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American Income Life Insurance (Ail)the real truth about ail

Whether you can or can't, YOU'RE RIGHT!!! First of all, you don't have to take my word for it. AM Best ( has ranked AIL with an A+ rating. That's the highest rating you can get for an insurance company that has been around 50+ years. Also yahoo jobs ranked us #37 in the top 100 places to work in 2009. ( Working at AIL is like having your own business. You are a contract self employed individual. If I owned a starbucks franchise, I would work it knowing that my results are a reflection of my effort. It is a turnkey system that I have to follow in order for my business to be successful. So if I'm not there at 6AM and a customer wants to buy coffee, then that's my loss. Now if I don't want to be there at 6AM, then I have to hire more help.

Statistically, 5 out of 10 businesses fail in the first year. Out of the 5 that make it, 4 of the 5 will fail in 5 years. Most people focus on the failure rate (they think about getting up at 6AM and don't do it). But a FEW people focus on the on success. Ask any successful business owner. There are some key similarities. They went into business knowing the odds, but still pulled through because they believed in their product or service, and they believed in themselves.

If you want an hourly or salary job, apply somewhere else. If you believe in coffee, then open a Starbucks. If you believe in Life Insurance and helping your community, THEN WORK AT AIL. There is only one guarantee in life. We will all pass away. With that said, there are 2 questions you need to ask yourself... (1)How could a product that insures your life be bad for your family? (2)How could a company that promotes no cost products like food banks, child safe kits, and health service discount programs be good for your community?

Sure there are more competitively priced products out there, but aren't there always? Isn't there cheaper coffee out there? Sure there is! But people continue to pay $4 for a cup of coffee because they are paying for MORE than coffee. They are paying for an EXPERIENCE.

Your career at AIL is determined by the EXPERIENCE you give to your customers. If you are passionate about your product, committed to your customers' well being, present yourself in a professional manner, and do the RIGHT thing EVERYTIME, you will be successful!


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    Savannah Frank Nov 13, 2015
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    Verified customer

    Terilee1969...this is no scam? How about their selling practices? Those aren't scams? We are being HARASSED by American Income Life agents after them receiving our information from my father-in-law's union. An agent has shown up twice at our home, unannounced and uninvited. In the last 8 days, my husband has received 32 phone calls (with no voicemail) and over 60 text messages. We started by telling the gentleman politely that we have all of the insurance we need, we aren't interested. However, they do not stop. They follow a cheesy script that can easily be seen right through. When you ask a remotely intelligent question, they can't answer. DO NOT give these people any of your friend's and family's information. We have filed a complaint with their office, but are STILL receiving calls from their agents because we "don't realize the magnitude of the benefits we are missing out on". If we receive another call, the police will be brought into this situation.

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  • In
    info- Nov 20, 2014
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    Verified customer

    only 113 have made it to the two year mark and re currently active - source AIL November 2014 publication. Glassdoor says 6000 agents. Not very good retention.

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  • Te
    terilee1969 Jul 07, 2013
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    Verified customer

    I thank God that I was called in for an interview back in April... I thank God for the opportunity that has been given to me. I am in my first 90 days and I must say that this is no scam. I must say that yes there is a short term sacrifice. I must tell you if you don't have good work ethics then this opportunity is not for you. This is a short term sacrifice for a long term gain. In 10 years you can retire. In 10 years you will be fully vested. In 10 years I will be 54 and can only imagine the places I will get to go. Have a dream write it down and watch your dreams be realized as long as you are willing to give it your will definitely reward you...

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  • Ma
    maria23 May 12, 2012

    I hope anyone that reads this, takes this advice. I currently have a policy with AIL as well as my late husband. I really cannot say enough great things about this company on the insurance side of things. I really can not comment on the hiring side because I dont know anything about it. I will tell you this though. When my husband passed not only did the company honor their word with the 3-5 payment to the funeral home, but my agent who was from my understanding a manager by then in another office, drove over 100 miles to come help me fill out claim forms since I was so mentally and emotionally drained from my loss. I dont know anyone that has had the same kind of service Ive had with American Income. I should mention when they first came out to see me, they looked over my existing policies and helped me understand that what i was paying 2000 a year for was going to cost me 10000 when i turned 75. I dont understand why its on a [redacted], as its gone above and beyond for my family.

