already had my 6 services of course it's not working and I have to cotinuously go but since it's after my 6th treatment I'm not treated like a regular customer. I have been fighting for a refund on a service i bought because it was offered but the facility did not have the machine yet. It took me 3 months to get a partial refund when I was told I was going to get a full refund of course I get some type of fee taken out. Then I have to argue with the customer service rep because shes trying to tell me the fee is valid when it wasn't. The service i bought was not available therefore it was not my fault that I purchased a package that could not be given to me. So now I'm still waiting for this fee to be refunded even though it was OK'd by a manager I never got a call from this manager and it doesn't matter how many messages I leave. I left another one today lets see if it works.

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  • Sc
    scammed Mar 06, 2009

    I would have to equate this company with a sleazy care dealership or one of those gyms that will tell you anything to lock you into a contract and then smugly tell you that you can never get out of it. American Laser Center will empty your bank account without any regards for your results or customer service. The people that work there are rude and irritated when it comes to booking appointments, but perhaps worse is that they constantly hound you to spend more money during your appointments. I have literally been spread eagle for a bikini line removal and sales reps will walk in and start pitching you. They will tell you that your hair will be gone in a certain amount of time, but when they pitch you they will say you need all these extended time periods that cost more money. For all the money, the time, the lost energy in dealing with the rude never-ending rotation of poorly trained staff none of it worked. This is a complete scam. Go for electrolysis if you want results.

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  • Gary Graves quit the company back in Nov. 08.

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  • Fr
    frustrated Mar 01, 2009

    I am glad that there are people out there who have had good experiences with this company. There will be those people, but like another person mentioned, just wait until something goes wrong. They have been ### to me for complaining in what I thought was a reasonable and fair way. I have not gotten angry or yelled at anybody which is what they deserve. I have managed to stay calm in my dealings with them, but it doesn't matter. They are the problem, not me. What really makes me sick is that I can now see they were just being really great to me to get my money when I came in for the consultation. When I came in for my first appointment the manager had forgotten to put me in the computer so she had to have me wait while she found one of the women to do it and it wasn't even busy. I can't remember the last time there was somebody waiting in the lobby or whatever. I decided to let it go, I am fairly easy going, but I had trouble with the treatment and it was at that point that I could tell they did not care about me. They were just being nice to me to get me to spend thousands of dollars. I also fell for that $300 drag you in money off promise. I knew what I was signing and I have never claimed anything else. There is no refund. However, I signed the papers after having been promised results that were not delivered. There attitudes suck. They are so rude. Do your research before giving your money to these people. There are other places that offer these services. Why did I have to come across ALC's???

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  • Bb
    b.b. Feb 27, 2009

    beware of the american laser company! i was told that the hair on my face could be removed by them using the laser and i believed it. that was a big mistake as they only want your money and they don't care if the procedure works. i was told after the last hair treatment not to come back . even though i had purchased the two year policy which states that you will be given free treatments
    for two years after your last hair treatment. they don't even know their own policies!!!

    however, the point is that they knew they should not have sold me the procedure since i have blond hair. THE LASER DOES NOT

    please stay away from the american laser company unless you just have money that you don't want. your money can be put to
    a much better use than throwing it away on them.

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  • Sa
    Sarah Jacobs Feb 27, 2009

    I have been to American Laser Center three times now and have been extremely pleased with their services. The employees were very nice and the treatment has been very effective after only 3 visits. Ive noticed a 60% decrease already. I am very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend this company to anyone interested in laser hair removal. I have had my treatments at the center in Beverly Hills (off Wilshire)- I dont recall the name of the employee who did my hair removal but she works on Saturdays and is great!

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  • Na
    nanik91 Feb 24, 2009

    they burned me and my money. in addition no results lost $7000 they don't care!

