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American Electric Power Company [AEP] review: I need my electric turned back on

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3 days ago a man named Albert sent them aep out to disconnecte my power! Having children living in my home some health reasons of my own plus all my food has ruined I'm not able to heat my water to bath I need to get medical help because of this rash places I've got all over me some time yesterday anyway 3 days ago I called to see why my electricity has been shut off AEP (Albert) says because of a occupancy rewiew now please keep in mind 3 months ago I paid 200$ to have a account opened in my name aep does so disconnect s my power 3 months later when I call this Albert from the collection part answers is very rude trying to say I owe a back bill that was in my grandmother s name now please keep in mind I was not over my grandmas estate not on the account with her NOTHING Seems like HIPAA would have protected my grannys account I dont even see how on earth hes legally even talking to me about that much less saying he expects me to pay it! I. have called called begged for 3 days straight to please help me I cant live without electricity it is a basic human need would someone please help me I am begging you! This man is way out of his legal rights he is just being spiteful because he has the power to have my electricity turned back on I did not live here up until 3 months ago I called had aep transfer open a account in my name I am not responsible to pay or will pay anything in anyone else name electricity I DID NOT USE My name is Shaina copley please someone help me

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