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  • Er
    Erika_Leigh28 Nov 14, 2011

    This is silly on so many levels. I got a call as well because I posted my resume on Monster. I wasn't sure who or what they did but went anyway and listened. I never saw myself in sales but always wanted to own my own business. I am applying to Radiology Tech school in fall and have a B.S. I checked the pros and cons. My uncle has sold insurance for 30+ YEARS!! not through AIL. He does investments, insurance, CD's the whole thing. He confirmed AIL is a real company okay. It is not a scam. A scam is something where you work and they don't pay you and the company disappears. I think a big issue is most people in this country don't want to work hard. Sales isn't for everyone. If you want a salary or hourly wage then it's probably not for you. Kids and a lot of Americans have this attitude that as soon as they graduate college or if they get laid off they will only take a job paying 200, 000 and they want to start as CEO. WAKE UP. Talk to your grandparents, that is NOT how it happens ok. You aren't entitled to anything so get over this sense of entitlement and get off your lazy a**es. Watch the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness" it's based on a true story. That guy worked his a** off doing cold calls all day, bringing coffee, parking cars. Get over yourselves. If sales isn't for you then it's not for you but that doesn't make the company a scam. Also, reading from a script is a popular way of training employees, they have scripts at call centers, scripts when you answer the phone at Barnes & Noble, scripts when you call your bank or telephone company. Its corporate's way of keeping cohesion. You can't have franchises all over the world spouting different things. If you don't like corporate atmospheres then go get your tent and slum it on Wall Street.

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  • Mi
    MichaelAIL Jun 04, 2010

    You are right Monique, no matter if you're on the 'do not call' list. Once your resume is posted on a job search engine an employer can call you, regardless. Because, at that point you have just authorized it. Even if it wasn't from each company that you authorized it, you gave all companies that are hiring to call you... as long as it has to do with an available position.

    Good I'm glad to see that you're hard work is paying off. What office are you in Monique?

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  • Mo
    monique t Jun 04, 2010

    this is soooooooooo annoying!! Even if your on a do not call list.. your resume was posted on monster or hot jobs. I LOVE AIL and all my hard work is finally paying off. Im glad i found this opportunity.. Your probably just to lazy to have good results.

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  • Mi
    MichaelAIL Apr 19, 2010

    First off I want to say that I started working for American Income Life in October of 2007. Todays date and time is 5:21PM on April 19th 2010 and I am still working for the company. I am very happy where I am at and I have no intentions of leaving insurance or this company. I have had my ups, I have also very well had my downs, that comes with every job, career and even life, so that subject doesn't need to be delved on. I do want to address the fact that everyones biggest "complaint" or "scam" about American Income/ Altig International is the fact that we use scripts... yeah, so what? When you go through training on anything, anywhere at any location is it not true the people training you use a script or a binder to train you at the very least have a training method? Do the people who call you for an interview get trained on what to say and why to say this so that they do not accidentally leave something important out? regardless of if that information is written down on a piece of paper and in front of them or committed to memory? (which in most cases it is on paper). Name one company that does not use scripts in some way to teach or to relearn or even to utilize in their daily duties. On top of that I don't know why it's just so offensive that someone is using a script to talk to you? Do you not like being informed BEFORE you come into an interview that if you wear jeans and a cut off shirt or a mini-skirt that you WILL be asked to go home. Do you not like knowing that you, being unemployed, you might have several interviews and if you come in to an interview and you assume it's going to be 20 minutes or 30 minutes WANT to know that "this may take 2 hours to even 2 1/2 hours". I know I would.
    I also realize and so should you, this position is not for everyone. I also do not know any jobs that EVERYONE can do it no matter what so there will be people who get fired, and even wont be hired. There will be people who cannot pass their insurance test and there will be people who feel like they cannot do sales. I get that, hopefully you get that. I am in fact a manager in an office in North Carolina and I deal with hiring. and I can confirm that yes, we do see your resume and I can pull that up and I can look at what it says on your resume and for all the idiots who say they are on the do not call list, if you are looking for a job and you have a resume up and you post your number there, guess what not just AIL will call by you putting your number on there (do not call list and all) you have just agreed to be contacted aka "solicited" but in this case, employers. So lets put 2 and 2 together; Resume online with phone number + A company hiring (in this case AIL) = NOT illegal. and you have agreed to be contacted (maybe not by AIL specifically, but if you got to choose who you were contacted by looking for a job would be pointless you would just give your number to all the CEOS of you first pick companies. If you don't want to be contacted about a job, don't put your number on your resume and I guarantee you will not be called by American Income. Or even better if you want to be contacted about a specific job I.e construction, real estate, licensed nursing, etc... say on your resume at the begining "I am looking for a position in __________" I bet that will help your job search quiet a bit more. But when you put a resume ONLINE where ANY employer can see with your previous jobs look like this: where you only worked for arbys and part time reception and filing clerk and even had a 5 month long full time position as a cook for Long Johns Silver(yuck) while thinking you're going to get a call for a position from a company making 25 an hour to start for your dream job and they want to hire you today, you're sadly mistaken and should probably re-evaluate looking for any position that requires one to use their own brain and their own common sense.
    American Income and Altig International does have a high turn over rate, So does Mcdonalds so does pretty much any company that has servers, waiters, hairdressers, CONSTRUCTION and even care givers and i'm assuming from the unemployed persons aspect the career, job that you just voluntarily left (but probably didn't) to look for bigger and better things. Sometimes bigger and better things aren't in the form of Insurance sales, sometimes it is. How many people in the music industry make it, or the acting industry, Dance, Play, and even game making industry make it. With that being said, it doesn't make it any less of a real and viable solution to providing for your family or someone else providing for their family while protecting someone else's. The main reason why AIL has a high turn-over rate is because it takes someone who can motivate themselves to go to work. Someone who can be self sufficient and have the drive to not just be satisfied with 500 dollars a week but wants and KNOWS they can and should be making 5, 000 and is willing to actually put in the TIME to actually put in the WORK to actually sacrifice their own social life so that they can not only learn how to make money but continually make money on a weekly basis because this is hard work, but hard work is rewarded with great success and usually a pretty impressive amount of money.