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  • Ra
    rakesh Feb 21, 2009


    I am interested in joining any kind of lawsuits that will force them to give our money back..

    the first time i went, around last april 08, i was told that the treatment for 6 times is enough to remove the hair from my body..the manager's name was "Shauntel " at Thousand oaks center in california...i remembered that she was reluctant and scared to give me the service as she might have known that time that it will be possible for my case.. 4 months later, after couple of treatments, i found out that they fired her !! the nurse told me that they fired her because the manager was taking business and giving promises to the clients even thought it was impossible in certain cases...then, nurse told me that there is no way that i can get all hair removal in 6 sittings ..i did not care much at that time...
    but then in my 5th treatment, the new nurse told me the same thing.. she told me that i have to go atleast 10-12 sittings or more for my skin type and hair growth !!! it may not be possible at all...this is crap now..i complained the current manager (christian) and she never bothered about it..instead she was offering me additional service for other part of the body for discount!!! morale...damn, i m calling customer support but getting no respond...

    I want to sue these people...You can all email me at army[email protected] or call me at [protected]... i m talking to the me or email me if you want to join me for initiating law suit to this company...

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  • Al
    alcsuuucks Feb 20, 2009

    I had the same experience except it was a chemical peel that I had trouble with. I won the 300 and then went in to talk about prices and what I could afford. Wanted to do the laser hair, but when I found out how much it was even with the money off, I just decided I would wait. I should have known it would be that much before I went in for the consultation. I would never have gone in because that was all I was considering having done. The manager talked me into buying a package of six chemical peels/micros. There was definitely the used sales car approach. She kept trying to talk me into financing stuff and she acted like she was my sister or my best friend or something. Also the lab coat which makes me laugh considering that I NOW know thats she doesn't know a thing about skincare. I have talked to her several times since I had the peel done and she doesn't have anything intelligent to say. She really just doesn't know why I have been having problems with my skin since the peel. Don't you think you should?? Right after the peel, a few days later, I broke out with the worst acne. It was horrible. I am a person who has never had any acne. She informed me that some women do suffer from acne later in life and I was aware of that. Thanks lady. I do not think it was any coincidence that it started only a few days after the peel! I never should have had it done. i had perfect skin before that and I did NOT need a peel. She just didn't want me to walk out without spending money so she talked me into having it done without consideration for my well being. My face never really peeled, no where near the amount that she promised me it would. Have no clue why?? So, in the last few months I have watched my skin become a night mare. My face is covered with dry, dead, peely skin that I cannot get rid of no matter what I do. No exfoliator has worked. I have also noticed that the surface of my skin now has a shiny appearance. Almost like I have been burned?? I am not sure. My skin looks terrible and I have already had to spend hundreds of dollars at a dermatologist trying to clear up the acne because it is that bad. I know that there are women who have peels done and it turns out wonderfully. I just wanted to say that. What makes me mad is that mine did not and they refuse to do anything about it. Anyway, she offered to swap out the remaining five peels for some laser hair, but now after reading all of this, I don't think so! Now I am kind of nervous to have that done. I don't want burns on my arms in addition to skin problems! Also, I do remember that she was VERY eager to open my care credit account for me. I never, ever do that. I would never give her my personal info and let her do that. She was very pushy about it. I thought that was weird. I just went online and applied to care credit myself!! They don't like people to complain. The woman who did my peel is pissed because I am complaining. Guess she takes it personally? I never even said anything her, just about the peel! Grow up. I agree with everybody else. They are quick to take your money, but could care less about you, what is best for you.

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  • Wy
    wyldbl Feb 17, 2009

    Company is pure trash. Better Business Bureau has them on their hit list for advertising they are BBB members when in fact they ARE NOT. I wish I would have seen this before giving them my money. 17 treatments, no effect whatsoever. Waste of money and time. I sent complaints to State Attorney General of Michigan and BBB. Hopefully the Attorney General will shut them down!

