American Automobile Association [AAA]no help from aaa employee

D Jan 04, 2020

On 1/1/20 I was rear ended about a mile away from my house. I pulled over called police and got an incident number from the officer as well as the insurance info and registration for the other drivers car. I called AAA the very next day and started the claim. I was given a claim number as well as the info to the adjuster that would be assisting me in repairing my vehicle. After waiting for 2 days I tried several time to contact the adjuster(Luke DeMarino) after about the 3-4 time of calling I finally had made contact with with the adjuster only to be given and attitude and told I had to wait for him to track down the driver that rear by ended me and that the driver is in the service and unavailable at the moment. I then proceeded to ask "so what I'm supposed to just sit and deal with my car being crashed up by someone on one of your policy's" at which time his response was yes and that I could always contact my insurance company to have my vehicle fixed!! I was extremely upset by his attitude and the way he was talking to someone he was supposed to be helping. He is lazy and clearly has no care about his job or his profession I find him extremely ignorant and lazy. I just would like my vehicle fixed to the condition it was in before I was rear ended by one of your customers I should have to deal with an employee like him ontop of all the other headaches and inconveniences I'm being forced to have to deal because of this situation. I have and incident number and a claim number and the gentleman already admitted to the police officer that he rear ended me. I do not understand what he would need to speak to this gentleman about that is forcing me to have to drive a crashed vehicle that I am still making payments on when I'm the person that is the victim...Please address this issue immediately I'm would just like my vehicle back to the condition it was in before I was hit. I'm trying to do this the nice way and without having to bring in a lawyer and a lawsuit but he is making it very difficult for me to have faith in your company...
Thank You
David Gonzalez [protected]

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