    I am not saying that everyone who reads this will agree with me or believe me, you don't have to and in fact probably for the best that you don't go in for an interview because you either A: won't make it passed the final or B: wont be able to figure out how to wake up in the morning to get to work on time. This is a career opportunity for the people who want to better them selves who want to provide for their family while positively impacting other families and lastly have a career that they can look back on and see the actual fruits of their labour. For a person who cannot see themselves putting in 10 hours a day 6 days a week, I strongly encourage you to go apply at Mcdonalds or go apply at Arbys or any where that requires just a warm body and sometimes a smiling face. that might be a better fit for you, but for most of those people it doesn't make you happy. I am happy with my career choice and even if you do work for another company just be happy with your career choice.

    ?**and if you are called for an interview, it is a script. Its in your best interest and theirs but at least go to the interview it takes 2 hours out of your life, if you don't like what you hear, guess what you can still live the rest of it. But when you do listen to it and you do like it, if you are chosen then know it won't be an easy path, it will be hard work it will be rewarding. And even if you don't like it you've just accomplished something that a lot of these people i have seen on these posts have not. You have made the decision for yourself and not because someone else told you or because you read something on a board from someone who you don't even know. For all you know they could be an alcoholic or a drug abuser or even communist!(just kidding) It may not be for them, but unless you go and find out for yourself you will not know if it's for you.****

    I would also have no problems answering anyones questions at all you can call me email me or send me a text at
    [email protected]
    [email protected] email
    I welcome all phone calls and texts or emails that pertain to the positions. If you want to flame me you can try but It probably wont work.
    P.S. If i dont pick up please leave a message about it kinda letting me know what you're concerned with and you will get a phone call back. No message = no phone call.

    Thanks Michael Ellis
    American Income/ Altig internation Insurance rep

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  • De
    DeAngela R. Osborne Nov 08, 2009