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  • Ch
    chyna Feb 13, 2009

    PLEASE do not make the mistake of giving this company your money. I have been going to the Howell Mill office in Georgia for over two years. My mother paid an arm and leg for my facial hair removal and instead of making it go away it's made it worse. I made the mistake earlier in my sessions to refer my aunt and family of the friends and not to mention my sister refer me to them. They too have seen no results. Instead we have all been told that in order for us to continue being treated we would have to buy a new package. Yes listen to me______I have more hair on my face now than when I started getting treated and they have the nerves to tell us that if we want to continue treatments we have to pay for a new package. On top of all of this they never keep the same Office Manager or Staff. They are constantly getting new employees and half of them do sorry, quick jobs with the laser. Trust me you will not get what you paid for. We work to hard for our money to have some company scam us out of it by promising to help us get rid of unwanted body hair.

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  • Ls
    LStradtman Feb 12, 2009

    American Laser Centers is the WORST company EVER!! I signed up to get the Velasmooth/Velashape package and put the amount on my credit card. I am in the military and due to committments, I was unable to use the package. I never went once!! I called the manager, Hollie Lucas in Virginia Beach, several times. It took forever for her to get back to me in the first place. She said the refund would take 4-8 weeks. I first contacted her in July 2008. I still have not seen my refund. How is it that every other company in America can give you a refund back in two days but they can't do it in 8 months?! I filed a BBB complaint against them and am thinking of getting a lawyer. This is so ridiculous...

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  • Am
    Amelia27 Feb 11, 2009

    My complaint is slightly different. I was getting treatments for my upper lip at the Wellesley, MA center. I had three sessions, and it seemed like that the hair had been reduced slightly. Then on the morning of my 4th treatment, I got incredibly sick with the flu. I called at 6am, leaving the ALC a voicemail saying I was too ill to make it to my 4:30 appointment and I'd have to reschedule. Two days later, I called back, and they told me I couldn't make a new appointment until I paid a $35 rescheduling fee!!! I explained that I called as soon as I could to cancel (6am on a Monday morning---are they even open on Sundays??) and what was I supposed to do? I couldn't anticipate getting sick! She said that's too bad, it's policy, and that she wouldn't schedule another appointment for me unless I paid the fee, which I refused to do, and then told her forget it then, I would not be going back for any future treatments. I feel gyped. I basically paid $400 for 3 treatments that only removed about 1/2 the hair, as well as $40 for some facial lotion they insisted I use after treatments (that turned out to be nothing more than just plain old lotion I could have gotten at CVS for $3). This place had HORRIBLE customer service, and definitely only cares about taking your money. I will advise everyone I know to stay away from ALC!

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  • Ar
    Ares7 Feb 05, 2009

    Hey these guys are liars and thieves. A good company doesn't promise results for SOME customers or MOST customers. A good company guarantees results for EVERY customer or their money back. Hell, that's what keeps me out of starting a hair-removal business; I can't guarantee anything in that field and I'm unqualified. Well, apparently so are they. I have been receiving treatments for seven years and they just flat gave up. They said, "Well, it's because of your hair color." LOL, ummm, didn't you fools recognize my hair color when I gave you my money? Seriously, where's the refund here? What terrible customer service. I read many of the complaints above and if their's a lawsuit to jump on I got your backs and I hope that bad things fall from high places.

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  • Da
    David Lee Swann Jan 29, 2009

    I'm writing this note for Laura Wike. My name is David Swann I was paying for Ms. Wikes treatments. But
    we went to the West Hills office, in person. The manager at the time was named Willow. I paid or I thought I paid off the amount that was 10 percent of the contract. To cancel !!!

    I was looking at my credit report to see that a charge of over 3 thousand dollars and a note of 150 days over due, is on my report. I have paid all my bills on time!!! Not thinking that this was taken care of I let it go, because I thought the check I wrote in the Managers office would have taken care of it.


