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Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.

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American Greetings Corporation Complaints & Reviews

American Greetings / fraudulent unauthorized membership

Jul 08, 2019

I have not done any business with this company for at least 5 years if ever. American Greetings charged me 19.99 via PayPal for a service Agreement they claimed I made with them. I did not make such an agreement did not or would not authorize American Greetings for this charge. PayPal did...

American Greetings Corporation / fraudulent monthly charge

Apr 07, 2018

I just happened to put my discovercard statement under the microscope. For some reason there is a $5.99 charge at the end of every month by am greeting. I never did business with this company, but I am obviously paying for a monthly membership. It is saturday - their offices are closed. I...

American Greetings Corporation / free trial cannot be cancelled

Mar 13, 2018

Today I have attempted three times during "normal business" hours to cancel this before they bill my credit card. It is not possible. I am transferred to a number that answers on one ring with the message that they are "closed due to unforeseen circumstances". I am two day...

American Greetings / ecards

Jun 22, 2016

This is the email I sent them...they require your billing info but they make it impossible to cancel charges during the 7 day "free trial." I had to instruct PayPal to reject any attempt to have membership costs charged to my PayPal account. They never answer the phone number or call you...

American Greetings / job scam

May 06, 2015

Received an email from Randy Shoemaker which was [protected], saying that I needed to download Yahoo Messenger to have an interview online through Messenger with Victoria Luckett. Which I did, however Mrs. Luckett said this was an at home online position, with flexible schedule...

American Greetings / fraudulent billing practices

Jul 21, 2014

Free trial terms deliberately obscured. Called to cancel after almost a year, was assured partial refund & cancellation. 4+ years later (!) I'm still being charged every month and never got my refund. My Grandma's birthday was coming up, and knowing how much she likes to receive...

American Greetings Vetrans Day Card / aircraft picture on card


Received American Greetings Air Force Veterans Day card from young grand son. While the inside greeting was appropriate "Happy Veterans Day, with many thanks for your honorable service as a member of the U.S. Air Force" the picture on the front was not. As a US Air Force retiree, 30 year...

American Greetings / avoid like a plague


When I signed up for a free 1 month trial. They take your credit card info and tell you that they will not charge your card if you cancel before the month is up. I called to cancel and there is no one to talk to, they tell you to cancel on line but but I couldn't see a link to do that... / when wishing to terminate the service, I couldn't find a way to de-subscribe


When wishing to terminate the service, I couldn't find a way to de-subscribe. Despite a through and time consuming search of the site, I could not find an "unsubscribe" icon or a postal office address to send a letter. Buried several pages deep in the site, I found an 800 phone number...

American Greetings / customer service


For a large, well-known brand, American Greetings has one of the worst customer service programs that I have encountered. When my credit card number was stolen recently, I tried to call the AG Help # several times with no success. I also tried to contact American Greetings on-line. After...

American Greetings / american greetings e-card ripoff


American Greetings Online E-Cards - I am a paid customer at $20 per year. Service is way overpriced. Worst investment I ever made; you are better off sending free cards. Principal problems: After you create a card, the cards will not send; if you finally manage to get them sent, they...

American Greetings / site does not work


Paid customer at $20 per year; way overpriced. Worst investment I ever made; you are better off sending free cards. Principal problems: cards will not send; once they are sent, they cannot be played by recipient. In addition, selection of cards is extremely poor. Don’t waste your money here.

American Greetings (MSN Ecards) / they bill for &free trial&, won't refund


I took advantage of a 30-day free trial offerred by MSN/American Greetings on October 31. Three days later, I cancelled. Their policy states, "Trial Periods: In order to allow our customers an opportunity to sample our Products and Services, occasionally we offer trial periods during which...

American / deceptive charges


I just had a horrible experience with American Greeting Cards online. Found a cute card online as we all do from time to time. When I went to mail it, fairly, they wanted you to join up for a selection of memberships. The one I joined was ONE MONTH. Buried in the agreement is that it is a...

American Greetings / unauthorized charges


I signed up for a trial membership in 2005 for yahoo ecards. Every year since I have automatically been charged for renewal. I am not able to take my credit card information off their site or cancel my membership. This year I decided I wasn't going to pay for another year - it'...

American Greetings / scam


These people are total scammers. I signed up for a 30-day free trial. They charged my account $29.98 after 15 days. I called their customer service and after a dozen attempts I was able to actually speak to someone. I requested a refund and a cancellation. The representative agreed and...

American Greetings / trap for the unwary


Complete scam. You sign up for a "free trial period, " and they hope you forget about it, and after a few weeks they charge your credit card (without further notice) for a full year. Once you've been charged, there is absolutely no way to get a refund. You dial the number they give...

American Greetings / overcharged


This company has obviously done their research. They know that most consumers will not be able to reach them while their 'trial membership' is in effect in order to cancel it. They make it almost impossible to reach them in fact with a very frustrating automated phone system with...