    I have read through blogs and blogs and blogs from people that thought that they were misled into an interview that was going to be a "real job". I personally thought so myself when they contacted me out of Goodlettesville TN. However I knew that when I left that building that first day that it was a commission only position but I was intrigued by the benefit package itself as well as the lead process. I researched the company itself as a company and was further impressed. I moved forward with obtaining my insurance license which does nothing but further my career opportunities, so what that they didn't pay for it, it's mine, I own it and can use it anyway I choose whether it be with AIL or somebody else. I was approached one afternoon in a Super Cuts right after my test and right after my first visit with AIL by a gentleman that overheard me telling the girl that I just got my license. He worked for New York Life as an agent. He very, very much so wanted to give his manager my number and I got a call from a man named Shayne 2 days later for an interview. I would guess that the guy that approached me may get some type of "recruiting" something off of me, I don't know, but I assumed he would. Why else would he have approached a total stranger in a Super Cuts in the aggressive manner in which he did going on and on and on about NYL. I went and interviewed with NYL and determined it was not for me. I had no desire to cater or sell to persons that are already filthy rich, they don't really need me. As I a sat across from the 30 year old "partner" in all of his incredible arrogance in his high dollar suit and gold cuff links, I did not like the guy. I thought he was a jerk. But it would take a jerk like that to cater to a filthy rich business owner looking to "hide" some money. He let me know that they pay high dollar for their leads and that when I "cold call" these people I would know everything about them. How much income, what they paid for their home, DOB, etc. He then informed me that to be considered "full time" I had 45 days to sell 6 policies. I found that to be just plain tacky. He then lead me to a computer in a tiny little cubicle in the very very back of the mass fancy building by an exit door and told me to take my little "hamster test" online and when I was finished I could exit out of the building "here" as he pointed to the door under the exit sign. I was thinking, seriously? This is just plain tacky. He was a smooth talking, overly aggressive twerp and although I am quite certain that he would have hired me I emailed him and copied in the original guy with an incredibly appreciative email extending my gratitude for his time, etc that any normal human being would have sent a response back to. I got nothing. Because I am incredibly green in the insurance world, I want to know about the package itself, not the employment opportunities or lack thereof that people may feel. I have been able to pull up both positive and negative. Personally comparing this package to policies that I have been sold over the years I find it to be well worth the dollars paid. Again though, I am as green as it gets in this new conquest of mine. Somebody please prove me wrong. I have seen some people saying that AIL has an F rating through the BBB so I looked here

    I see A+. Somebody please guide me to this F. I have wanted to back out due to some of these blogs but will stay in just because I am finding very positive things about the company as well after digging deeper. At the end of the day is the package presented to these families horrible, that is what I truly want to know. I can't find anything saying that it is. I was looking for a job after walking out of a job after a horrifying merge. I tried to start my own company within the same industry and was immediately sued because of a non-compete. It is only good for a year and I will move forward with that. In that industry I was the person responsible for bringing in benefits for my employees and find this package that AIL is selling to be far superior to things that were being offered by others such as AFLAC etc. Somebody please prove me wrong on this, that is what I am asking. I am not afraid of hard work and sales if I truly believe in what I am selling. Furthermore I will generate my own leads if I am truly passionate about the product.
    So, please, for the love of Pete, somebody help me out and show me that the product sucks because for the life of me I can't find anything stating such. I have found a great deal of negative feedback from ex employees on the discount card so I decided to call around in my area. I went to
    and entered promo code 849004 and did a search of pharmacies that take the card. 11 showed up in my area so I called and all of them acknowledged that they do in fact honor the card. I fail to see the negative here. I have several friends and family members who are self-employed and would find any savings on prescriptions to be of value. I myself plan to be self employed no matter what I choose to do and would find the discounts to be of value, self-employed folks don't normally have access to affordable programs of any kind. I saw one guy bashing the child safe kits saying the information can be put down on notebook paper. In hindsight, that's brilliant. But most don't. This is a vital reminder to them that they should as well as an opportunity to do so, so what's the harm? As well as the family info guide. Most don't have this info handy so it seems to be a vital reminder as well and an opportunity to do so so again, so again, whats the harm? And at the end of the day I'll take a free $2000.00 AD&D policy so again, what's the harm? The way that I see it is that people don't want to think of death and most go their entire lives without even getting a policy of any kind and reality is that the burden is left on somebody else. Nobody wants to discuss it but it is all too real. This is presented in a way that people can go, "huh, you know honey, we don't have anything". To me it's ### to put the burden of your death on others and everybody should have protection in place. What do you care when your dead that your family, be it your mother or father, siblings, whomever, had to take a second mortgage to bury your ### and take care of your personal affairs and children and/or spouse that you left behind, YOUR DEAD. So again, somebody please show me where what AIL is offering to people is bad. And as far as the argument of just tucking the money away yourself, again, hindsight. Not to mention that if you tuck 30 bucks away in 2 weeks and are killed in an accident on that second week you've socked away a whopping 30 bucks to take care of your affairs.