    David Lee Swann


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  • Kr
    kristina Jan 28, 2009

    When I heard about this hair removal procedure, I thought it was a great thing to invest in. Since I shave frequently, saving time and money was an awesome thing. So I researched online and saw american laser center which is located in brighton MA right around my house. I went for a consultation where they got me to sign up for most of the laser services. I have pretty much all of my body done. The package cost was about $3, 800 at which I didnt have enough funds to pay for. The girl who was signing me up told me I can apply for their financing. My mom was very sketchy of the whole thing and told me it was probably a scam and wouldnt work, but I was too eager. I was also told that it takes 6 procedures a few weeks apart from each other and the results should be seen. There was also a 2 year guarantee afterwards which I thought if the results are almost always guaranteed, then it was a good thing. After a few treatments I didnt see much result at all. I also wanted to point out that the manager at that time was a complete RUDE lady who everyone hated and she was very mean when I tried to call the center to schedule appointments. They never had time to schedule appointments over the phone and said would call back with the appointments made but never did so I had to always call back a few times. It was such a hassle scheduling appointments to a point where they wouldnt have any availability for months at a time. I was also in school so if I scheduled an appointment for months ahead, important deadlines would come up and I would have to cancel, at which if i wanted to reschedule, it would take another few months to do! It was so horrible and frustrating to deal with. They kept signing people up but absolutely no time frame or space to do it. There were times when I would come to the office and wait for 30 min just to get in because they were so behind, and would cut my session short as well. I've also paid over $800 in interest fee which added on at one time on my credit card. Now its been over 2 years! i havent seen any results, i havent been able to make any appointments because they are so booked up. a month ago, a technician called to cancel my appointment the night before i had to come in. It was great inconvenience to me because i had to take time off from work, and so i scheduled it for the following early morning, but my work did not permit me to take another day off. I was charged a $35 fee for not showing up when it was their fault in general. then a week ago, i had another appointment scheduled and and 1 hour before i have to come in, i get a call that they dont have enough staff! 1 hour!!! so i call to reschedule and no picks up..i must've called 3 times at least. When i finally got through to the center the next day the first thing the manager was saying is she needs to collect the fees i owe for no show and would like my credit card information, at which point i lost it and said the center was just a rip off and unprofessional because there was no appology on their end for my inconvenience and when i cancel a day before its too inconvient for them so they charge fees! ive already spend over $5, 000 on this fraudulant service and there is no result of any kind and i have never been so mad and unsatisfied as i am with them. I am definitely going to be seeking legal advice and getting money back for this horrible service and unsatisfactory results! Ive had enough with them. I will never recommend them to anyone!

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  • Ih
    IhateALC Jan 25, 2009

    I am interesting in joining in on any type of lawsuit to shut these people down. I have been burned by them (literally) and they offered nothing in response and the manager at the time tried to blame it on me for tanning but I did NOT tan. It has been many years now and I am worried that to much time has passed but it has been 6 years and the scars are still 20% there. They should NOT be in business. And they should NOT be allowed to work on people with color in their skin!! I have seen other people who had the same problems with burns and tey are pretty much all people with color.

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  • An
    annony Jan 24, 2009

    I went there and I have no hair on my bikini underarms and legs it took me about 1o times, you people must have went tanning ot missed ALOT of appointments SOrry to hear that!! it worked awesome on me!!!works diff on everyone i guess HAHA

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  • Dm
    dmwiecz Jan 21, 2009

    Glad I found this website before I gave ALC any of my business. I became suspicious right away when they refused to give me any price quotes over email and then even when I called, I had to twist the woman's arm to get them out of me (they insisted that I come in for a free consultation to get the prices). The woman was rude when she finally gave me the prices. Anyway, I'm in Maryland. Is anyone aware of a reputable laser hair removal place in the area? Thanks!

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  • Al
    alexandra88 Jan 16, 2009

    I went into American Laser because they told me i won 500 dollars just to get me in the door, which i now have been informed everybody wins the money to get them in the door. I went in just for a consultation to find out about the money i "won." When i found out it was a lie, i said i was not interested, the lady then had me sign something stating that we had went through having a consultation. About two weeks later i got a bill in the mail for over thousand dollars from a credit card company that i had never heard of. I couldnt even recall why i would get this bill, i was convinced someone had stolen my identity until i put it all together. They refused to refund me and their customer service was of no help calling me back. Basically i was scammed into signing a contract that i never agreed to and sent thousands of dollars of charges that i never agreed too. I do not recommend anyone ever take their business there, they are desperate for business and do whatever it takes.

