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Hello. A few months ago, we found out that theaters were offering classic anniversary showings of old movies when we saw an ad for STAR TREK. We were able to see the movie in September, and Ghostbusters this past weekend. On September 18, we also made reservations to see 'Alien' at the Danbury AMC for October 13 at 4pm.
We were linked to 'Atom' (via the sponsor of the showings???) and purchased our tickets for Ghostbusters and Alien. We saw Ghostbusters without a hitch and were waiting to celebrate our wedding anniversary by seeing Alien -- we have our ticket confirmation and everything was fine. Then, this afternoon, we received an email from Atom stating that Danbury AMC changed the auditorium (I was schooled by your customer service when I said the 'theater' was moved) from 5 to 15. We tried to reprint our ticket with the new AUDITORIUM location, but could not. We called Atom customer service, who cancelled our tickets (FOR A FEE) and told us to rebook the seats. When we tried, we were informed that the show was sold out for 10/13 and the only day available was this Thursday; we can only go on 10/13. We tried several ways to get our 'new' tickets, no luck. The movie was not even listed on the Danbury AMC site. I tried to file a ticket for help on the AMC site, but it would not submit it as I didn't have the correct theater ID. ???? I than saw the 'chat' function, and logged in to see if I could get some help. I didn't have to wait long, maybe 5 minutes, so kudos for that. Then for the next hour, I talked, then waited, then talked and waited, with your agent, Dionte. I've attached our conversation for your reference. Not only did Dionte not READ my input, he became rude and ruder. All I wanted was to find out how one minute we had two seats, booked three weeks ago, to having NO seats. I wasn't concerned about the refund/fee; we just wanted to see the movie. Isn't that was AMC does? Make people happy showing movies? We just wanted to see the silly movie on the only day we could go together, and have a silly date for our anniversary. We are huge movie fans, and due to medical bills and dual unemployment, don't get to the theater very often these days. It's silly, but seeing Star Trek, Ghostbusters and Alien, was supposed to be a silly treat for us and a silly splurge to see some movies we love. Alien just happened to be on the day before our anniversary, an extra silly treat. Then all this garbage happened. I don't care that Atom said our show was now sold out in AUDITORIUM 15; I don't care about the fee. I don't care who was responsible for WHAT. I just wanted to take my husband to one of his favorite movies; when it fell apart, I just wanted help to make it right. The rudeness was inexcusable. Then after a few hours of looking, Alien showed up on Danbury AMC's site again. It was not there when all this garbage started. We ended up fixing it ourselves. No help from AMC. It may seem silly to your 'customer service' but it was important to me. I hope your agents get a review on how to help people. Just found out that your system does not accept .doc or .pdf. I can't save it in the formats you do accept. If you want it, let me know. [protected] What a nightmare over a silly movie night.

Oct 08, 2019

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