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  • Fa
    fail1 Oct 14, 2009

    I'm betting that Donna can't even count to 500.

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  • St
    Steven Dossett Sep 16, 2009


    Did you just seriously ask if the "S&P 500" is different from the "Fortune 500?" They are two completely different things, which is probably why they go by different names. And what's wrong with America is that everyone, such as yourself, takes what they find in Wikipedia word for word.

    That being said, AIL is a terrible place to work for depsite what AM Best or Wikipedia says.

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  • Dg
    Dg09 Aug 07, 2009

    I found them on S&P's 500, is that different than fortune 500? There's a big article about them in Wikipedia, lots of history there and I checked A.M. Best and they are rated A+ (superior) as June 11, 2009. They have a negetive outlook, due to current econmic conditions. Seems like there are some people out there that need to do some research before they go off at the mouth.
    And by the way, if you have a resume out there on a job board, you will probably have people contact you about a job! Wow, who'd have thought!!! Anyway if you don't want spam, don't use the internet!!! Just delete it. It'll be okay. I got an e-mail just today, I put my resume on several job boards, I'm sure that how they get your NOT so personal info and it's a scripted e-mail. I am here now because I am researching this company. You shouldn't blame someone for something without finding out the facts. That is where America has gone wrong. Always drama somewhere! Blaming everyone else but those who are involed! DonnaG.

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  • Bi
    BillTheCat Jun 22, 2009

    Somebody called me today (even though I'm on the no-call list) and gave me a company phone number that has a cell phone prefix.

    They said "based on your experience".. "we have your resume..." and more that says 1. they are unethical. 2. They violated the law 3. They violated some resource to access my information.

    Now why would anybody want to do business with this company? I certainly wouldn't want to be associated with them!

    Their motto seems to be Lie, Cheat and Steal!

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  • Mj
    MJD May 27, 2009

    To Mike B from Ca

    WTF Mike? Did you post your entire comment from a script also or do you have any kind of original thought of your own you wanted to bring to the discussion.? "Whether you can or can't, YOU'RE RIGHT!!!...ranked AIL with an A+ jobs ranked us #37 in the top 100 places to work in 2009...etc." All of you AIL guys all say the same crap over and over again. Oh, wait, excuse me, you're in an Altig agency aren't you? That would explain why you have to have your life in every facet, such as your post, scripted to a "T." Well now I kind of feel sorry for you. It's not your fault you can't think for yourself and try to defend the terrible agency you work for. You've been so brainwashed you can't see the difference. Here, let me help you:

    "Whether you can or can't, YOU'RE RIGHT." ----They were saying the same ### 6 years ago when I was there. In fact are they still making you guys read John Maxwell? Probably huh?

    "AM Best ( has ranked AIL with an A+ rating. That's the highest rating you can get for an insurance company that has been around 50+ years." AIL does not have the highest rating that AM Best gives. Regardless, the only thing that AM Best rates is how quickly/efficiently an insurance company pays out its claims. You're basically telling us that your ### company pays its claims out quickly to the few policy holders that actually have a policy with them. I always found it funny that they make you focus on this one "rating" agency as opposed to the other ones that matter. For example, Standard's and Poor's just DOWNGRADED AIL again because, and get this, poor agent retention and questionable business practices. I for one would be more interested in that rating as a consumer than how quickly my crappy policy pays out. But I think we can agree that this is why they only tell you about AM Best.

    "Also yahoo jobs ranked us #37 in the top 100 places to work in 2009."----This is in complete response to all the lies they've been telling everyone that Torchmark is a Fortune 500 company. Since Torchmark isn't and people have been finding out that they aren't and haven't been, then your superiors had to come up with some other form of propaganda to tell prospective hires. The funny part here is that AIL has a high rating w/Yahoo for two reasons only. First, they paid to be there. Second, the website ranks those companies that send out the most ads for employment. The more postings, the higher you ascend on the list. So AIL's innate ability to flood our inbox with spam is really the only reason that you guys are on that list. Absolutely nothing at all to do with the quality of the work environment. However, at least its not a full on lie like the Torchmark thing was. Wouldn't you agree? Wait, don't respond right away as I know you have to check with your superiors before making a decision on your own.

    And if you would like to get together and talk, we can meet over coffee as it sure looks like you really like coffee. Probably in a couple months you should be free as statistically in 6 months you won't be there anyway. But you already knew that though huh?

    All the best

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