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  • Bu
    BurnedByALC Jan 09, 2009

    I was an unLUCKY winner and they hustled me into buying a 5 treatment each of microdermabrasion and IPL Foto Facial package for $1900. I don't want to go into the specifics right now but I did it to treat my Enlarged Pored on my cheeks. After 2 micro's and 2 IPL's I am starting to think that it is making my skin worse.

    They also hustled me into buying their products, so they milked me for another $200+. I showed up and after the treatment was told I must purchase their "PLL (Post Laser Lotion)" and "Sunblock". I was told these two products were MANDATORY. I also bought at their recommendation the "replenishing mask" and some "Gentle cleanse face cleanser".

    I was also burned on my nose and this mark looks like it may scar. I called them the day of and they said they would call the next day and I never heard from them. Its been 8 days and the scab is still their and the wound has not completely healed.

    I just used the mud mask tonight and after about 10 mins I went to wash it off and it would not come off my face. I scrubbed and scrubbed (irritating my pores to the greatest extent possible) and finally got it off. It was a horrible experience and I can't believe how much of an idiot I am to have went through with this and spend all this money.

    I could not find any conclusive evidence that these treatments would even work for my condition.

    I am 1/2 way into the treatments. What should I do?

    UPDATE: 3/27/08

    If "cj" was referring to me I would like it to be known that I have been to THREE of their clinics which were all three located here in Southern California.

    The clinic nurse who performed on me relayed a message claiming that I already had the weird blister on my nose (Note: it took 2 1/2 weeks to heal, only laser wounds or burns cause damage to skin tissue like that). I laughed in disgust and I told the lady speaking at the other end that I don't play games. I am known by my reputation to be as honest as they come.

    Personally, I am trying to keep my name from the public because its my right to privacy. If I am pushed to that point I will reveal my name as well as all those involved and locations, dates and so on.

    Well I decided to cancel the IPL Foto Facial and continue with the Micro. They said it was in my contract that I could not cancel. I pleaded how the laser burned my nose and how that was documented with my doctor and I have pictures. They remained firm and said they couldn't do anything other then offer me more micro's or something sufficient. I was also given a bag full of products and was told I would not be charged for any of them nor any of the procedures I have had done to date. If that's true my balance should be still around $2100. I should also have 19 Micro treatments remaining.

    I received my third micro and they day after I notice a few deep lines on my face and a purple rash on my forehead. The other two times I had this procedure these symptoms never arose. Usually day after I felt a slight burn and the PLL would calm that. This time I felt lightheaded, dehydrated, had this purple rash on my head and almost cat scratch like lines all over my face. One next to my nose and the other above my left eyebrow.

    I called and reported this with the clinic. They said just to use the PLL (post laser lotion) 3 times daily and the replenishing mask at night. I also noticed a
    local place next to where I get my haircut who does Micro. I called and set up an appointment for today and will see what they have to say.

    I will keep you posted accordingly.

    p.s. I am not the only one, just one of few who has enough courage to stand up for what's right.

    UPDATE: 1/09/09

    This is BurnedByALC. I'm not going to respond to any comments left towards me. All I have to say is I pay my bills and take care of business. For anyone who questions the legitimacy of this I feel for you and wish you the best.

    Now back to the matter at hand, ALC and how they burned me more ways than one. I was lead to believe that my refund was going through and I would receive it. I come to find out in July just 2 days before my birthday that it was denied. I did not get an explanation on why and the Clinic referred me or in other words "passed the buck" to Customer Service where I have tried on numerous occasions to contact the Supervisor.

    After almost a month I finally spoke with the Supervisor in late August and she said she doesn't check her Voicemail's and that somebody else does for her. I explained the situation and she said would get back to me "later that day or early next week". After a a few weeks I tried to contact her again leaving voicemail's in September, October and decided to take some time off to enjoy the holidays.

    Today (1/09/09) I spoke with a Customer Service rep and had them notate the account and left another Voicemail for the Supervisor.

    I have notes regarding every visit, conversation as well as audio recordings and documentation from a outside source (Reputable Plastic Surgeon).

