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American Income Lifefired for no reason

I was hired as an Insurance Agent for American Income Life in Dallas, Texas. I moved to Dallas from out of town on my dime. Stayed in a Hotel at my expense for a week during training. My first full week in the field I made my quota with the gas bonus included. The second week I did 50% of quota and put 1000 miles on my car, had 23 appointments, 30 % cancellations which is normal. The 3rd week of my Monday Noon Sales meetings I was kept around until 4pm and then fired my Manager who never spent one hour in the field with me.
The trainer I had was shocked and didn't understand why this happened to me. Beware of the Hernadiez Agency in Dallas Texas.


  • rwj19731 May 17, 2009

    david gregory i hope you have prepaidlegal backing you up if not we need to talk

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  • rwj19731 May 17, 2009

    yes i am telling the truth i have my number on this site so people know im real

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  • rwj19731 May 19, 2009

    my bad jason

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  • Dt
    D. Thompson Jun 25, 2009

    Despite what they say, American Income Life, is NOT registered with the American Insurance Assoc. This company is a scam. I work for Prudential Life and Casualty, and hear about dissatisfied customers that have been scammed by this company all the time. I decided to check this American Income Life out for myself; I interviewed for a sales position, and was told that I could make tons of money each month. The reality is that this company is commission based, and you have to get hard working individuals, with little to no former education, to believe that you are looking out for their best interest by selling them “Peace of Mind”. The company takes the money from these individuals, invest it for themselves, and make the claim process so difficult that most 92.7% of all claims that are filed are denied benefits. If the insured dies, there is no payout to the family, if a claim is pending and the individual dies, the claim is automatically declined. The employees of American insurance Assoc, work long hours and the commission is not worth the effort. There is a large employee turn-over with this company, and most people only stay up to a year.

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  • Sc
    Scam or talk Nov 13, 2009;_ylc=X1MDMzk2NTExMzc4BF9yAzIEbGlkA0hKMTAwVG9wQ29tcGFueQ--?ultsrc=HJ100§ion=TopCompanyList

    What is not legit about a fortune 400 platnium company with an A+ superior rating with AM best (the best rating to achieve) and a company that was just listed as the top 37th company to work for in america by yahoo hotjobs 2009 . The only company on that list that provides supplemental benefits to the working class man. The company doesn't advertise because they made an agreement with the union board to not advertise to help keep the cost down. SO do some real research based on facts rather than opinons and reading peoples slander!

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  • Bo
    boccy Nov 17, 2009

    My manager still owes me money that I offered to loan him to buy a computer, but don't worry the cashiers check was in the mail months ago, ###. Makin all kinds of money, but his house was forclosed on, hmmm

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  • Aj
    AJ Gilbert Dec 20, 2009

    I have been working for this company for almost 8 years... D Thompson makes a comment of

    "The company takes the money from these individuals, invest it for themselves, and make the claim process so difficult that most 92.7% of all claims that are filed are denied benefits. If the insured dies, there is no payout to the family, if a claim is pending and the individual dies, the claim is automatically declined."

    ... You work for Prudential? Don't your clients pay thier payments each month for their policies? And don't you get a renewal from your customers that you sold...? American Income does pay out it's claims. With the number you put out there of 92.7% is crazy... I have no clue where you get your #s from... Maybe they are your own #s. Or are you trying to make you look like your a great person. The bottom line is... selling is a craft that you have to work at it every day. Agents can make alot of money... It will depend on the individual... BTW what is your turnover rate for Prudential? The Life insurance Industry is 11%...

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  • rwj19731 Dec 20, 2009

    well i don't know much about the payouts for the business that you are into but i would like to read some views on doing business with primerica.

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  • Mi
    MichaelAIL Apr 19, 2010

    D thompson you have absolutely no clue as to what you are talking about. American Income has one of the highest claims paying ratios of any company. And the claim process being hard and impossible? that's also complete speculation. Here's the number where you make a claim **[protected]** once someone picks up you insert your policy number here __________ and guess what. it's paid. I am talking about a death claim by the way. When a claim involves an accident claim or something else, yes its more of a process which is the same with ANY insurance company and the process is this. All the medical information where you got this injury treated and the doctors response and then your policy number. If you don't have all of those (except for you policy number that can be found, but takes a couple minutes) especially the medical information no claim will be given. Otherwise anyone can claim 100 times a day with no real records of anything. Learn the actual claim process or even research it and figure that out.

    Oh and by the way for anyone who doesn't know this AIL(American Income Life) When 9/11 happened was one of the only companies that paid the claims out to the people who had died on the planes, in the buildings and the police officers and fire fighters who died in that tragic event.

    This link illustrates what companies did (it does not state that american income paid claims) as an alternative to paying the families claims when they happened.

    The people who made and needed that money when 9/11 happened after all these years all those other companies are finally getting some sort of resolve to this? more than 7 years later?! American Income paid those claims when the claims were made. Knowing full well that it was an "act of terrorism" which legally meant they did not have to pay. But did pay anyways.

    you definately pulled 92% of the claims are denied out of your ### hoping that no one would question it, when in fact you have no idea. EVERY insurance company also has a verrry high turn over rate.

    But lastly Primerica is a company that i say do not do business with. They will replace whatever insurance that you have saying that "oh you dont need this" or something to that extent and selling you a term product which will expire in a few years or your rates will go up and by the time you want to requalify again for whole life you're too old to get a decent amount of coverage for a decent premium or you just can no loner qualify because of health reasons. But If you're looking for term insurance definately go to AIG. And if you're really desperate go to Prudential, they have much higher rates and bad customer service(my mom has prudential and has since i was a kid) and some of the people who are sitting at the tables accepting phone calls about insurance are not actually licensed to sell insurance, it's sometimes just the guy on the sign like "jason biggs agency". But It's 12am and I am tired and my eyes are getting blood shot.

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  • Pa
    paul lund is a major tool Apr 28, 2010

    To the above post:

    WTF are you rambling about? Your post made about as much sense as the one you were criticizing. And AIL paying out claims for 9/11? Seriously? You realize that AIL is not even chartered in the state of New York dont' you? I assumed you would know the difference between AIL and NILCO since they're two diffrent companies. So great job jack ###, you just told everyone that AIL payed out claims in a state their not even registered to sell insurance in. But hey, you're an AIL employee so we can expect less from you.

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  • Mi
    MichaelAIL May 02, 2010

    AIL and NILCO all part of Torchmark and SGA's of NILCO also worked for AIL same difference. It's all the same blanket corporation, Do your homework.

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