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Order total was $180.00 for 6 cartons, received 2, and that was a year ago. Fake tracking numbers, copy and paste email responses. Total FRAUD
Phone number doesn't work, takes days or weeks to reply to emails.
Tracking numbers never update, or ship. Same story on every email response. Website states partial refunds if items not arrived, they state no refunds, it's against policy verified

cigarette purchase

I purchased 2 cartons of cigarettes in April. They sent a tracking number only at my request. The package got to the states and didn't move from point of entry. Never received them. After I was told to hold tight they will still come (over a month). They said they would resend them. Another month or 2 later still nothing. Continuous emails bank and forth that my shipment is coming. Finally on august 22 I told them I want a refund. They agreed and said it would take 25 days. 30 days later, no refund. I emailed again and demanded my refund. They said they were having technical difficulties. I emailed again and again and now they are ignoring. They are clearly a scamming company that has no intention of delivering product or refunding money. I have every email between myself and them.

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    Ryosan Jan 08, 2020

    I have same problem with this company

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    CarrieGVos Feb 21, 2020

    I had the same issue with this company. I ordered in July 2019 and have constantly been told either reordered or refund and have received neither one.

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tobacco products

I order two cartons of cigarettes from Smokers Mall on Sept 10 2019 for $72. I still have not received my order. I contacted the company many times and they keep saying my order is on the way or has been reshipped. I asked for a refund but they said it was not possible

This company is a rip off. Do not do business with them. They are a bunch of thieves. verified


I ordered two cartons of cigarettes and a lighter from this site back in June. I have not received the items I paid for. I called and emailed them over and over for a refund or my items. They give me the same answer it's on its way when in fact it's not. I recommend other people do not use this site for tobacco products.I hope that business goes out of business very very soon. Very poor customer service and they are liars and thieves. I have seen the reviews for other people. They also told me that they do not recognize our customs. So basically my complaint for review will not even affect them.I am upset because I practically handed just about $100 over to that company for no products. This is now November and I still want my money back! verified

no order or refund received

I placed an order for two cartons of cravin A cigarettes order Number 803423 Shipping Date... verified

ordered cigarettes

Why can't you all just send me my order. I have read all the other complaints and now see why I can't get a answer from them. Why haven't these people been shut down by now is crazy. This needs to be reported to the IRS. If I could get through to the phone number they have listed it would be nice. Email is good because it shows proof of everything but I would really like to talk to someone live. I will be reporting this today. Hey if anyone has an address for them let me know!!! verified


I order 4 cartons over a year ago did not recieve my shipment I emailed them they said the shipment was sent, still no shipment. I emailed them, they said my shipment was in New York and it takes time to clear customs. I waited and still nothing . I tried calling the number, rang once then hung up tried again and samething . I keep emailing them each time they keep Apologizing they said that they would look in to it. Then I did not hear anything so I emailed them again they said that someone stold my shipment and they would resend, and I waited still nothing this went on like 4 times, keep emailing them. then they said that they would refund my money I said fine, no refund, so emailed again and again then it seemed my emails were not going through, have not heard from them in like 3 month now. verified


I placed an order a year ago and they still have not sent a refund of a replacement. They will no longer answer my emails or phone calls! What other action can be taken against them??

Here is a copy of email from them but I never received anything...

Smokers-Mall.Com Customer Support
Tue, Feb 26, 4:07 AM
to me

Dear Lori,

Thank you for your message.

Our processing company assured us that the paper check in amount of
$216.00 has been mailed to your address and it should be delivered
within 10-15 business days.

I would like to draw your attention that in order to submit your new
order #805348, a new payment should be processed. So we can not resend
it instead of your old non-delivered orders, which were already
refunded and the check is on its way to you.

If you agree order #805348 to be processed, the total amount whould be
$294.00 + $36.00 for Express Delivry = $330.00 .

Thank you and look forward to your soonest reply.

Should you have any other questions or need additional information please feel free to contact us!
Have a great day!


So much for the response! verified

after 8 months I have never received my order of two cartons of cigarettes.

I ordered 2 cartons of cigarettes Sept. 9th, 2018 (8 months ago!!). I paid $68.00 for these cigarettes. The order was processed and on Sept. 20th, 2018 they sent verification that the cigarettes were mailed. I never received my package. I then contacted the company by email and was assured that they would look into the matter. They kept asking me to be patient! They kept reassuring me that they would send out a new order. After months and months of being reassured that they were sending a new order I still have not received anything. I was actually given what I think is a fake tracking number. Every time I tried to track EACH package that was supposedly reshipped, the same information showed up on my screen. It actually showed the symbol for the USPS. I have waited over 8 months!!! This company is a scam!!! I have asked that they send my money back. No response. Each time I emailed them someone would email me back. When I told the company that I was registering a complaint to the FTC they asked me not to and to still give them a chance!
OMG what a scam!!! Do not order anything from verified

re: oder #806262

It's been over a month and I have not received my order. The tracking number shows the product had been sent 3/15/2019. Please tell me when to expect it. I paid extra for expediated delivery. If not possible, please refund my money. I don't think I should have been charged foe expediated shipping.

Thank you,
Dan D. Wilson
4227 Hickman Rd.
Columbus, Ohio 43224
[protected] verified


Order Nr:

Order Number 806250
Order Date Sunday, February 24, 2019
Tracking Numbers LX273286450IL - 2 cartons - Westport Menthol 100 - Sunday, April 14, 2019
LX273197105IL - 2 cartons - Karelia Menthol - Tuesday, March 12, 2019
LX273197105IL - 2 cartons - Westport Menthol 100 - Tuesday, March 12, 2019
Tracking number(s) are available within 6-7 business day after your merchandise is shipped. NON RECEIPT verified

fraudulent sales

Below is the correspondence I've had with this company regarding the theft of my money. I strongly... verified

cigarette products

I placed an order for 84 usd and never received any product reshot or refund I find this to only be classified as a scam and to be avoided at all cost ! Order at your own descrestion! I tried to reach out to this company and requested them to look into this and still nothing also I have sent many more emails and still have gotten no reshot no refund not even an apology-nothing another company that makes money unjustly without a care of the customer and how tight money is in this day and age maybe this website should be shutdown or somehow people could be informed of a possible scam we're you may not receive any product

I didn't get my cigarettes

I have bought three blocks of cigarettes from I haven’t received any tracking...

I thought that my payment failed, but they have taken double sum from me

I went to Smokers Mall and wanted to buy some stuff from them. I have placed the order and indicated my card details. But the payment didn’t go through. I emailed the customer services and the agent replied that I could call them. I did as he told me and placed the order. When I checked my account, I found out that they have taken double price from me. Thieves.

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    Darren Grignon Apr 21, 2019

    It's just a game for them, I ordered in January and they're still trying to tell me to wait! When I demanded a refund they said I need to show prof of purchase but yet they gave me a tracking #. ITS ALL A SCAM! I explained that I'm paraplegic and live on a very limited income and now I get no answer!

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    butar Apr 27, 2019


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