    I have decided to move forward with a complaint with the California Medical Board and to follow with a Lawsuit. I strongly urge anyone else who is interested in doing the same to message me immediately so we can discuss this matter further. Please leave your name and best way to be contacted.


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  • Je
    Jennifer Jan 05, 2009

    It's hard not to laugh out loud at most of these. "I was tricked", "The manager made me sign up", "I didn't know what I was signing". Seriously? That's what happens when you're an IDIOT! Every gym I know of offers "free" two week memberships which require a sales consultation/presentation; what about time share presentations? ALC is a BUSINESS not a non-profit! Of course they employ sales people. Wake up! ALC is not unlike most other businesses trying to make a profit.

    As a consumer it's YOUR responsibility to READ the credit app, know what you're signing and take some freaking accountability for your own ignorance if you failed to do so. And yes, I did work for the company and I had a great experience. Yes, there were some unhappy customers; yes, sometimes we had adverse reactions--it happens EVERYWHERE in EVERY company. Google "Nordstrom Sucks" and you'll find pissed off people who were wronged by Nordstrom. You can't please ALL of the people ALL of the time. For real people, those of you who were "tricked" should be more upset that you're in the bottom rung of intelligent people. Social Darwinism at its best.

    And anyone who wants to swear at me and sound even more unintelligent, go right ahead. It only goes to illustrate my point.

    For those of you who truly had an adverse reaction (i.e. a burn, scar) then ALC DOES offer a FULL refund--don't let anyone tell you different. Be persistent and if the clinic manager tries to tell you different, then request to speak to their regional manager. Also, call the customer service line on their website, you can usually get to the regional manager that way as well.

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  • Ag
    aggiepundit Dec 18, 2008

    Total Thumbs down. I went in there recently and was put off by their rush to get me to sign a contract. Like a fool, I did sign up but started having serious misgivings based on their eagerness to throw in free stuff with my asking (which indicates that even with deep 50%+ discounts, they are still overpriced), and the insistence on a complete financial commitment from customers before they even see one treatment.

    Had I gone with my gut, I would've walked out, but I had stars in my eyes about being hairless.

    Long story short, I had a medical contraindication, and was told OUTRIGHT that they could not do anything without a fax from my doctor saying it was ok. That's smart policy.

    While the doc might have sent the fax, I decided that the pricing was horrible, and that the risk of burn was too high - especially given the nature of my other condition. So I had the doctor not send the fax.

    Only problem is - they processed payment immediately. Talk about a red flag! They were willing to charge my account before they had medical clearance, despite their own policy.

    Now they will refund 90% of the cost without question, since I never had any service done. BUT - they jumped the gun in processing payment, so I had the credit company close the account, place the charge in dispute, and have notified ALC that I will not be paying them a dime.

    If you call the finance company and dispute the charge, they will sweep the entire amount back from ALC. So you're essentially protected there, but may have to fight ALC if they try to bill you for the 10%. I've written the CEO, and expect satisfactory resolution. I think i'm lucky - if it comes to a court case, my guess is a jury would side with me, even if the paperwork says I owe 10%. That is a company policy, and I don't think that you have a contract if it is contingent on a doctor's permission. At least in real estate, those contingencies count.

    We'll see what happens, but the only recourse they have, really, is to bill me or send it to a collections agent. Time to go to and start watching things like a hawk.

    Fight back! There is the better business bureau, the local newspaper, Clark Howard (national consumer radio show), the courts, and the credit card companies. It might take some effort, but I don't think in most cases, if you fight them or even just send a letter from a lawyer, it's worth it for them to try to collect a couple hundred bucks from you unfairly.

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  • Ba
    Barbara Dec 13, 2008

    I was looking into Laser hair removal and came upon the ALC site. I entered to win the contest. I wasn't even off the site for 3 minutes when they contacted me by phone. Thankfully this raised big caution flags for me. Then I came upon this site. Thank you all foryour posts. This site has saved me from making a bigmistake. I hope you all get your money back and stick it to this company. It is shameful what they are doing to people.

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